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    Your Inner Blueprint: That signature GIFT from within

    in Lifestyle

    Your Inner Blueprint is that signature GIFT from within, which we all possess.  Share your GIFT with  like-minded individuals crossing the path of life with the desire to motivate, inspire and empower. Let us continue to do so with that signature GIFT from within: YOUR INNER BLUEPRINT. Follow us at # YourInnerBlueprint on twitter.

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    2 Minute Yoga w/ Nicole DeAvilla on Your Inner Blueprint

    in Fitness

    Nicole DeAvilla (Author and Creator of 2 Minute Yoga) believes that everyone can reach his or her highest potential. Always reaching out to others Nicole is now combining her experience as a bestselling author, researcher, parent educator, and yoga professional into developing  groundbreaking global health, wellness and success programs through The 2 Minute Yoga Solution.  A key component of this movement is the 2 Minute Yoga Club. Join Nicole as you let her enthusiasm and great tips help you to start feeling more health, happiness and success in your life today!   www.The2MinuteYogaSolution.com   www.youtube.com/2MinuteYoga   www.facebook.com/2MinuteYoga   Twitter: @NicoleDeAvilla Twitter: @2MinYoga   Chantal Onelien #YourInnerBlueprint Twitter: Chantal Onelien Twitter: Your_Blueprint Twitter: Conelien8181  

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    Discovering your Gift

    in Self Help

    Have Tea with Blase, this Wednesday night at 6:30 pm on a journey to becoming our AUTHENTIC Self.

    Come Jump with me into our "Purpose Driven Life" Hornoring SELF!

    Topic:  Discovering Your Gift


    Call in to speak to with me live call - 347-324-5185

    Wednesday, January 28, 2016


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    Accessing Your Inner Kingdom To Create a Successful Life

    in Spirituality

    What does it take to move a person from one point in their life to another.  This can be from mediocre athlete to superstar or from poverty to riches.  What is this secret that seems to allude those who stay the same.  Why do some make it and others go by the wayside who have the same level of talent?  It deals with accessing their inner kingdom.  In this episode I go back to Ralph Waldo Trine for the answer.



    "Manifesting The Life You Want, Prime Directives for Abundant Living."  Available on Amazon at http://amzn.to/1CKxOb9

    What would your life be like if you identified and removed the self-sabotaging behaviors that hold you back? Receive a free 30minute "Breakthrough Strategy Session" to help you get clear on your life?  Click Here for your Breakthrough Strategy Session.

    Suggestions or questions please send them to beverly@commandingyourlife.com

    For classes and seminar dates go to http://meetup.commandingyourlife.com

    http://commandingyourlife.com or visit http://silverfox.silvacourses.com


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    Meditation for Moms: Embracing Your Awakened Inner Mother

    in Moms and Family

    Are you a mother who is feeling overwhelmed, tired and stuck in life? Or perhaps you feel lost, out of balance and frustrated with the way your life is going. No matter what the struggle is, your Spirit is calling you to release it and reclaim your authentic self. 

    Life is meant to be purposeful and filled with passion. We are meant to be abundantly well and happy. Anything less than this feels unnatural to us. Through practicing the Art of Transformational Meditation, you can begin to awaken to your hearts desires, your inner guidance and inner peace. Your Soul is waiting for you, all you have to do is show up. 

    Join Marie Georgopulos, Divine Messenger, Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Mentor, as she teaches you the Art of Transformational Meditation to restore balance and harmony in life through spiritual practice. In this meditation journey, you will learn to embrace self acceptance, self worth and self love by releasing limiting beliefs around what it means to be a woman and mother in today’s society.  

    IN THIS SHOW Marie will discuss the light and shadow aspects of the Inner Mother archetype as a pattern of consciousness that exists in humanity. She'll share with you the delicacies of being a woman and mother as well as how to integrate this aspect of self in a more harmonious way.

    Later in the show, Marie will guide you in a meditation where you can gain access to the wisdom of your Inner Mother and what she needs right now to feel more happiness and peace in her life. Real transformation and healing can occur when we allow parts of our self to lead us on the path of least resistance. Come ready to receive your Soul's wisdom!

    Meditation for Moms airs every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, 10-11 A.M. CT US. To find out more, please go to: Meditation for Moms. 

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    Releasing Your Gift

    in Christianity

    Staying focused is something that is a struggle for many people. The eight week "Focused Series" will draw listeners to hone in on what we should be focused on rather than what we have been focused on. This week's message is entitled "Releasing Your Gift". Do you think it's time to release what has been placed in you? Will releasing your gift cause you to go against tradition? Tune in for some Biblical insight and principles that can assist you in releasing your gift. Be sure to tune in to the entire series to hear what the Holy Spirit has to say to us through the word of God.

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    Your Gift Can Set You Apart| Stacey Susa

    in Lifestyle

    It is easy to get inspired by Stacey after listening to her TedEx Talk. Stacey grabs your attention immediately because she has conditioned her mind to know, understand and accept that she is great. In her TedEX Talk, your gift can set you apart you learn that you too can be great once you identify your gifts.

    Stacey Susa is a current PhD student in International Trade law at the University of Namibia, she lectures a few course there as well. In today’s interview, we will unlock how one can maximize their potential by using their gifts. We will also discuss the 2015 Best Seller 20 Beautiful Women, African Edition that Stacey co-authored.

     When: Wednesday 02/10/16

    Time: 1:30pm EST, 8 pm CAT, 6 pm GMT

    347-237-4270, Skype or follow the link to listen to participate 

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    Blueprint for Success: Your Vision

    in Lifestyle

    We all want to be successful. We want a successful marriage, business/professional life, relationships, etc. We're driven to succeed in education and even in our leisure. Being successful gives a a sense of accomplishment. But is our view of success all there is?

    Today we will put our attention on our vision. What is vision and how do we apply it in our daily lives? Do we have 20/20, hindsite or skewed vision? How we see ourselves fuels or limits our success in business, relationships, and life in general. Does our vision match God's vision for us?

    "For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome." Jeremiah 29:11


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    How To Open Up Your Psychic Gift (Part II) & PSYCHIC READINGS!!!

    in Spirituality

    PART II - How to Open Up Your Psychic Gift and FREE PSYCHIC READINGS THROUGHOUT 2 hour show!!!  Yesterday, I discussed in detail on how to start opening up your psychic gift.  Do not be araid of it and you must have no anger or negativity to open up your psychic gift.  These exercises I described yesterday to help open up your clairvoyance, remote viewing, clairsentience and clairaudience and intuition I feel are great exercises.  Many of you were born with psychic gifts and it's just that you didn't continue to use them. If you are going through a difficult time with someone you must let it go as it will inhibit your abilities. I will continue on telepathy on this episode and other exercises to help you.  As a sensitive you will attract more spirits to you because they know you can perceive them.  It's okay.  Don't be afraid. Fear is the number one way to inhibit your psychic gift. Do you want to send someone you love a telepathic message? You can. Your mind is very powerful and it's limitless. Let's continue!

    Private readings are only $25.00/1 hour by phone as I must keep the rate low or I can lose my gift. Contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com. Flexible topics are welcomed as well.

    Love and Light,

    MIA-ExpertPsychic (Testimonies by clients at http://www.Kasamba.com/psychic/mia-expert-psychic

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    Your Inner Siri - Using Your Inner Guidance System in the New Year

    in Spirituality

    What do you want to experience this year?

    Today we will talk about efforting vs. staying focused/staying open. 

    Course correction: like using Siri, listening to our inner guidance system provides us with new ideas and paths to take.

    Get into the feeling place; expect it to happen

    Lighten up about it 

    Accepting what is and choosing things within your reach

    Ego - feels nothing is ever enough

    What is meaningful for you?

    Self-care as part of a spiritual path

    Physical exercise shifts energy 












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    Your Gift verses Your Talent

    in Spirituality

    This week we keep the topics flowing!!! January kicked off with "What if God doesn't exsist", "Why your specific church building may not be as important as you thought part 1 & 2", "Your gift makes room for YOU... But it's for the benefit of OTHERS" and we are ending with "Your Gift verses Your Talent". Meet LOkey, DC da mouth of da South, and Jimmy J where getting it of your heart is a great Start.IT'S iWALK RADIO!!!! Love Walk...iWALK.