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    Mike Robbins - Nothing Changes Until You Do

    in Self Help

    Mike Robbins is the author of three books, Focus on the Good Stuff, Be Yourself Everyone Else is Already Taken, and his latest, Nothing Changes Until You Do.  He’s a former pro baseball player whose playing career ended due to an injury.  For the past 14 years, he’s been a sought-after motivational speaker who delivers keynotes and seminars to groups of all kinds.  Some of his clients include Google, Wells Fargo, eBay, Schwab, Gap, and the San Francisco Giants.  He and his work have been featured in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, as well as on ABC News and the Oprah radio network.  Since 2008 he has been a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and his books have been translated into fourteen different languages.  For more information about Mike and his work, visit www.Mike-Robbins.com.

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    Do you have the skills to pay the bills? What Do You do?

    in Entertainment

    On todays show I will have Majeedah Giddens of Majeedah Models & Talent Consulting on. She is also the owner of A List Consignments. Learn about her past, obstacles and how she overcame them. I also will have Corey Osborne from Up Next Barbershop. He will speak on how hard it is to create and maintain a barbershop in a shopping mall and how he has overcome those challenges as well as additional projects. I plan to have web designer Kyle Wilkins of Kyle Wilkins Designs. He will talk about starting his company from scratch, the current work he is doing and what he plans for the future. Call in and listen to the show or ask the guests a question. Be sure to tell your friends!!!

  • Do you have the skills to pay the bills? What do you do?

    in Entertainment

    On the show tonight I'll be talking to individuals that made decisions to pursue goals that they had based on their personal skills, abilities and wants. Chris Prythm is a music producer, who has a track record of creating music for artists all over the world. Majeedah Giddens is a young woman with experience in modeling that created her own talent company. Kyle Wilkins is a young man with the talent to design that created his own web and graphic design company. Stacy Bornman is a young woman that has found her niche in clothing design. Do you want to know what it takes to go from point A to point B? Do you want to know how to overcome obstacles? Do you want to find out what these guests do and how you can work with them? Tune in, Listen in, Call in. 

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    askrosebudd how do you know if you have it?

    in Romance

    Heck, you sit in front of the boob tube and if you don't look out, you're gonna become a boob. You don't want that in this age of being silly. Let's talk about what it takes to 'have it'.

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    in Spirituality

    JOIN BOB AND MARA TO DISCUSS "YOU TIME."  Time you celebrate the things that make You happy, that cause you to pause at peace.  It is during such times you re-connect with all that is, with God, with Allah, with Yahweh, with the Great Spirit, and become ONE with THE GREAT I AM.

    Many people allow their  lives to get caught up in doing things and DENY themseleves time :  

    to just stop and smell the roses,
    to lift your head up and feel the breeze,
    to send prayers into the wind,
    to meditate/pray,
    to breathe and join one's breath with God's breath

    If you convince yourself you are too busy to do any of these things you are trapped in an illusion, maya, that ignores your immediate, constant, connection with all that is.  It takes a minute to reconnect that's it.  Although the joy of being connected may be addictive and you may want to relax in the presence of the GREAT I AM for longer periods in special places: churches, mosques, synagogues, your prayer room, any spot you recognize as glistening with the energy of God . . .; why deny yourself the pleasure of spontaneous moments of peace and pleasure by stopping even if for a second to reconnect and be-come one with God, known by many names?

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    How do you know when you have the right woman or man?

    in Lifestyle

    How do you know you have the right woman or man?

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    Do You Have The Big Picture?

    in Christianity

    Welcome to another show here at, "Your Place"!  We want to thank you for taking time to listen to our programs.  On our regular scheduled show we had a hicup and the show cut off right in the middle of the show.  So we are bringing it live to you again so that you can be a part.  We always appreciate your feedback. We open up the microphones at the end of each show to allow you to ask questions or give your opinion on the topic being discussed.  Tonight Wild Bill is going to share with us a message he recently preached.  This is not a recording from the live service so it will not have the same impact as a preached sermon.  But the words are still powerful and true.  Wild Bill will tell you that he does not have all of the answers.  But he can and will tell you the  important answers!  This message tonight comes from Wild Bill working through questions he has asked God about! Most of what he got from God has to do with faith and personal accountability!  Push one on your phone and we will let you share your thoughts for everybody to discuss.  You will be identified by the last four digits of your phone number when we put you on the air.  

  • Do you have an ownership mentality ?

    in Current Events

    Join us today 5:30 CST as we explore the question:

    What is an owner mentality and are there advantages to thinking this way?


    To read:







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    askrosebudd do you know what real passion for what you do is? Do you have it?

    in Romance

    When you want a woman and you see that so far, she fits your criteria . . . how do you go about showing her and at the same time informing her about your ways.

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    in Self Help

    Do you have confidence in yourself or do you think your talents are just a fluke?

    Well, if you don’t have self-confidence it’s one of the things to develop in yourself, because I’m here to tell you, that this is one of the biggest secret to get ahead in life.

    I know you have heard the success stories of confident people. You know what confident people look like, the advantages they get, and that it's something worth emulating.

    But how do you muster up all the confidence you need to achieve? And what is confidence anyway?

    First of all, don't confuse Confidence with Arrogance.

    Yes arrogant people do have confidence, but it comes from a different place than true self-assurance. Arrogance is result of building self-esteem from outward sources such as financial privilege or constant praise. But once you take the external support system away, the person’s sense of self-worth goes with it.

    You build true self-confidence from within and project it to the world. Confident people have a realistic picture of their own traits and abilities and trust themselves enough to respond to life authentically. They learn from failure rather than letting it define them.

    Confidence is knowing what you're good at, the value you provide, and acting in a way that conveys that to others. Contrast this with arrogance which typically involves believing you are better in a particular area than you are, or low self-esteem which involves believing you're less valuable than you think.

    Join me Janice Clarke, Host of the SOULFUL HEALING TALK SHOW  as we discuss our confidence levels and get them up so we can pursue the desires of our hearts with confidence in ourselves which will ultimately lead us on our souls’ mission.

    Ready to start believing in yourself and your hearts’ desire?? Link up with me for our ME TIME sessionCatch you then. One Love


  • Hey Fat Girl! How Do You Have So Much Confidence?

    in Lifestyle

    From Blogger Chrystal Bougon

    How does someone as fat as you have so much confidence? Where do you get your great self-esteem?

    I have gotten this question a lot in my lifetime. I have been fat since the third grade and I am 47 now. So that is a lot of years in a fat body.  Now I own a plus-size lingerie boutique and the topic of confidence and self-esteem in a fat body comes up at our boutique pretty much seven days a week. Every single day, without fail, this topic comes up. "Chrystal, how can I become confident in my fat body? What is the trick?"

    So this does beg the question: Where do we get our self-esteem? How does a fat woman get to be so confident? Where did I get my own self-esteem? I have been asking myself and my community that very question a lot recently. Personally, I feel like my family and the way I was brought up gave me a good base. Unconditional love can do that for a person. I was blessed to have family who did not shame me because of my body.

    This is going to sound trite, but stick with me. When I was a kid I was a voracious reader. Any magazine, book, newsletter that crossed my path I read. I read a ridiculous article in Cosmopolitan once about how women should find one thing about their body that they liked and focus on that. (It was next to an article about how to measure if your boobs are droopy by trying to hold a pencil underneath them. You have to love Cosmo in the '80s. I was 14.) But, internally, I started that discipline when I was about 14. I would focus on things like "wow, I have really cute toes." Yes, at 14. "I love how my skin gets so tan in the sun." "My green eyes are really pretty," I would repeat to myself.