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    Filmmaker Selena Blake discusses TABOO YARDIES on Conversations LIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes filmmaker Selena Blake to Conversations LIVE to discuss not just her love of bringing stories to life on film but why Taboo Yardies was a project she felt led to produce.

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    Yardie Skeptics (s. 2, ep. 24): Season 2 Finale

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    The Yardie Skeptics are back this Sunday, September 28th at 12:30pm EDT (11:30am Jamaica time) for one last hoorah as we bring a close to Season 2! Come join us as we review season 2 and share your ideas and comments for topics you'd like to see in season 3. Come join the party and hang with your favourite skeptics.

    Early in the show we re-invite Christina Fenton, lecturer in the Faculty of Liberal Studies at UTech Jamaica and intern at the Bellevue Hospital to talk about Mental Health Awareness Day. Why do we need such a day and how comes no one knows about it? Later in the broadcast we link up with Kenroy Davis, Jamaican journalist and teacher, to hear his reasons for supporting school devotions. Yep, the season finale is a mixed bag of delights, so we're looking forward to hearing from you. 

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    The Other Side of The Rainbow: When being GAY is TABOO

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    Hey there TEA SIPPERS!  We are coming off our vacation for an important show for you today!  With the onset of Same Gender Loving Marriage becoming more and more accepted in mainstream culture, there are area of this world where our LGBT bruthas and sistahs still have to hide in fear or else they could lose their lives because of who they are as same gender loving people.  My guest today has made it her mission to expose some of the attrocities within her home country in an effort to help break silence of these heinous crimes on a mission to assist the LGBT community to become more mainstream and accepted.

    Selena Blake, former model,  film director, producer, will be showcasing her latest work, "Taboo: Yardies" which is a documentary addressing the crimes against LGBT people of JAMAICA! We will talk about how such a beautiful place as Jamaica a strong hatred for LGBT communities that would rival or at the very least is comparable to that of Ugunda and other places where LGBT populous may want to thrive, but can't. 

    This is a powerful HOT POT of tea that will be dished today, so make sure you have plenty of crumpets to share with a good judy!!  

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    I am in my yaard but they are calling me out to finish our new video for the Song called " I Care" a Mad Rebel Production....
    so why not kick it with my audience today......hope you call in... so wew can chat...answer questions!

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    ROYNATION #66 Interior, Jamaican Leather Bar

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    LIGHTS - CAMERA - ACTION! Inside Out LGBT Festival starts this week - We'll be going to the galleries and screens of this opportunity to see and do so much that is LGBT.
    FREDERIC MOFFET's exhibition at Trinity Square Video Other Modes of Transmission is comprised of two very cinematic works: The Faithful recreates a gay bar where men cruise each other across the gallery. POSTFACE considers the fragile beauty of Montgomery Clift.
    DOUG ISCHAR's work is at two galleries in the same building.  Gallery 44's Undertow is composed of casual photos of gay men passing the time away hanging out and making out at a Chicago beach from days gone by; installation work from the 90s and screening of his more recent work at Vtape.
    SELENA BLAKE's documentary TABOO YARDIES show the brutality of homophobia in Jamacia ipacts the lives of the LGBT community there and outside the country.
    WEDNESDAY LUPYPCIW and SHANNON COCHRANE will be on to talk about QUEER NOISE SOLIDARITY  - a gigantic experimental noise event. One dozen drummers inspired by feminism blow the roof off the traditionally white dude-dominated art world of rock n’ roll.

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    I am going to do again and mabe every Monday thaT I am not traveling on the road. 
    Running Original Tunes outta di yard at Chop Chop and Judgement Yard family of artist and our friends at Mad Rebel and beyond!
    Chopping it up with a meditation piece all throughout expect a big surpise always!