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    Intimate Desires: A Conversation with Nikeema Lee

    in Relationships

    Intimacy, love and sex are individually defined by life experiences, both good and bad. The manifestation of intimacy, love or sex is an outward expressions of our internal state of being. These three human experiences build upon and connect to one another. A disconnect or lack of understanding in one of these areas can lead to damaging and unfulfilled relationships not only with others but with ourselves. We will talk to author, editor in chief of Upscale Desires Magazine and Intimate Relationship Coach, Nikeema Lee about achieving true intimacy with ourselves and with others.  Join the conversation and DON’T BITE YOUR TONGUE!!! Call in 646-716-5470.

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    Image of a Black Woman: Hollywood Style

    in Pop Culture

    Black women are either portrayed as the sex vixen, the bitch, the mouthy one, or the golddigger. What's up with that ? Mo' nique (who is now blackballed in Hollywood) won an Oscar for portraying an abusive pedophile mother, Halle won in a role getting her back blown out by Billy Bob, on reality shows black women are loud & boisterous, Olivia Pope, Mary Jane and Annalise Keating are all mistresses...and Cookie...well...Cookie is just Cookie. Lol! Let's dig into it...join us and Don't Bite Your Tongue. 6pm 646-716-5470.

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    Strong Women: When is Strong Wrong?

    in Entertainment

    Many women are proud of their strength and ability to be self sufficient. They chant “I am woman hear me roar”...loudly…and ALONE! Why? Is their strength being misinterpreted or are they misinterpreting what it means to be a strong woman? Can a woman be too strong? When does strength become a detriment to the woman who ascribes to having this quality? Is her strength a barrier to receiving the love and relationship that she desires? How do women balance the dichotomy of being both strong and vulnerable? We will discuss these questions and many more…call in or listen in at 646-716-5470 and DON’T BITE YOUR TONGUE!!!!

    Check out the video from Torahscents that sparked this show topic:


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    The Male Think Tank: What do Men Really Think?

    in Relationships

    Ladies you asked for it and now you got it! Your questions will be answered by the fellas...real, raw, honest answers. The men will share what they think, feel and understand as relates to the questions you have submitted. Ladies you asked:

    1. Why do men cheat?

    2. Why do men wife a hoe or crazy woman and mistreat a good woman?

    3. What do men really think of women who has sex on the first date?

    4. Why are men (particularly black men) so homophobic?

    5. Define a strong (mentally, emotionally etc.) woman from a male perspective?

    Plus many more...

    We will get the answers today from men of different generations and life perspectives...call in and join the conversation and DON'T BITE YOUR TONGUE!!!!

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    Prayer Time "Examine The Fruits of Your Tongue"

    in Christianity

    Prayer Time "Examine the Fruits of Your Tongue"

    James 3:5-6

    Words spoken by teachers, employers, doctors or by anyone else must be broken from your life and totally rejected as lies from hell.

    Examine the fruits of your tongue!  Does your life reflect your tongue?  Does your tongue speak death or does it speak life?

    Join us each Wednesday at 5:30 pm central

    Our call in number is 646-200-0680 or join us in the chatroom with your prayer request.  To reach us by email, the address is prayer@earthlyministry.org

    Prayer Time is brought to you by EarthlyMinistry.Org in association with Christian Valley Baptist Church of Spencer, OK--Pastors Jerry and Bennie Johnston and Tabernacle of David IWC of Midwest City, OK--Pastors Shelia and Leroy Louis.


    Contact Info:  claudette@earthlyministry.org

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    Transgender Realities

    in LGBT

    Transgender men and women of color are part of our collective narrative as a people. They are here and have a story to tell. Their stories are just like the rest of ours…filled with moments of love, hate, triumph, defeat, joy, struggle, peace and doubt. We fear what we don’t understand and we don’t understand by choice. Katrina Goodlett, host of the Kitty Bella Show and co-founder of the Trans Women of Color Collective (TWOCC) is our guest. She will enlighten us on some of the realities of the transgender community. Join us for the discussion and DON’T BITE YOUR TONGUE!!! Call in at 646-716-5470.


  • Black Women & Depression: Suffering in Silence

    in Health

    According to an article written by Nia Hamm, depression is a huge health concern among African Americans — particularly women — but mental health is often stigmatized in the Black community. Although it can impact people from all walks of life, cultural habits and historical experiences can cause depression to be expressed and addressed differently among Black women... Black women are among the most undertreated groups for depression in the nation, which can have serious consequences for the African-American community. Let’s talk about this…and DON’T BITE YOUR TONGUE!!

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    Taming Your Tongue

    in Self Help

    The Bible says: "Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof." (Proverbs 18:21)

    We live in a world where people are becoming more and more cold with their ways and this spills in how we speak to each other. It's even exalted to not care about anyone, but yourself. Through experience I've seen myself become overtaken by my anger and my tongue. The Bible says: "But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison." (James 3:8) 

    I wanted to touch on this because even in the church the tongue is constantly being used as a deadly weapon. This spills out in relationships, the workplace, and everywhere one goes. We need to be very careful in what comes out of our mouths. Remember, what comes out of your mouth is what is in your mind and your heart no matter how much you might not want to admit it!

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    AL Weekly: Week 8 of 2015: Life and Death Is In the Power of Your Tongue!!

    in Self Help

    Hello and welcome to 'AL Weekly', a spin off of PWR2BLV Radio.


    Don’t forget to go to HowToChangeMyLife.Org and put your email address in and join our email list


    In 'AL Weekly' we discuss topics that matter every week dealing with your with areas of :






    This week we will discuss: THE CREATION POWER IN YOUR WORDS 2.0




    Is it true that life and death are in the power of the tongue?

    Question: "Is it true that life and death are in the power of the tongue?"
    Answer:“The tongue” is used throughout Scripture in both literal and metaphorical ways, especially in Psalms, Proverbs, and James. The tongue is a “small part of the body”.


    See you on the call. Don’t forget to go to HowToChangeMyLife.Org and put your email address in and join our email list.

    See you on the call.


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    Life Is In Your Tongue

    in Religion

    What you say is just as important as what you do. Your tongue holds the power to change the world around you and others. Life is in your tongue. God has given you the ability to change things with your words.

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    A Conversation with Alexyss K. Tylor: Vagina Power

    in Relationships

    Alexyss K. Tylor is the author of Spiritual Sexuality Vagina Power, as well as the talk show host for Vagina Power!!! She talks about spiritual sexuality vagina power, penis power, sperm power.  So many women are used, abused and really misunderstand the power of sex and the beauty of the vagina.  She teaches women that they are sacred temples of divine creation. Her real, raw and direct approach snatches women from their comfort zones of complacency. Her unapologetic method of delivering the truth is refreshing and confronts the lies of low self esteem and inferiority. Join us for this riveting conversation and DON'T BITE YOUR TONGUE!!!

    Check out her dialogue on not being a COMMON BITCH! NSFW


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