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    Axcell Yachts

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    When Catamaran Met Hovercraft: Our guest is Bruce Barsumian, founder and president of MACS Research, parent company of Axcell Yachts.

    We'll be talking about the new AXCELL 650 Catamaran Sport Yacht and its proprietary HybridAir™ Technology. In designing this remarkable craft, Barsumian borrowed a few ideas from the hovercraft market and developed a new surface effect hull form with large, open air chambers in the bottom of each of the catamaran's hulls. Each hull is injected with with pressurized air. The result? Approximately 50 percent of the vessel's weight is supported on an air cushion that separates most of the hull's running surface from the water.

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    Slow food, super greens, fermented food & herbal alchemy.

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    Have you truly thought about the frequency, the life force energy of your food?  If you are looking for some inspiration in the kitchen, if you want to take your health to the next level and if you want to bring it all to your kitchen table with a higher frequency and with more mindfulness then don't miss this interview.  Shakti Grace (aka The Holistic Chef) talks slow food, clean food, fermented food and herbal alchemy to nurture and nourish your family.  She has translated her cheffing skills from high-end private yachts to your table.  Shakti brings fine food to the household kitchen and includes super foods, fermented foods and herbal alchemy so that you can enjoy food on a whole new level - a level of nourishment and healing.  "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" has a whole new meaning here.  Not only medicine for the body, but also for the soul, your family and the planet. www.theholisticchef.com.au





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    WPH: Sarah K Interviews Corinne on How to Sew for Profit

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    There was a day and age when every young girl was taught to sew in their Home Economics class at school, if not at home with their mom or grandma. But those days have long since gone by; and today, someone that can sew has a world of opportunity to make money working from home. How much money you can make depends on your skill level, equipment, availability to do jobs quickly, and your creativity.

    A basic sewing machine and the ability to repair torn seams,replace zippers,hem garments, and/or make simple alterations is enough to get you started.More advanced skills and equipment will be required to offer higher quality services.

    You’ll need to start by determining what kind of sewing you enjoy and want to do on a regular basis. You may want to start with something simple, and work your way up as your speed and skill increase.

    Here is a short list of sewing projects just to get you thinking about what could bring you a regular source of income:

    – Minor repairs and alterations.

    – Home decor items (pillows, blankets, curtains, drapes, place mats, napkins).

    – Bags, totes, purses.

    – Soft children’s toys.

    – Doll clothes.

    – Receiving blankets.

    – Aprons.

    – Canvas items for boats, yachts, camping.

    – Banners (shops that produce printed banners usually need to have raw edges finished).

    – Wedding gowns, veils, bridesmaid dresses.

    – Prom or fancy party dresses.

    – Suits, vests, ties,cumberbunds (cummerbunds).

    – Custom outfits for choral groups, dance teams, drill teams, karate classes,period reenactment groups, local sports teams,etc.

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    Huckins Yachts New Sportfisherman

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    Cindy Purcell of Huckins Yacht Corporation joins us to talk about the company's new 45’ sportfisherman, currently under construction in Jacksonville, Florida. Purcell has been personally involved in all aspects of the design process and will remain hands-on throughout the project, as the company celebrates its 85th year.
    She'll tell us why, from the builder's stand point, she likes this trend toward smaller boats with greater fuel efficiency. And we'll talk about what she thinks the future holds for the yachting industry, too.

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    The FWOT Show Weekly

    in Entertainment

    The one and only and purely original Rob Steele brings his brand of info-comedy to this weekly episode that discusses... 

    Charleston - The Death Penalty
    Interracial Sex Tape
    Tax Break For Yachts
    Mexican Restaurant Stands Up To Trump
    Ketchup ?
    Capital One Idea

    Karl Rove Is A Democat?
    2nd Amendment
    Virginia Violation
    DOJ Busts AMA
    Ted Cruz Tries Temporal Physics
    Baseball On ESPN?
    Legalized Polygamy

    and more...

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    I'm sick of Yachts and Fathers

    in Comedy

    Rick Shapiro talks about trying to help people with their acts and getting his ass kissed.

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    Andrew Cilla, Luke Brown Yachts

    in Sports

    YachtWorld.com Radio is a podcast series for YachtWorld.com. It features interviews with the marine industry's top brokers, to help buyers learn what to do when they're shopping for a yacht. In this podcast, Andrew Cilla of Luke Brown Yachts talks about acquiring the brokerage at the ripe age of 27 and how he's built it into not just a profitable company, but also a compassionate one that supports a charity.

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    Gold Coast Yachts

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    Built by a skilled team of craftsmen trained in a variety of composite construction techniques, the vessels produced by Gold Coast Yachts in the US Virgin Islands reflect the company's years of experience in commercial vessel construction, operation, deliveries, and living aboard. Behind the scenes, a computer-aided design and engineering team and a systems design team work to meet the structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and USCG demands of each project. Beyond all that though, Gold Coast Yachts has a reputation for promoting quality in the workplace and in the community, too. The Gold Coast philosophy is "Relationships are more important than issues." For this show, Roger Hatfield and Rich Difede will joined us to talk about how following that principle has played out for this successful company.

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    Barrett Canfield, South Coast Yachts

    in Travel

    YachtWorld.com Radio is a podcast series for YachtWorld.com. It features interviews with the marine industry's top brokers, to help buyers learn what to do when they're shopping for a yacht. In this podcast, Barrett Canfield of South Coast Yachts talks about his passion for sailing and ensuring his buyers get personalized, hands-on help from him and his staff.

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    Megayacht News Radio: Lazzara Yachts

    in Lifestyle

    Megayacht News Radio, a division of MegayachtNews.com, is a podcast series featuring leading members of the superyacht industry discussing timely topics that enhance enjoyment of the water. In this episode, we speak with Rich Lazzara, vice president of Lazzara Yachts, which has been quietly working on a new model--and, perhaps a sign of a positive change in the economy, has signed a contract to build hull no. 1 of that new model.

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    All Boats All the Time.. Open Forum! Call in and join the show!

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    For the owners of over 74 million registered boats in the United States and many millions more who in some shape or form participate in the world of boating, this show is for you.

    The Boat Talk Live show features expert guests and discussion topics that relate directly to the wonderful passion we all share regarding boat usage and boat ownership.

    You might be a sailboat racing enthusiast, an owner of a power boat, large yacht or small boat with an outboard, we'll cover topics that will interest and directly benefit you.

    The Boat Talk Live show features expert guests and discussion topics that relate directly to the wonderful passion we all share regarding boat usage and boat ownership. It is your show.  Call in and tell us what is on your mind regarding your life on the water. Want to discuss boat values?  We'll do that.  Want to discuss new boat deals and offers or have a boat to sell?  Tell us about it. We'll help with that too. Have a technical issue with an engine or component? We have you covered. Want to know the "don't miss exhibits" at the major boat shows?  Listen in. We broadcast live from the shows on both the East and West Coast and the major show in-between. .

    Of course we'll talk destinations galore, cooking on board, living on board, kids’ activities, fishing, sailing, racing, navigating the Inland waterways as well as coastal cruising and ocean crossings.