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  • Your Turning Point Book Launching Celebration

    in Self Help

    Join Motivational Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur Gertrude J Chapman as she encourages you to do NOW what is in your heart.  

    Let these 30 Minutes of Motivation stir you to make a change; because This Is Your Turning Point!

    Welcome to Turning Point Enrichment  Book Launching Celebration today at our studio.

    The Celebration does not stop there.  

    Come and  hear about the Books that was written, by Gertrude J Chapman and are available on Amazon.com

    These books are certain to bring you to a Turning Point in Your Life.

    5 Power Strategies Of Successful Entrepreneurs        ISBN# 978-1515313748

    10 Keys To Succeeding In Business For The Entrepreneur      ISBN# 978-1514888537

    40 Days Of Motivation For The Soul          ISBN#978-1515091790

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    12 Keys To Effectiveness In Speaking To Your Audience

    in Self Help

    Join Motivational Speaker, Enterpreneur and Author Gertrude J Chapman and her live studio audience as she empowers you to success on Your Turning Point.  

    Adapting these 12 Keys To Effectiveness In Speaking To Your Audience will place you on the cutting edge of your niche.

    Find out how to stir the hearts and minds of your audience, by doing some minor adjustments.

    Gertrude J Chapman will be hosting events in your area.  Sign up at our website to get more details.


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    Transform your life with Kellie and Lisa

    in Self Help

    Who knows what we'll be talking about this week, but it's sure to be something that will enable you to live your best possible life and be the best possible "you."  Each week we try to put a positive spin on current events or on something that has happened to us personally. If there's something happening in your life or something you'd like to hear our take on...please message us or leave a comment below the show and we'll address it.  Please also take a second and follow this channel, it will help us in the btr standings and let us reach more people.

    To work with Kellie, please visit http://www.positivetransformationcatalyst.com

    As always, thank you so much for listening!

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    Become What You Believe on Your Turning Point

    in Self Help

    Join Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur and Author Gertrude J Chapman and her live studio audience for another thought provoking topic, " Become What You Believe," on Your Turning Point.  

    2016 is your time to walk in the fullness of your purpose.  Dream Big.  Live Your Life.  


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    Unlock Your Message from Within: Write a Book

    in Current Events

    Has anyone ever asked you where you book is?  Have you written a few words on napkins and paper only to lose them in the shuffle?  Have you felt there was a story in you but fear, time or lack of experience has held you back from writing it?  When is the time?  What are you waiting for?  Writing a book does not have to mean it shows up on the local book shop shelf, it basically means, write the words that you hear and feel.  Can you start there?  What committment can you make and is this something you may just take to your grave since it is so overwhelming?

    Tom Bird, author of 27 books including #1Amazon Best Seller You Can Write Your Book in a Weekend is sharing his new book Write Right from God:  You, Words, Writing and Your Divine Purpose. Tom explains that if you are hearing the words to write a book, have been guided or reminded by others, then it is now to schedule a quiet time and allow the God message to come through you and be written.  You can write a book in a weekend, or a few days but the most important thing is to start writing, putting the word on paper or computer.  Books can heal, share a story or message and they can inspire other who may be at the same place you are in this moment.  If you reach one person, it is done, your message is heard and from there, others will find you as so guided.

    For more information and to download Tom's freebies visit:  www.TomBird.com

    For more information about Dr Jeanette Gallagher visit:  www.DrJeanetteGallagher.com or www.DrJeanetteWellness.com

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    When Reading Your Bible Gets Boring

    in Religion

    Whether you're a brand new believer, or you've been a Christian for decades, let's be honest...reading the Bible can - at times - feel a little stale.  So how can we refresh our eyes, maybe gain a different perspective, and find new joy in reading God's Word?  Listen this week as Dr Pauline and Catherine explore some options to help re-discover the excitement of reading and studying the Word of God.  


    - Dr Pauline's new book, "Won't Somebody Please Hear Me?" is now AVAILABLE for purchase on our website!  This book makes a great gift for anyone who has had a baby or for anyone who knows someone who has had a baby.  So...it's a great read for everyone!  Order yours (and a few to give away) TODAY! 

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    SHINE - The secrets to making your RESOLUTIONS STICK!

    in Women

    It's that time of year and that time of month when you MAY being to slip on that resolution you made.  WELL, NOT THIS YEAR, help has arrived. 

    My guest today has a tool box full to help you keep your resolutions and be successful ALL YEAR LONG! 

    Carol Shaw;  According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, only 8% of people are successful in achieving their New Year resolution.  If you consider how many people have good intentions of committing to changing one or more aspects of their lives to give them a more favourable outcome, this is quite a low success rate.  While there are no stats given to gender specifically, Carol Shaw believes it would be reasonable to think that women whose world revolves around day to day routines would struggle achieving success with any New Year resolution. - http://www.liberatingvibrantwomen.com/


    Get even more support by joining us - GET access to the It Depends On You - e-book and 22 action packed videos to insure your success. 

    Register here - http://www.YourLifeFullfilled.com 

    About the host - Antiqua is a leading a visibility specialist and personal development coach, best-selling author/speaker and the founder of Divinely You a 501(c)(3). She has created solid platform for her clients to launch their careers and be the change they are born to be, she is a woman on a humanitarian mission to help you celebrate you. http://www.AntiquaLisha.com


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    Baby Stepping Your Way Back to Health

    in Religion

    Ok...Halloween is a distant memory, Thanksgiving leftovers are long gone, and Christmas & New Year's Eve is a blur.  Onward to 2016!  Except...you have some weight still hanging on that doesn't want to go away.  Believe it or not, there are a few simple, practical things you can do to help you start 2016 in a healthy way. Getting back in shape doesn't have to be complicated. 

    As always, we welcome your comments and questions through Facebook (Dunamas Center Ministries), and Twitter (@YourDunamasLife).


    - Dr Pauline's new book, "Won't Somebody Please Hear Me?" is now AVAILABLE for purchase on our website!  Regular price $11.95, promo price until Jan 15 is $10 with promo code BTR. 




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    I've Got Your Number!

    in Self Help

    Your Numbers are in Motion and this half hour show will announce some more in detail of the free Numerology teachings I am offering very shortly, beginning this month.  My co host, Michael Gogger will  also be joining me, spicing it up,taking your calls, for a QUICK mini read and the number to call us on is..646 716 6237..beginning at 6pm. If you miss this "Number full" show you can always archive it!  Numbers up!!!

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    Commit to Owning Your Career in 2016

    in Jobs



    Host: Rod Colón

    Date:  Monday, January 4, 2015

    Time:  9:00 PM (ET) / 8:00 PM (CT)

    Listen-In:  www.BlogTalkRadio.com/OwnYourCareer

    Call-In with Your Questions/Comments:  347-857-3320

    In this episode of Own Your Career host Rod Colon will answer your career management and job search questions plus ...

    9:00 PM:      Commit to Owning Your Career in 2016

    You, The Enterprise:

    Think about the major functions carried out by any great enterprise: branding, marketing, sales, R&D, public relations, etc…

    Start thinking about your career as a great enterprise

    All of its day-to-day operations must be managed and coordinated …

    Who else but you is better qualified to take charge of this great enterprise?

    9:45 PM:      Navigating the Corporate Highway of Success with Wanda Sharif-Rodriguez

    The PIP – Performance Improvement Plan

    9:55 PM:      Personal Branding Segment with Chip Hartman

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    Change Your Perspective If …

    in Christianity

    You may need to change your perspective if you feel: defeated, overwhelmed, discouraged, hopeless,emotionally exhausted, and ready to give it all up!  Your perspective may be the difference from thriving in victory or wallowing in despair. Let's create a strategic plan for a new way of looking at things!