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    Persecution Of Divine Communities

    in Islam

    We firmly believe that the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace), Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, India was from God as we observe signs of God’s support for him each step of the way as well as fulfilment of Divine promises made to him. We also witness fulfilment of whatever he foretold.  

    When divine communities progress, their detractors try their utmost to stop their progress by means of force or through the help of supporters whom they deem powerful. At times, they also surreptitiously and cunningly try to take those who have weak faith or who lack Tarbiyyat or adolescents away from the truth. This is why each Ahmadi should increase his or her religious knowledge and be aware of what he or she believes in and why he or she believes it so that they can respond to such covert enemies. In addition, and more importantly, we should pray for our belief because without God’s grace nothing can come to pass. For this, God has taught us a prayer: ‘Our Lord, let not our hearts become perverse after Thou hast guided us; and bestow on us mercy from Thyself; surely, Thou alone art the Bestower. (3:9). Thus one’s belief is safeguarded by God’s mercy alone and this is why a humble person is ever in need of His help, indeed, should be in need of His help. Hudhur said at times people write to him asking that if the prophethood aspect of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) is not mentioned in discussions etc. it lessens the hostility.


    NUMBER TO CALL AND JOIN:347-945-7830

    WEBSITE: www.alsialm.org

    EMAIL: nafees502@yahoo.com

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    Purpose of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

    in Islam

    Ahmadiyyat is, what we might call, a messianic sect of Islam. In order to avoid what I might call the "cold bath syndrome" I will make some brief prefatory remarks. Such a preface may avoid the shock and confusion of a plunge into the unfamiliar world of nineteenth century Islam.


    I have no idea how many readers may have heard of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. As we shall see a little later, the Movement originated when a devout Muslim, living in the Punjab, declared in 1889 that he was Mahdi and Messiah. This was the point at which experiences of revelation that went back to 1876, when Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was 41 years old, came to a sharp focus. At that dramatic moment, a pious and devout personality reached a plateau of self-realization. From then to the time of his death in 1908, Hazrat Ahmad was the human and prophetic energy that led what his followers felt as the renaissance of Islam.

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    Brings you the latest breaking news,interviews,views on current affair issues and  HIT MUSIC of today and yester years...and a lot more.

    Listen to our investigative reports on important issues and talk with our experts in fields like Mental Health and Family Marriage Therapy,Real Estate,Financial and Economic issues.

    (DISCLAIMER)These discussion are not a legal advice on any issue or questions asked by the listeners and replied by these experts particularly by the experts on Mental Health and Family Marriage Therapy,And Real Estate,Beauty Expert advice,Cooking recipees besides any other such programs as.If you have any issue please take advice and consult a professional legal expert for your issue).

    Every Sunday  12.00 PM Shazia Mirza discuss your Mental Health  and family Marriage issues.

    Every Saturday 11.30 AM Hina will aprise you about the latest on Mortgage issues.

    Cooking:Our experts will bring every Saturday delicious and mouth watering recipees for cooking .

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    Bina Mirza - Beyond the Group of Seven

    in Art

    Bina Mirza is a Canadian Painter inspired by the Group of Seven. The artist talks about her journey and her tribute to Canadian Painters through her art.
    For details about Bina, please visit her website at http://bina.ca

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    The Guardian: Your Story Matters

    in Writing

    Yasir Mirza of the Guardian steps into the spotlight to reveal his passion for authentic true writers wanting to tell a story.  Listen in as he tells his own journey from helping others to discovering his own path in life.

    This multifaceted man is on a mission to have writers be heard and he will talk to us tonight about his pitch sessions and the chance that he gives to write around the world to do so.

    Chattin In Manhattan - Empowering You For a Successful Life


    Enter the Guardian Diversity Pitching Seminar - New York

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    Why the Quran is a Miracle with Yasir Qahdi

    in Religion

    Yasir Qadhi conveys to us Why the Quran is a Miracle.
    Nick Cannon joins us to talk about Fatherhood.
    Fisal Hammounda gives us the Message.

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    Bash and Smash Real Talk Radio

    in Education

    Brother Bashir aka The Baby Face Imam will be teaching the Elements of Righteousness.... This is a Divine Teaching from a stundent and follower of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad....

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    InnerSpeak NOW - Riz Mirza

    in Spirituality

    Jean Adrienne shares her thoughts on enlightenment, empowerment and healing.

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    Special Guest Riz Mirza

    in Spirituality

    Riz Mirza is a world renowned Psychic Medium, Trance Channel and Spiritual Teacher living in Marina del Rey, CA with partner transformational Life Coach Oriah Miller. Together they bring 'Circle of Light' Channeling gatherings with Chief Red Eagle as the main message bearer and many other Highly Evolved Light Beings in weekly gatherings around the world. Considered one of the best Psychics in Los Angeles, he holds profound one on one private readings in person, by phone and Skype.Many consider his readings to be life changing, and his clients hail from around the globe. Featured on radio, magazine and television shows in several languages, Riz brings his Clairvoyency, Mediumship and Channeling to every session.
    Please join me call in and get a reading at 347-850-1004!

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    Westchester On the Level

    in News

    YONKERS, NY -- The Thursday, August 30, 2012,Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris radio program opens at 10:00 a.m. with a discussion of the expedited arbitration agreement won by Yonkers Firefighters local 628 and the City of Yonkers and the revelation that the second oldest marathon in the nation, the Yonkers Marathon, has been outsourced to a New York City operation.Dr. Naseer Alomari joins us at 11:00 o'clock to discuss the latest circumstances in the Middle East; the exhumation of Yasir Arafat to revisit whether the Palestinian leader was killed with the use of Polonium, Iranian strides along the nuclear front, Egyptian President Morsi's visit to Iran and China; the influence of Russia and China in the region; and so much more. Hezi Aris will conduct today's interiew. 
    Westchester On the Level is heard live and/or in archival format by way of the Internet at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/WestchesterOntheLevel/. Join the conversation by calling 1-347-205-9201. Please stay on topic.

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    Discover Your Real Self with Oriah Miller

    in Spirituality

    Oriah is an accomplished producer of two TV and Film Production Companies. She is the Founder of Women Without Borders US and an author. Oriah has overcome domestic violence, and has raised five successful children. A former police officer and current holistic healer and Life Coach, Oriah is celebrating life to the fullest. She has referred to herself as “Law of Attraction in Action”. She guides her clients in how to manifest their dreams in one-on-one coaching and workshops, Twin Flame Workshops, and Death of the Ego-Spiritual Rebirth coaching. She lives with her partner Riz Mirza in Malibu, CA.