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    ERT: Singer/Songwriter/Musician: Kat Marco Makes a Guest Appearance

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    Over the course of the past 3 decades Kat Marco has been rocking hard. The journey began in 1980 when her first song "Dear Friend' was written. Fueled with a devotion to Pat Benatar, the concept for the music was developed. The goal to write and perform original songs that spoke of spirituality and a positive outlook with the power of rock and heavy metal set the ground work as this project went forth. The Goddess Of Rock CD contains songs that were written from that time on. The earliest song written on the CD is 'Titanic' by Jon Maye in 1983. Kat Marco joined his New York group Toy's at that time and found a great songwriting mentor in Jon. While performing vocals in Toy's , Kat was able to sing at the famous Studio 54 in 1984, for the Penthouse Pet Of The Year Birthday Party. In 1985, Kat would go on to work with a super group as a vocalist called Ibex which was when she found out about her guitar favorite, Ynqwie Malmsteen. It was through her shred-guitarist Michael Mostert (who once had an audition for Kiss At the time Bruce Kulick joined the group, that she was mentored for power guitar playing though she would not start playing guitar until 1987. 

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    "THE RIPPER"!!!!!

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    Thats Right sports fans, We have the "RIpper, Tim Owens, calling to talk some serious Heavy Metal with me and my producer / Side kick Joe Gansas this coming Thursday Night at 6:30pm est live on BLOGTALKRADIO.COM. We will talk to Ripper about his time fronting the band Judas Priest, what it was like trying to replace the "METAL GOD" and whats it like to be in 3 or 4 bands at once. He has sang for Malmsteen, Charred walls of the Damned, and Iced Earth  amongst several other projects. So there will be no shortage of things to touch on with him.

    We also have Anthony Carey, from one of Staten Islands best Cover bands, REDRUM and the Girls who make up one of Staten Islands Best and up and coming bands, wolf both calling in to talk about the staten Island music scene and how tough it is for a band to make a name for itself today. This is our first show featuring local bands so I am looking forward to this one.

    Its opening week for baseball and the close of the NCAA Tornament. The Rangers are closing out the season on a roll while the Islanders try and get on one.

    The season, thankfully, is coming to a close for the Knicks and possibly on the NETS.  I dont know how much sports we will get too on this show, but as always, I will be prepared for all of your comments and questions. 

    So please tune in to my show this Thursday night at 6:30pm est live on blogtalkradio.com. to listen to my interviews with all these terrific musicians. Also, please call in with your comments or questions to the chat line (347) 826-9934.


    Keep on Rock N'!!!


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    Third Eye Cinema 2/16/14 with Mark Boals of Ring of Fire and Iron Mask

    in Entertainment

    This week on Third Eye Cinema: one of the premier vocalists of modern metal!

    Working alongside such rock veterans as Ulrich “uli jon” Roth, Ted Nugent and Savoy Brown, he exploded onto the metal scene as the pipes behind Swedish neoclassical shredder Yngwie Malmsteen's classic Trilogy album in 1986!

    Appearing on later Malmsteen offerings Inspiration, Alchemy and War to End all Wars as well as releasing three solo records and briefly replacing D.C. Cooper in Danish symphonic power metal act Royal Hunt, he now works double duty fronting both Belgian power metal/shredders Iron Mask and his own Ring of Fire alongside Trans-Siberian Orchestra keyboardist Vitalij Kuprij and legendary Shrapnel Records shredder Tony MacAlpine!

    Join us as we speak to another of the great metal vocalists, Mark Boals, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

    Week 73 (Sun. Feb. 16) Mark Boals of Ring of Fire, Iron Mask, Royal Hunt and Yngwie Malmsteen


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    The Raven's Edge Radio Show w/ Chris Clemence - Maxxxwell Carlisle

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     Welcome to "The Ravens' Edge Radio Show" - the reimagining of the hardest working man in rock radio Raven the Devil - Creator and host of one of the largest syndicated internet radio shows for years THE VAULT OF METAL. Bringing his unique style and sense of humor once again to the airwaves! Yes there's Heavy Metal still, but so much more! Music, Comedy, Celebrity Interviews, Rants, Political Views, Listener Call Ins, and Current Hot Topics in the News! This is a Talk & Variety show rolled all up into one! This is the show that many said Raven should be doing all along! All the sarcasm and humor, mixed in with an almost 30 years of experience in the entertainment business, on both sides of the Mic. More than just metal music, a talk show with a twist - looking at the world sideways!

     A new "take" on talk radio - this is what happens when you unleash a Metalhead to do a talk radio show! 


     What an interesting night we have for everyone! Musically I am going across the board and through time with this one. Musical influences from my childhood to now are all in the show! Plus as always on the show we have two great musical guests from opposing sides of the industry! First guest tonight is Chris Clemence from the up and coming rock group RapScallions whose music can be heard at major sporting events in Colorado and Los Angeles!

     Then we are joined by Guitar Virtuoso and Shredder Maxxxwell Carlisle! This guy is amazing and both Bodyguard Drew and I are excited to have this guy on! With influences like Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony Macalpine, and Chris Impelliterri how can ya go wrong? Powerful stuff tonight on The Ravens' Edge!

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    Guest Tom Hunting Of Exodus & Mark Boals From Ring Of Fire

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    My Guest This Week Are Tom Hunting Of Exodus And Mark Boals From Ring Of Fire.

    The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show, Classic 80's Underground. 'Playing The Best Of All The Rest' Hosted By Mike 'The Big Cheese'

    The Official Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show Website-http://theheavymetalmayhemradioshow.com/

    Stop By Facebook And Give The Page A Like-https://www.facebook.com/Theheavymetalmayehmradioshow

    Demo-Lition & Metal Matinee Bootlegs Available At The Blogspot-http://heavymetalmayhembigcheese.blogspot.com/

    New Unaired Interviews On The Youtube Channel-http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvtKiltCAHngzHF-kFW-H4w

    Piercing Metal.com http://www.piercingmetal.com/


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    'Six Degree's Of Tim 'Ripper' Owens' On The Metal Matinee

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    Linking Up Rippers Musical Output. This Week On The Metal Matinee

    The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show! Classic 80's Underground. 'Playing The Best Of All The Rest' Hosted By Mike 'The Big Cheese'

    Give Us A Like On Facebook-http://www.facebook.com/Theheavymetalmayehmradioshow

    Official Site-http://theheavymetalmayhemradioshow.com/

    Metal Matinee Bootlegs And Demo-Lition Segment Downloads-http://heavymetalmayhembigcheese.blogspot.com/


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    Third Eye Cinema 2/2/14 with Ron Keel

    in Entertainment

    This week on Third Eye Cinema: legendary metal singer Ron Keel!

    A man who delivered some of the most distinctive and powerful yet melodic vocals in 80’s metal, Ron served as both frontman and driving force behind the amazing Steeler, which introduced the world to neoclassical shred by way of its guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, before turning out several albums with his own excellent and radio friendly outfit, Keel.

    During the long dark night of music that was the 90's, Ron turned to the music of the heartland, finding a new venue of expression in the realm of country music, both as a solo performer and with his band Ironhorse.
    Now back on track with an amazing comeback album and his own metal podcast (both titled Streets of Rock n' Roll), join us as we speak to the great Ron Keel, only here on Third Eye Cinema!


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    Third Eye Cinema 1/19/14 - the return of Jackie Slaughter of Skull Fist

    in Entertainment

    Next time on Third Eye Cinema: we're talking no false metal!

    Despite sustaining shocking injuries in a freak skating accident, he's back in black and Head of the Pack, proving once and for all that you can't keep a good wild man down!

    Noted madman and guitar virtuoso Jackie Slaughter returns to talk skateboarding stunts, fretboard shredding and the album that took nearly 3 years to release...

    Fans of flashy guitar pyrotechnics ala TNT, Yngwie Malmsteen, Shrapnel records, Nitro and Racer X need to tune in for this one...because "shred's not dead"!  

    Join us as we speak once again to Canada's favorite son, the irrepressible Jackie Slaughter of Skull Fist!

    Week 70 (Sun. Jan. 19) - Jackie Slaughter of Skull Fist - the return!


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    Totally Driven Radio

    in Entertainment

    On our 59th episode of Totally Driven Radio, our host Bay Ragni & Nick Wilkinson we will have another big week of guest, stories, and talk.

    We will  be joined by Legendary Hard Rock Bass Player, who has played with Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Dio, Whitesnake, Queensryche, & Blue Oyster Cult..... & Author of the Book "Off the Rails.....The one & only......
    Rudy Sarzo............

    Also We will have Lead Singer of the Band from LA ....Stonebreed, which will be playing New Year's Eve at the Whiskey..........
    Carlos Cruz 


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