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    Ayurvedic Lifestyle is the Wave of the Future

    in Self Help

    I have again met up with two of my dear friends Dr Ashutosh and Dr Anagha Yardi, Ayurvedic experts. We are going to interview the Doctors' about the different types of diet associated with Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. This is a wonderful opportunity to ask any questions you may have and also to have any input you would like to see in the book that the Drs' and I are currently in the process of writing. It will be universal for all cultures to adapt into there diets with the foods that are avaailable tto them. Join us. Tell you friends! Peace and Balance can truly be a reality.

  • Skyler 360 - The Future of CRM - CREPN #32

    in Real Estate

    When a complicated sale can be facilitated by a machine that can interact with the Prospect from the first communication through offer, across multiple channels in real time, that is something BIG.  That is Skyler 360.  

    Communication in the sales process has changed.

    The first sale involved a buyer & seller communicating face to face.

    Communication has changed.  Snail mail, Telegram, Overnight delivery, Voice messages, Faxes, Emails, Texts, Drip campaigns, Video Chat; the noise is loud and the competition for the Prospect’s attention is fierce.

    You spend money on advertising to make the phone ring.  The phone rings.  Is it answered?

    Q: How do you sift through all of the noise to find the BUYERS?

    Ron Sasson developed Skyler 360 to overcome this problem.

    Ron had an apartment complex with multiple vacancies.  He needed to fill them, and was spending money on advertisements, but his property manager was too busy tending to other issues at the property, and was unable to handle the calls.  

    Assessing the situation, Ron recognized that his property manager needed help.  

    Skyler 360 engages the prospect right away with an appropriate reply to the Prospect’s request for information.  A few brief back and forth messages between Skyler 360 and the Prospect, and the Prospect’s needs are easily determined and qualified against available units.   

    Recently, Skyler 360 was reviewed by Inman.com, and the Houston Business Journal.

    Skyler 360 can work as a standalone or can be fully integrated with MLS, your website, social media, calendar, accounting system; Yardi, MRI, etc.

    For a Demo:

    call: 713-322-4146
    goto: skyler360