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  • Klarque Garrison of "Survive 365"

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    Mr. 365, D. Klarque Garrison, host of the blog, Survive 365, and the blog talk radio show, Survive 365: The Conversation of Survive 365 discusses his book, How to Survive the Next 365 | Your Lifeline to a Better Life.

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    The tongue is powerful and we can use it for good or for evil. From GOD'S WORD, we understand that

    "the power of life and death is in the tongue."  We also know that GOD created everything by speaking it into existence.

    The spirit world is controlled by the WORD of GOD and we are aq part of that world. GOD intends that the physical world be controlled 

    by man speaking HIS WORD. The spoken word is the release of GOD'S creative power. Every believer has within him/her the Spirit of GOD 

    dwelling in them and because of that, the words we speak carry GOD'S creative power. Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963. 

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    Control Your Tongue. Refreshing Moments & Dr. Barbara Faith Restoration Ministry

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    Theme for the Week: The Spirit of Pride
    Tune in to Refreshing Moments on Blogtalk Radio Monday and Wednesday  at 8:30 am with Dr. Barbara of Faith Restoration Ministries Int'l. This is a short inspiring program to help you face the day ahead. No one knows what each day will bring, and sometimes - an inspiring word, a thought, or a new concept is all we need to face the trials and tests of life.

    Refreshing Moments reminds us that no matter what our circumstances might be, God is still our refuge and strength and present help in the time of trouble. Whatever your problems might be, you can trust God to help you and He will make a way where there is no way.
    God knows everything and despite what might seem tardy with His ways, yet He is always right on time. 
    This is a short program to help you refresh your mind concerning God's goodness and His promises.
    To reach us Dial 678 964 4096
    Faith Restoration Ministries Int'l
    Dr. Stuart is available for Speaking, counselling, and travel. Email faithresmin18@gmail.com 

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    Gossiping, Guard your tongue and save your paradise

    in Islam

    One of the most dangerous parts on a human body is the tongue. The tongue has been known for great accomplishment and tragic endings. How do we as Muslims deal with our tongues? Tune in or call in and let's talk about it.1(855) 968-2756

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    SHIFT TODAY "Taming Your Tongue"

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    SHIFT TODAY is an inspirational and engaging broadcast that replenishes your spirit, refreshes your soul, rejuvenates your body and transforms your life from the inside-out.  Host Nina Roach Life and Wife Strategist with Special Guest Holy Spirit and other Guests appearances will be releasing fresh impartations and strategies while sharing wisdom, laughter, love and real-time life experiences that will help you overcome any situation and live victoriously every day.  Get ready to be established in the Kingdom of God by renewing your mind, feeding your faith, starving your doubts and taking actions of faith today.

    It’s your time to occupy in your Kingdom Authority until Christ’s return.  Don’t wait another day to seek God’s face, learn Kingdom principles, take God at His Word and an action of faith.  On SHIFT TODAY we are convinced that God, who began this good work in us, will carry it through to completion. Connect with men and women daily who have decided to enter into God’s Sabbath rest and witness His goodness in their lives and world Monday – Saturday from 7:00 A.M. – 8:00 A.M. (PST) online at www.blogtalkradio.com or by phone 424.220.1862  Subscribe today to Today's Transform Devotional and #betransformed http://www.mrsministries.org/devotional

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    Taming Your Tongue - Be Careful What You Say

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    Have you ever said something, only to relaize a moment later that you wanted to take the words back? Wouldn't it be nice if we could simply hit an "undo" button or take a mulligan in order to redo a coversation? Life gives us no such opportunities. While we can offer apologies and make amends, words that hurt others cannot be taken back. The damage is done. Today's study focuses on the power of the tongue to accomplish great blessin or to inflict great destruction. Take a moment to think about how your words may have impacted the people in your life. As you read this study, ponder whether your words tend to bless others or hurt them. Use this study as an opportunity to resolve to practice speech that edifies while rejecting words that tear down.


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    Can you imagine being without your tongue talking for YOU. Important matters could take additional time to be processed.prayers could be delayed. Relationships would be lost. But most importantly with an evil negative tongue you destroy your future. Let us hear what the Holy Spirit is telling us to do in order to win.

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    Please join us today, Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. PST and 7:00 p.m. EST for a live show with our host Denise Messenger and special guest April Shenandoah.  April Shenandoah has gone from show business to God’s business, which has never been more evident than in her latest book, “Your Tongue Determines Your Destiny” (Harrison House Publishers).  She is is a former actress, political activist and television host. We will be discussing how she healed herself of rheumatoid arthritis, and the serious illness that brought her near death while writing her book.   April will teach us how our life mirrors what we speak, producing fruit, be it rotten or sweet. Positive thoughts lead to positive speech and vice versa. Learn how you can reverse your situation by changing your speech habits today.  You asked for it and we deliver!



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    * Speak Life-From Your Tongue *

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    Glory be to the name of Our Precious Lord and Savior

    Jesus Christ. The One Who Was and Is and Is To Come.

    Heavenly Father I Thank you for carrying us through

    another Beautiful, Wonderful Day...I Thank you Dear LORD

    for your Mercies, Thank You for your Grace, Thank you 

    for your Forgiveness, Thank you for your Lovingkindness

    that are all new each and every morning.

    The Songwriter sings "Your Grace is Enough" and it truly is.

    Beloved I've tasted and seen the sweetest of Life and that is

    Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Father through the Awesome

    Power of Your Holy Spirit I Praise you and I Glorify Your Name.

    And Father the Title this evening says "Speak Life-From The Tongue"

    and this is taken from the Scripture Reading that says "Life and Death

    is in the Power of the Tongue and those who love it will eat it's fruit."

    Beloved, can you discern when you are speaking death? How about when 

    you are speaking life? Beloved it breaks my heart to see how easy it is for

    Brethen in the Faith to tear down each other vs build up. Beloved I am no

    saint in speaking life or death. I truly believe it's the Grace of God through the Power

    of His Holy Spirit that is equipping me and teaching me to speak life vs death. So much so

    I have been speaking and the very thing I speak manifest within 24 hours.

    No joke. So the term "be careful what you wish for is very real in my life" I have to

    be careful what I speak. And I encourage you Beloved to get into Jehovah's will

    for your life. And no matter what others may have to say about you just

    know that if you are speaking from the heart, from the Holy Spirit of 

    the Almighty God, there is no condemnation in your speech. Join me as we Explore the Proverbs Together 

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    How to Control Your Tongue Part V

    in Christianity

    This is the final episode of "How to Control Your Tongue"


     Our scriiptures for this program is I Chronicles 16:8-10 and I Timothy 6:20 and 21.


    Join us for our thougths on this subject to help you live as the Lord would like us to live for Him.  Please remember that we changing the music starting this episode.






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    Motivational Monday on Your Turning Point

    in Self Help

    Join Motivational Conference Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur Gertrude J Chapman as she shares secrets to her success.  

    Spend 15 Minutes of Motivation on Your Turning Point to jumpstart your Monday morning.

    Gertrude J Chapman is Founder, President and CEO of Turning Point Enrichment Incorporation an umbrella company for 7 different businesses.

    Find out tips of how she keeps the fire burning and the staff motivated to explore further opportunities.

    Visit our web page if you would like Gertrude to come and speak to your group