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    The Truth: Jesus (Yehshua) Wins The Most Significant War

    in Education

    The most significant world war has occurred and was won by Yehshua (a.k.a... Jesus) taking back ownership of this earth from  Satan.  Adam and Eve lost the title deed to this earth when they succumbed to Satan and sinned.  They lost their home and property to the being who became the "god of this world."
    Listen to The Truth and learn more about this amazing war and how Yehshua (a.k.a.... Jesus) won it back for all of us.
    One major purpose for Yehshua's first coming was to take back  this world from the crook who sole it from our first parents.
    IMPORTANT - This program was originally recorded years ago.  I must correct the length of the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth.  I state a few times in the presentation that His ministry was 3 1/2 years.  Since then I have proven that Jesus' ministry was only 70 weeks.    
    We all must be growing in knowledge and shedding deception foisted on us by the establishment. 

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    The Truth: Yehovah is Yehshua (Jesus Christ of Nazareth)

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    The Bible tells us to use and pronounce the name of God and for doing so we receive blessings.  
    Some people believe the YHVH name is God the Father's Name that is to be sanctified or hallowed.  Is this what the inspired Word of God, the Bible teaches?  What does Yehshua or Jesus Christ of Nazareth have to say about this topic?
    Listen to The Truth and have an awakening founded on the Rock.  

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    Sound The Trumpet Radio Ministry Sabbath Broadcast Will Air Today

    in Religion


    Sound The Trumpet Radio Ministry Sabbath Broadcast Sound The Trumpet Radio Ministry invite you to listen to our Live Sabbath broadcast @ 11:30 am Central time 12:30 pm Eastern time with Raah (Pastor) Pathwal Yisra'al.

    Topic: The Seal Of YHWH/ Part 2more

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    Open Forum Discussion : Is the word "Jesus" actually saying "Hey-Zeus"?

    in Christianity

    There is a costant argument that claims using the word "Jesus" is pagan. Only hebrew is acceptable to God. Hebrew has no J in it and so on and so on. What is the end game to this debate? Come and talk about it.

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    What is the True Religion of the Black man

    in Spirituality

    "What is the True Religion of the Black Man" is the Title of the Panel Discussion featuring Teachers from various walks of faith in the Black  Community that began at Central State Univeristy, Wilberforce, OH  in December 2006. One of the Featured and Distinguished Guest of the First Pioneering Debate was Mowreh Elesha YisraEL of the House of YisraEL of CIncinati. Almost Every year and sometimes twice a year this discussion has commenced. This Year in 2013 the Discussion was hosted by  Wilberforce Univerisity, Wilberforce, OH. Mowreh IshYAH M. YisraEL of the House of YisraEL of CIncinnati was on the panel and Rabbi Gerald and Brother BenYAH of the House of Israel, Columbus OH a group that believes Yehshua is the Messiah; engaged in the conversation. Listen to the Great Debate As YAHWEH is Magnified! 

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    The Truth: You Can Pronounce His Name (301)

    in Education

    The God of the Bible wants His Name said.  You can pronounce  the Name of YHVH.The translators of the Bible replaced the Name of God (YHVH) with a title for English nobles who own land - lord or LORD.Yet the God of the Bible gives His Name and wants us to use it.Listen to The Truth and learn how to pronounce His Name.

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    The Truth: The Conspiracy Exposed Continued

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    There's a great conspiracy going on today.  It's real and can easily be observed by those who have their eyes opened.  There are many theories about exactly what these conspirators are up to and why.  The Bible gives us intelligence about the conspiracy and who's involved and how it will all end up.  Only those who hears Yehshua (a.k.a. Jesus of Nazareth) and obeys Him - that is actually does what He's tells us to do; can understand the intelligence in The Bible and be freed from the delusion and stupor experienced by most people. 
    You need to begin a process of checking things out and search for reality - truth.
    Listen to The Truth and follow along in your Bible so you can be equipped to endure the coming disasters and achieve your purpose for existence. 

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    Open Discussion: The NAME by which men will be saved.

    in Christianity

     Can anyone that claims belief in Jesus/ Yehshua really be saved by his name? If so what does that mean? If not then then what saves us? Call in and give edification if you can.

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    The Truth: Jesus Christ The Creator

    in Education

    It's time you fully understood that we are a creation of the One and only God of the Bible.  The One Who did the work of creation was the One Who became Jesus Christ of Nazareth who the Heavenly Father named Yehshua.  He is the One Who is called Yehovah (YHVH) of the Old Testament.
    Your relationship with God depends on you understanding the creation and Who is your Creator.  Even though Yehshua (a.k.a. Jesus Christ of Nazareth) is our Creator, our Heavenly Father rules over Yehshua and everything else.  Our Heavenly Father is managing and involved in everything that is going on, but it is Yehshua Who is the executioner of the Father's will.  He lives within those who belong to Him as a Comforter, Guide, Counselor, and Companion. 
    Learn more by listening to The Truth.

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    The Truth: The Annoucement

    in Education

    This episode of The Truth is vital to your understanding of the Bible and your survival; even more your eternal life depends on the information announced from heaven.
    You need to know the intelligence in this program so that you have an indicator on where we are in the end time steps prior to the return of Yehshua Yehovah.

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    The Truth: Judgment Part 2 of 2

    in Education

    Learn more about the coming judgment that everyon will face who has lived in the past, living now, and who will live in the future.  Who is the Judge?  What happens to those who fail the trial?  What happens to those who pass the judging process?
    You need to know, your life depends on it.
    The Jesus Christ of your Bible (Yehshua Yehovah) may very well be working on you today.