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    Your Voice Your Time

    in Entertainment

    Join us tonight on Your Voice; Your Time. Where we delve into the psychic connection we develop with our furry friends. We will have the lines open to all to call in and sit around the table with us sharing stories and experiences. Do you believe in esp ? Are you unsure it exists?  Have you experienced moments of this with your Wolf or wolfdog if so we would love to hear from you and all about your own pets powers.

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    Your Voice Your Time

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    Join us tonight 8pm eastern, 6pm mountain, 5pm pacific, and 7pm prairies and Tejas. Feel free to call in and question Jerry

    Janiece Hanning will be along to finish up our Q&A of first time HC ownership.

    As well, Jerry Mills will be in the studio with us during most of the show but for certain the last hour of the show. Any questions for Jerry Sky or myself...please feel free to call the number below

    Guest Call In(347) 637-3388


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    Your Voice Your Time

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    Join us Monday night, 5pm pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm prairies and Lone star, and 8pm eastern...

       Kimmi Krauss, Mike Lehane, and Michele Wolf..will be with us as we talk ambassador WDs. 

    Join Skylar and Myself for what promises to be a great look at what it takes to train and raise an ambassador WD.

    Provided we have time we will take phone calls, so please feel free to call in and ask any of our guests whatever it is you'd lik to know about ambassador WDs.

    Guest Call In (347) 637-3388

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    Your Voice Your Time

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    Tonight's show will feature discussions between myself and sky and we will be jouned on the phone by Janiece to conclude what we started 2 weeks ago, a Q&A on first time high content ownership. 

    Hoping everyone can join us for another spectacular show where real peopke talk about real issues


    (347) 637-3388





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    Your Voice Your Time

    in Entertainment

    the upcoming episode will be titled...introductions, revelations, and overdue apologies. There will be two guests on the show that will be revealed when we hit the airwaves. And an overdue introduction to the other half of this two person team that will be a permanent host for all upcoming episodes.

    it will be an exciting show and will have plenty of talk concerning an interview with a UCDavis spokes person and the email response from Becky, the geneticist at UCDavis.

    I highly recommend that you tune in and participate. You can call in as well and if time permits we will take as many calls as we can. I'm certain that there will questions and plenty fo the host sitting next to me.




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    Your Voice Your Time

    in Entertainment

    Janiece Hanning will be my guest hosting the show. The two of us will talk about being first time owners of High Content wolfdogs. The things we have learned through raising them so far, the obstacles and challenges plus adversities we faced, without having experience and jumping into owning an indistiguishable animal.

    we may open the phone lines and take calls

    please note: we are not going to be educatiing or attempting to...we will have casual conversation centered around being first time owners of a high content wolf dog


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    Time To Clean Your Cache And Prepare For The New Year

    in Self Help

    Join Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur and Author Gertrude J Chapman on Your Turning Point as she shares with you the reason for cleaning your cache and preparing for the new year.

    You will be ignited by the tips she will share that motivate you to press through the holidays and embrace the upcoming year.

    Thanks to all of our faithful Sponsors, Supporters and Fans.  

    Mark Your Turning Point as a Favorite.  Share this link with your friends.

    Visit our Web site  www.turningpointenrichment.com

    Like our Facebook Page  www.facebook.com/turningpointenrichment


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    Tea Time Talk Don't Eat Your Seed

    in Lifestyle

    Tea Time Talk Women's Bible Study & Open Forum

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    EYM ~ Minimizing to Maximizing Your Time!

    in Entrepreneur

    "Minimizing to Maximizing your Time" 

    Audio Call in: (712) 775 7085  Access Code: 479358#

    How often are you distracted at work? It's a question that's almost laughable, right? Most of us are distracted several times, if not dozens of times, every day. We get emergency emails and phone calls. We take breaks to browse the Internet. Co-workers walk into our office for a quick chat, or send us amusing instant messages.

    1.  A disorganized desk or office can be very distracting. When your work space or work life is disorganized, it can be difficult to think and plan clearly.

    Organize your office and work life ~less distracted – during the day
    Create a Daily Check List or To Do List ~ Be more productive

    2.  While email is incredibly useful, it's also one of the biggest work distractions we face. Many of us could spend entire days simply reading and responding to emails.

    Schedule "email" times
    Check and respond to email at "low productivity" times
    Keep your email program closed

    3. Instant Messaging can be  productive but also a big Distraction! 

    Also, if you find yourself distracted by IM, consider setting specific times during the day for being "online." Then, when you don't want to be contacted, leave it off or set your status to "busy." If people need to contact you, make sure they know your "hours" for IM.

    Playback: (712) 775 7089  Access: 479358#

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    Diverse Potpourri, Your afternoon Tea Time

    in Entertainment

    Happy Tuesday gorgeous ones! Come join some of the Queens of Diversity Of The Minds Radio for a fun afternoon inside the Red Carpet Room, as we bring you Diverse Potpourri, Your afternoon tea time. We offer you celeb gossip, world news, our crazy jokes of the day,random unscripted topics, food for thought, caller interaction, poetry, and so much more. Now if this sounds like your cup of tea, feel free to join us and hear why so many are tuning in every week. Will you be there?.. If so, the doors to the red carpet room are open, You'll love the experience! Presented by Diversity Of The Minds Radio. If you'd like to speak live to the host, dial 516-531-9334.



    Thanks for your continued support!

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    Your Time w. Paula G.

    in Self Help

    Replay Show:

    What are some of the urgent issues occurring in our education system that parents need to be aware of? How important is it to make sure your vote counts? This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. How can you serve those in need? Hank Stewart is a man who redefines the word “passion” and THESE are issues he is passionate about.  He is a community activist, author, mentor, speaker, poet, and so much more! This week on “Your Time with Paula G,” Hank sits down to have a conversation about topics that are important to our community and society as a whole. Please join this in-depth conversation. Dial 917-932-1078 to listen and press 1 to share your thoughts, or log on to www.yourtimeradio.com. This is your time to enjoy a power hour with Hank Stewart.