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    Radio Clinic Garage Theatre - Show 13 - Thursday 21 May 2015

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    Radio Clinic Garage Theatre - Show 13 - Thursday, 21 May 2015, 10:00 p.m.

    Live again this week..., our thirteenth Garage Theatre show on Janesville Community Radio ..., and ...., another broadcast from The Radio Clinic Lab at Cool Dadio Media Studio 54 1/2 in downtown Janesville, Wisconsin.

    If you are a Janesville Community Radio Pod Caster, or, a pal of Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic, don't forget Pre-show Jazz Jams starts at 9:00 p.m. at the studio.

    Also, find us on Internet TV.  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dadio-s-lunch-bucket-radio-clinic

    A High Culture review of some books, movies, pop culture, articles, a bit of music, or anything else that might fit in the scheme...., from a working class perspective.  

    Tonight's topic: A look at some High Culture Yuppies behaving badly; the rest of us get bad service/production jobs;and, the ISIS machine destroys antiquities with impunity - Operation Inherent Resolve is apparently, an...., abject failure; all, parsed with some eclectic music to help absorb the reality of the aforementioned America. 

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS---Tenative--Political Journalist and authodr Patrick Butler --post mortem on the Chicago Mayoral Election 2-24-2015--  Live interview tenative and time change to 6pm Pacific Standard Time

    THE REST OF THE STORY---The new tatic being used to remove longtime Black residents and union members from neighborhoods where Carpetbaggers, real estate racketeers and tech yuppies want to live.

    2-25-Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)

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    The Naked Truth: The 21st Century Yuppies

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    The 21st century yuppy has a brand new meaning. Young urban professionals aren't just sitting at a cubicle working for the man anymore. They are creative inventions, products or services and starting their own companies.
    We interview Kim Ades, CEO of Frame of Mind, who has rejected Corporate America and its strictures for the freedom of executive desks, tablets and teleconferencing from the comfort of her own bedroom.
    Talk radio host managing editor of NEWD Magazine Tiffani Knowles  and Soul Movement Crew's General Manager Creigy D gab for an hour about trends, music,  faith and much more. Every week we interview a super cool guest appealing to a faith-filled, urban twentysomething market.

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    The Naked Truth: The 21st Century Yuppies Part 2

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    The 21st century yuppy has a brand new meaning. Young urban professionals aren't just sitting at a cubicle working for the man anymore. They are creating inventions, products or services and starting their own companies.

    We interview Jeet Banerjee, a young business owner who is only 19 and still in college. His age didn't stopped him from creating his first startup company three years ago, which he sold a few months ago. Currently, he has 3 companies right now, one of which is statFuse - a consultant company that helps students who are graduating from high school find colleges.
    Talk radio host managing editor of NEWD Magazine Tiffani Knowles  and Soul Movement Crew's General Manager Creigy D gab for an hour about trends, music,  faith and much more. Every week we interview a super cool guest appealing to a faith-filled, urban twentysomething market.

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    Happy National Juror's Awarenesss Day! So after 50 years of campaigning for POT to be legal, why aren't Jurors refusing to convict growers, dealers and TOKERS? Where's the JURY NULLIFICATION? They're spitting out guilty verdicts with POT on their breath that are handing down decades of time to POTHEADS because they're afraid to be outed, investigated and audited by the  government that is enforcing these laws against our rights. All the Hippies started out as Preppies and became Yuppies. They abandoned THE CAUSE to get their piece of the pie. They decided that Mom & Dad and Big Brother were right, and put up their BONGS and bellbottoms to join the mainstream and leave the struggle behind. They are now the establishment; the rebels with a cause. They are prosecuting the war on drugs on foot, by sea, by air, by satelite . . . there is no end to their violation. After the broadcast see me being taken down and fighting back on the news.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDX6EU1WvNc  I'm on EVERY NITE @Midnite PT/Or ON DEMAND when you like. Hear from the Author, Poet, Crusading Activist and POT smoking Hedonist that is fighting for our Inalienable Rights with every FREEDOM Bust he takes.  Please go to www.ThornePeters.com to pick up your Personalized copy of the book PUFFIN' TUFF that he wrote while in jail 19 months as a political prisoner facing bogus Kingpin drug dealer charges for operating America’s Most 4/20 FRIENDLY Nite Club. Make sure that you SHARE this link with your Peepz so they never miss an episode. Please hit the LIKE button and the FOLLOW button so that your visit here counts Danx for your Support FRIENDS INDEED!

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    Holly Stephey and Chris Mendius, Spoonful!

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    With humor, irony, and colorful prose, this gritty and authentic novel follows Michael Lira—a decent guy with a wicked heroin habit—as he sees everyone getting ahead except for him and his friends, who are all junkies, artists, and has-beens. In the era of Bill Clinton and the dot-com boom, his Wicker Park neighborhood has become overrun with hipsters and yuppies, leaving him to support his lifestyle through petty crime and the occasional drug deal. After finally seeing a chance to make a real move, Michael swears off dope and builds a stake in the drug dealing world, hoping to parlay it into enough cash to start a new life as a solid citizen. With the help of Sal, his partner in crime, he manages to pull together a bundle of money and rolls the dice in the stock market—everyone else is getting rich, so why can’t he? In spite of his good intentions, Michael’s best-laid plans fall apart and his life spins out of control, leaving him to struggle against the ever-present pull towards the downward spiral of addiction.Chicago author Chris Mendius' novel Spoonful was released by Anything Goes Publishing LLC in February 2012. The novel was awarded the Kirkus Star of Remarkable Merit. This is Mendius' first published novel.

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    Deion Sanders and his wife, Pilar, have reportedly agreed to get a divorce. And while the papers have not yet been filed, Sanders will be forced to fork over a big chuck of change when they are.The NFL Hall of Famer had agreed to buy Pilar a house when they split that would be equal to half the value of their current house.The villain Bane is the most frightening since the Joker, but other elements have fans in awe.U.S. stocks surged Tuesday as concerns about the European debt crisis eased and investors welcomed signs of strength in the U.S. housing market.North Korea displayed the body of ruler Kim Jong Il in a glass coffin surrounded by red flowers Tuesday, and his young heir was one of the first to pay respects -- a strong indication that a smooth leadership transition was under way.Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn on Tuesday released his annual "Wastebook" highlighting what he's labeled some of the government's most wasteful spending items, including $113,000 for a video game preservation center and $765,000 to subsidize "pancakes for yuppies" in Washington. The Super Bowl will be streamed online and to phones for the first time, the NFL said Tuesday. NBC's broadcasts of wild card Saturday, the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl will be available on the league's and network's websites and through Verizon's NFL Mobile app.Two planets orbiting a star 950 light-years from Earth are the smallest, most Earth-size alien worlds known, astronomers announced Tues., Dec. 20. One of the planets is actually smaller than Earth, scientists say. And Twitter Shot outs @goofybone and much much more call in 646-595-4136.....and smoke a Blunt 

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    is homeless real?

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    Follow me in my journey as a homeless individual.....does anyone care or are the yuppies ruling the economy of tomorow?

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    Kreeptown 139

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    We're back with the Spider-Man the Musical of podcasts-- but with less U2, gays in tights, and personal injury lawsuits. Yep. Just like Spider-Man the Musical.

    The rundown-- **"How Do You Know?" with Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd was budgeted for $120 million with $50 million going toward salaries. That means $70 million was needed to shoot four yuppies whining about love and romance. Two things: A) How was Jennifer Aniston NOT in this movie? and B) Judging by that math "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" must have cost $4 billion to produce. **Jon Favreau is just aces. He's a geek at heart who can get real deep with Ray Harryhausen but also the history of boxing and flatheads versus overhead valves. This guy invented both "Money" and "Vegas Baby" and directed "Iron Man"... Suddenly the course of this post has changed and now I feel very bad about myself. Thanks a lot Favreau. Big jerk. **Black Panther: Man Without Fear debuted on the comic book rack last week. So now T'Challa is hiding out in the slums of New York, working at a diner under an assumed name, and fighting petty thugs using nothing but his royal training. This is just the plot of "Coming to America" right? Looking forward to issue #2 when Arsenio Hall shows up as Luke Cage and the go cruising the Meat Packing District together for tranny hookers. **Bonus popsicle stick joke of the day: What is the hardest thing about skydiving? The ground!

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    in Health

    The beer so strong they don’t even call it beer — they call it liquor. The brew from the bad part of town, the staple of gangstas and punk rockers, barrios and trailer parks. Strong, cheap and raw. Served up in a big bottle that hangs in your hand like a blackjack. Named after large man-killing animals and high-powered firearms. Yuppies say it tastes like poison, experienced users know it dishes out mule-kick hangovers. On this episode we turn our front street spotlight on Malt Liquor.
    Also on the episode, research say its presence in cigarettes up the addictive ante, and stats show it's target is a select percentage of the population. It tends to be somewhat of a partner in crime with malt liquor. Joining malt liquor on this episode's Frontstreet is menthol cigarettes. Real talk in real time..The GeoGee Experience.

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    Ron Lester Live with New co-host Scott Berta

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    Okay for those of you that caught last weeks show. You got to hear from a dear friend of mine...Mr.Scott Berta. He lives in Nooning Georgia. Between he and I, you will start to understand this new thing that is known as REDNECK YUPPIES! You will just have to tune in trust me!!! also visit www.RonLesteronline.com look for all your BillyBob clothing and crap (spend you money!!)Oh and take time to look at the videos. Call in at 646-929-1466 Just please understand that there is a lot of drinking between Scott and I while doing this show! Cheers