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  • 01:34

    Predictions & Promises in the New Era of Love

    in Self Help

    As we complete the Mayan calendar, the13 Baktun, please join both Angela and myself as we explore the predictions and promises for  the new era of Love, with new thoughts and ways, as we refer to it as hearing the whispers.
      In the light of recent events, going into the new Baktun, we will need to make promises to one another to learn from the past and go forward to be keenly aware of the whispers so history never repeats itself.   Both Gary & Angela are passionately driven to help instill hope & inspiration.   Join Angela Maiers #YouMatter & Gary Loper #JustForToday. Learn more about Angela. Watch Angela’s on YouTube.    

  • 01:02

    RAW NIGHTS with Kelly Mitchell

    in Real Estate

    Join Host Kelly Mitchell each and every Wednesday for real estate's hottest show with a new line up every week. We'll talk tech, social media, hottest trends strategy, markets, niches, and best practices.  You'll hear from all walks of real estate.
    THIS WEEK WE"RE TALKING: iPAD in the field, Social Media Policy, and TWYLAH! 
    Featured guest : Jure Klepic -With wit and a rational approach, there is no topic that he will not tackle when it comes to social media and the impact on our day to day lives. Jure’s combined experiences bring a common sense approach to one of the fastest society changing phenomenon seen in our lifetime. He brings these talents to projects that aid in the interpretation of how to cope and grow as the future becomes today.  Currently Studying Law at American Heritage University, School  of Law. Jure combines 15 years of international marketing & consumer packaged goods experience.  Worked for LVMH, YSL Beaute, Kenzo, Chanel and Lancaster. Recognized by customers, partners and peers for relationship-building skills. currently working as Social Media Consultant and Speaker. Co-funder of Ungeeked Europe and strong believer in project #YOUMATTER. Jure has strong presence on Twitter and LinkedIn.