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    Economically Speaking w/Sister Shirley Muhammad ** It's in the Blueprint ** !!!!

    in Culture

    Our Beautiful MGT Sister will be speaking to us about an Agripreneur Program that she has formulated for our youth. It is the missing link to many Black Farms in particular that need to teach and train out youth in Agri-business.. Sister Shirley Muhammad is very wise and extremely gifted .. She has a Master Degree in Accountancy and has used her skills to assist many in gaining financially ! She is the Executive Director of Your Sister’s Project, Inc. was founded in September 1996 as a grassroots community based organization. September , 2001 YSP received its 501© 3, letter of determination as a tax exempt, non-profit human and social services organization.

    Ms. Shirley Muhammad founded and developed the Sankofa Female Rites of Passage program upon her visit to Accra, Ghanain September, 1996. It was implemented at the Unity Lutheran Community Church, located in Homewood, the East End section of the city of Pittsburgh. The program was a result of young girls living in single-parent household, with substance abusing parents. As a result, each of the girls was at risk for substance abusing/dealing behavior, teen pregnancy and school drop-out. Join and invite friends :-) !!!! CALL IN #347.857.4514

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    Woman 2 Woman - NO Money or KNOW Money

    in Motivation

    Are you tired of having NO money? Are you trying to get more money? Do you KNOW how to turn that tax return into more than just your dream vacation? Do you know how to invest properly?

    Join me and my very special guest Shawn L Roberts Ysp for a very candid discussion on "No Money or Know Money". 

    Shawn serves as Senior Vice President of Business Development for Community Brands, Inc a Green Modular Builder and President and CEO of his own holding company Shawn L. Roberts Company, LLC. 

    His mission is to empower individuals with the tools necessary to become more productive and successful in business and life, while remaining steady, stable and focused. Shawn strives to create innovative learning opportunities designed to alter and improve the quality of life for the individual. 

    Shawn is the author of the highly acclaimed training program call the "Widow's Financial Dominion". The Widow's Financial Dominion gives its participants a practical approach to restoring order to their finances.

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    National & International Roundtable 1/8/2014

    in Current Events

    Jacqueline Rushing is the Founder and the CEO for the Young Scholars Program: “The New Underground Railroad.” Founded in 1999, the Young Scholars Program (YSP) believes students from underserved and underrepresented communities who have a strong belief in their academic abilities and are committed to work hard can successfully navigate the waters of college preparation and be eligible for admission to college.

    Ms. Rushing is a certified Independent Admissions Counselor; she has over 20 years of experience in the college admission process working with students and parents. She has created materials to work effectively with underrepresented students and their parents. Under her leadership, YSP has helped to make the dream of a college education come true for over 1000 students. She holds two Master Degrees and has begun work on her doctorate. Ms. Rushing is the recipient of numerous awards for her work with the Young Scholars Program. She has presented at National Conferences since 2001.

    She is on the Board of Trustees for Willamette University. Ms. Rushing’s latest project is to build a pipeline to college for African American Males, the lowest performing sub-group in many school districts across the nation. Ms. Rushing believes that instead of just expecting these young men to pull themselves up by their boot straps, they should be given the same zippers their counterparts have in help them achieve greatness.

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    The Sports Talk Junkies Tuesday Throwdown

    in Basketball

    Unadulterrated Sports Talk From The Guys Who Know When Keeping It Real Can Go Wrong. Parkay and The Large Professor bring a realm of sports talk only found here in this space and time. John Elway flashed that mile-wide grin and turned the microphone over to his new quarterback, Peyton Manning. Manning's intro was as much about the Broncos' old QB as it was the new guy. Tim Tebow must make way for Manning on the Broncos, but will be heard from again? Knicks interim coach Mike Woodson is 3-0. How is Woodson's style affecting Carmelo Anthony and upstart Jeremy Lin? The Derrick Roseless Bulls shut down Dwight Howard and the inept Orlando Magic. An overall look of the Sweet 16 teams left in the NCAA tournament. Follow us on twitter: twitter.com/sportstalkjunke

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    Draft Picks and Ownerships

    in Sports

    NBA Draft picks was a success. Which team picked the right player? T-Wolves 2rd round pick Tanguy Ngombo lied about his age. Will T-Wovles drop him? Tim Howard's comment about the Gold Cup. Will he receive a punishment? And Dodgers' bankruptcy and troubles. What's the future with the league? 

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    Beware the Funky Monkeys!

    in Finance

    Stupifyingly mis-leading mortgage advertisements that attempt to make really bad deals sound good

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    The new Civil War

    in Finance

    The battle between old-world mortgage practices and Mortgage 2.0 is heating up!

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