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  • 02:39

    Tuesday Takeover

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    Tuesday Takeover of the Tinfoil Radio Network.
    Hour 1: Social Engineering and how it can be used for both good and evil. Hacking the human mind, and taking control of emotional responses. from trickery to trolling at it's finest. 
    Example of emotional response live on the Vince In The bay Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fepGtAEY2xc
    Hour 2: We will discuss the threats Social Media has on brainwashing the weak minded. how this is used by Alex Jones and Jeff Rense to control their followers.
    MKUltra is a hot topic when it comes to brainwashing, and we're lucky enough to have on Vince in the bay to discuss his experiences being a lab rat for brainwashing experiments.
    pandora_kush will join us to discuss brainwashing in the catholic church and how religion depends of such activities to keep their followers in line.
    Hour 3:  open lines.
    @Caffsec @VinceintheBay @pandora_kush
    More guests are currently being scheduled, and this will be updated.

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    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Cyber Cryme Sexy Tyme

    in Dreams

    Join Vince tonight as he welcomes DBCOOPA and Danny Dantalion to the show.
    Tonight we will discuss DBCOOPA's unearthing of the agenda of a "web intelligence" harvesting company named Bright Planet that was allegedly monitoring activists during the prime of the Occupy movement. He has released a pastebin with info on the agency and it's staff.
    Also, there appears to be some blowback from Anonymous after it was revealed that DBCOOPA was developing websites for both YourAnonNews and journalist David Seaman, who had planned to run for US Congress in Florida's 23rd District. Seaman has since withdrawn his candidacy. Now the Anonymous community is up in arms claiming DBCOOPA's work on both the YourAnonNews site and David Seaman's campaign site is a conflict of interest and thus unethical. Tonight we hear DBCOOPA's side of the story and discuss whether or not his actions were ethical.
    Also, Danny Dantalion joins us in the second hour to give us a review of his appearance on the Suicide Girls podcast as well as an update on the current happenings in the Rustle World Order. Plus, your calls! Open lines. Call 1-347-826-7667

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    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - with guest Gregg Housh

    in Internet

    Sunday night Vince will be joined by digital activist and computer engineer Gregg Housh.
    Gregg is best known for participating in the early Anonymous 4chan raids on the Church of Scientology. He was a major player in helping establish Chanology, the Anonymous campaign to discredit the controversial religious institution. 
    Gregg is currently self employed as a SEO consultant and no longer participates in Anonymous activities. Yet he is still seen as an expert on the inner workings of the mysterious, loose knit hacking collective and he continues to be a voice for online rights. Gregg is currently helping support jailed journalist Barrett Brown and is also working on a book about his experience with Chanology and Anonymous.
    Tonight we will discuss: the history of Anonymous (especially the early Chanology days), the current state and future of digital activism, the cases against Barrett Brown/Jeremy Hammond/Aaron Swartz, the CFAA, YourAnonNews, Internet security, Big Data, SEO, lolcats, bacon, molecular biology, unicorns, synchronized swimming, ninjas and much more! 

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    Bradley Manning's sentencing review came to an end last week with a brief apologetic statement from the whistleblower which had many supporters up in arms. Clark aka @WikileaksTruck and Tyler Bass discuss along with suprise call from Manicorn. Also, socks!
    Callers included: WikileaksTruck TylerBass SirManicorn TheWebDead & G01d3N_M34N

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    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Free Ball Friday w/ Shm00p

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    This morning at around 3am Eastern time, notorious troll syndicate Rustle League seized control of famed anon-in-exile Commander X's "PLF2012" Twitter account and began tweeting inflammatory material, including racist slurs, anti-Semitic remarks, and Goatse pics. The rustlers were able to cross post on the YourAnonNews twitter account as well, since the PLF account had been granted access to tweeting thru YAN.
    Rustle League released a zip file of all the PLF account's tweets and have threatened to release DMs as well. Meanwhile, no one in the Anonymous community seems to be jumping to Commander X's defense. The PLF account has since been suspended and X has a temporary account set up.
    Tonight we are joined by Shm00p, a Rustle League spokesman, to discuss the PLF/YAN Twitter breach, as well as other topics like 9/11 and the Jews.
    Call in!

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    DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Wacky Wednesday

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    It's Hump Day! The twitter trollocaust with the Westboro Baptist Church rolls onward. Another twitter account belonging to a member of WBC was compromised by UGNazi. Meanwhile, one of the high profile Anonymous accounts, @YourAnonNews, was briefly suspended this morning after being reported for violation of TOS. Friend of the show, Shm00p of UG and Rustle League fame also had two twitter accounts suspended today. Plus Geist, an avowed Brony, was suspended for *gasp* "unsolicited tweets." We will touch on these subjects and more. Call in! Open lines.

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    Open Interview w/ Jackal

    in Lifestyle

    CHAT IS HERE: http://tinyurl.com/showchat
    JackalAnon, known as a wild anon that engages in things like Twexting, and Twitterfagging, is coming on the air tonight to take over the airwaves, with his increasingly wild style..
    Tonight it's an open interview, call in and ask Jackal anything you've ever wanted to ask him.. (err, that's a scary thought). Also, his wild girlfriend Emmi is set to join him... So things could get crazy.
    This is a show you won't want to miss.
    But we're doing it anyway.