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  • 01:27

    SC EP:52 Yowie Encounter

    in Science

    Tonight we speak with Jamie from Australia who had a scary encounter with a Yowie (Sasquatch). Jaime says te creature bumped the back of his car. Jamie has several details about his encounter we have heard before. We also will be discussing a Missing 411 case we discussed a few shows back. We also welcome Doug to the show who heard bigfoot chatter. Join us as we discuss these encounters.


  • 00:59

    Yowie, The Austrailian Sasquatch

    in Paranormal

    Join the Bigfoots Pad panel as they explore the legend of Austrailia's Yowie. The Yowie, a bipedal, hair covered primate, is said to inhabit the bush areas of Austrailia and New Zealand. What exactly is this mysterious creature? Some eyewitnesses report that the Yowie is related to North America's sasquatch. Tune into this all new episode of BFP Radio for theories, evidence, and other discussions on this truely amazing cryptid!

  • 02:00

    The Birthday Show

    in Paranormal

    Please join me, Sanjay, on Tuesday, 20 October for The Birthday Show on Beyond The Forest Radio!

    Yes, it's my birthday (well, almost!) and since it's also my show, why not combine the two and have a little birthday fun!

    This evening's programme will look back on my investigations and researches from the past year, with discussion of my discoveries and finds, observations and outlooks for the year ahead!

    The programme will begin at 8pm Central time; please join me!

  • 02:17

    Bigfoot” “Sasquatch” “Yeti” “Windago” “Yowie” “Almaste” “Oh-

    in Music

      Freeman Young is a two time flat line NDE survivor! Freeman has also had 20+ years practicing native ceremonies 12 years Sun Dancing and has been ‘In Service’ to & adopted by Elders and taught their “Ways” of spirituality and personal development. He is an critically acclaimed researcher/writer/author and Documentary film maker on the Sasquatch topic…& a world renowned hominoid researcher carrying within his realm of knowledge specialized interaction with the famed “Bigfoot” “Sasquatch” “Yeti” “Windago” “Yowie” “Almaste” “Oh-Mah” and just about any other label people put on our big hairy friends.

  • 02:00

    Jeff and Theresa Yelek from Colorado

    in Paranormal

    Please join guest host Sanjay R Singhal, RA tonight as he welcomes Jeff and Theresa Yelek of Colorado, who have done extensive research in the Centennial State!  Jeff and Theresa are longtime researchers with an impressive collection of documentation and evidence, including a recent photograph of an EC, captured in the mountains. 

    This is going to be a great show!

  • 02:02

    Episode 51 - Round Table: Research Protocols & Monkey Business

    in Science

    Join us this week for a round table discussion about the need for research protocols in the field and why. We’ll also be discussing commonly used research procedures, their drawbacks, and advantages.

  • 01:35

    BIGFOOT GROUND ZERO - Oregon Field Report w/Chris Spencer

    in Pop Culture

    Tuesday nights episode of Bigfoot Ground Zero (8pm EST) will feature an interview with Chris Spencer.  Chris is a life long outdoorsman, and is no stranger to the woods.  As a hunter, Chris is intimately familiar with the sights and sounds of the forrest, especially in the state of Washington.

    Chris' research was born not only of a desire to find the existence of Sasquatch, but to prove to himself that the tracks that he and his father found when he was a boy were not hoaxed, or were of a mistaken identity.  During his recent time in the woods, Chris has had experiences, both audio and visual, that have spurned him on to further exploration.

    Join me tonight as I dive into the topic of research, and explore the Science Behind the Sighting. I look forward to seeing you there.  Chatroom opens 10 minutes before the program goes live. And as always....thanks for listening!

    - Dave -


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    Episode 50 – William Dranginis - Bigfoot & Champ Research

    in Science

    Tonight, back by popular demand, we’ll be speaking with William Dranginis. William has worked for 22 years in the surveillance industry under government contract so he has been able to familiarize himself with some of the most cutting edge technology and hardware in the fields of surveillance, thermography, 3D printing, forensics, drones, and much more. He uses these acquired skills to aid him in his research that is directed towards producing scientifically repeatable evidence for the existence of the creature known as Bigfoot. William had a few encounters with Bigfoot throughout the years, the first of which happened in 1995 in the presence of 2 FBI agents. We’ll be discussing his experience in surveillance technology, his upcoming Champ research, and his style of Bigfoot research. Please join us for what is sure to be a fascinating conversation.   

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    Yowie Researcher Tony Mehmed

    in Paranormal

    Tony Mehmed discovered his interest in the Yowie while in High School in 1980. His friend's dads would tell stories of large hairy creatures that would stand by the side of the highway and watch them as they drove by in their trucks.

    These stories captured Tony's attention and spawned a major interest in the subject. He would read every book he could find about bigfoot, unfortunately there was not much to read about the Yowie at the time. When he was introduced to th

  • 02:01

    Episode 49 – Ken Walker and Dan Wayne – Big Fur Documentary

    in Science

    Wednesday May 13th – 5pm PST / 8pm EST

    CryptoLogic Radio – Episode 49 – Ken Walker and Dan Wayne – Big Fur Documentary

    Join us this week as we talk to Ken Walker and Dan Wayne. Ken is a world champion taxidermist, his team creates displays for the Smithsonian Museum, he’s has had a Bigfoot encounter, and is the star of the upcoming documentary Big Fur. The documentary centers around Ken’s experience in taxidermy and his path in creating a full size model recreation of Bigfoot at the World Taxidermy Championships. Dan Wayne is the documentary’s director and producer. He’s worked on projects such as Breezeway and Vanishing of the Bees. He is a historical preservationist and community activist in Kansas City.

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    Episode 48 - Round Table: Motivations & Goals in the World of Bigfoot

    in Science

    Join us this week as we discuss our own personal goals and motivations in regards to Bigfoot research and the world of Bigfoot. Open lines tonight so please feel free to call in with your own goals, views, opinions, ideas, experiences, and/or questions.