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    Draw Me Away, We Will Run After You

    in Religion

    Please join me Tuesday August 11th at 9:30 am CST as I talk about The Song of Songs . Chapter One, verses 2through 4.  An allegory about Jesus and His Bride. A spiritual union for an eternal Bride. The Bride of Christ. So many truths in just these few verses. What are the kisses of His mouth? Why is His love better than wine?  Why is His Name like purified oil having a pleasing fragrance?  It says draw me after You and let us run together, what does that mean? And what are the chambers of The King? Join me as we discuss the meaning of these verses. Thanks~ Char


  • Allie Braswell Author "Rekindling the Passion". CAN YOU? Tell us about it.

    in Lifestyle

    Sweet Tea With A Chaser - Special Guest - Monday, August 17, 2015, 
    Mr.  Allie Braswell, Author of "Rekindling The Passion" at 9:15 p.m. 646-478-3527.

    Mr. Braswell will speak about coming from Dirt Roads to Your Destiny.   Find your passion......

    10:00 p.m. "Making Your Relationship A Priority".....Are You? 

    Monday night will feature the music of Tony Braxton. 

    Join us, Sweet Pea, Gemini and Bryan Mac - 646-478-3527

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    Author and Poet TK Ware talks Run the Race. Also Can Diabetes be cured?

    in Politics

    The talk of our Times

    TK Ware, author and poet, talks about his book, and getting and keeping people motivated.

    Can diabetes be cure with Doctor Jason Fung.

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    No Hoop For You, Episode 1: NBA Offseason Run Down

    in Basketball

    In this episode of No Hoop for You, Brad and Gavin introduce themselves and hop right into some juicy NBA topics. Areas of disscussion include, Free Agency, LA Clippers, along with trying to guess which NBA players tweeted a line of the others hosts choosing. As a wrap up, Brad and Gavin will try theirhand at making Bold predicitons and serving up some Hot Takes, along with the 60 second shooter challenge. Let us know what you want to hear for next time. 

  • Can You Explain Love?

    in Lifestyle

    Join the Joy Doctor tonight at 8pm (CST), by dialing (347)843-4945, as he expounds on this heartfelt episode - "I Wanna know what Love Is?!?!" In order to better understand life - this is a question we must all ask ourselves. This is a profound question that has abolished the foundation, value and meaning of family. These are heart to heart talks that concern health, life, family, and friends.These statements echo across boundaries in regards to race, creed and religion throughout America. Share with the Joy Dr. by dialing (347)843-4945 where you can Listen, Laugh, and Learn!

  • Your Credit Score Can Cost YOU!!

    in Finance

    Most people know that bad credit can cost you but they really don't know HOW...listen in to learn. To connect with Troy call 443.943.2259. To connect with Leroy call 443.762.2324

    To read the full article visit http://www.melonisworks.com

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    Can I Pray With You!?

    in Religion

    Thus saith the Lord: "Praying on one accord is the key to manifestation for the city I am calling you Prayer Generals/Warriors to pray on one accord, to lift up the city for my visitation, for I will visit you and my reward is in my hand to give to the upright, to give to those who seek my face and not just my hand, to give to those who would cry out for my people's, healing is with me and miracles are with me to turn the heart of the unbeliever, but you who are the called hear the voice of the Prophet and submit your heart and ways to my will for your city".

    PRAYER TIMES ARE 8AM, 5PM & 11PM CST for the next 89 

    2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV)
    14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.


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    How "welcoming" your grief can save you.

    in Motivation

    Counselor Mandy Eppley speaks with author, coach and co-founder of The Respite, Elizabeth Berrien. She shares her story of two traumatic losses and how she can now can say, 6 years later, how grateful she is for her grief process and how it shaped her life.

    Elizabeth is a Certified Creative Grief Coach, author, support group facilitator, speaker, spiritual entrepreneur, and proud mom. After several unexpected losses at the age of 27, she has passionately dedicated her life to helping others experience healing, joy, and purpose after loss. She established the unique support community, Soul Widows, in 2010, a supportive space for young widows to become empowered on their journey from grief to hope. She believes in the transformative power of the human journey and our sacred stories. Through sharing her own story, she hopes to light the way for others seeking a healthy, heart-centered, and fulfilling life. To connect with Elizabeth further, visit her author website at CreativeGrieving.com

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    You Can Be Free!

    in Lifestyle

    Join Soul Coach Jamelle Sanders for a show that will empower you to break free from every trap and limitation in your life. Be empowered as Jamelle draws from personal experiences to help you break free and live a more fulfilled life. 

  • How Meditation Can Help You With Your Business

    in Business

    I once saw a bumper sticker which read, "IF YOU'RE TOO BUSY TO PRAY, THEN YOU'RE TOO BUSY".  What I took away from that brief message as a business owner is that if I'm too consumed with doing the expedient tasks of running a business, then I'm not able to focus on the important long range goals I initially set up for me.

    Meditating is one way I take a break from my business to be grounded.  It affords me an opportunity to shift from 'doing' to 'being'.  It helps me calm down, appreciate life in the here and now and grants me the clarity to connect my life's mission with who I am as a human being.

    This week I will share a few basic and simple things any business owner and Entrepreneur can do to develop a healthy meditative practice.

  • Love Asks: What Can I Do For You?

    in Radio

    (1 John 3:18 NLT)

    If love were just an emotion, then God couldn't command it. But love is something you do. It can produce emotion, but love is an action. TheBible says, “Let's not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions” 

    Love And Relationships- Marriages, Family and Friends

    The Bible Says Love Is A Choice This same principle is true about your relationships: You can choose to love others, but God won’t force you to love anyone.

    John 15:12-13 

    “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.