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    Canonization of Popes John XXIII & John Paul II

    in Christianity

    In this episode, blogger Sacerdotus speaks on the canonization of two great Popes, John XXIII and John Paul II.  Both Popes contributed greatly to the Catholic Church and human civilization.  Sacerdotus speaks on both and what impact they have had on the Catholic Church, religion in general and human society.  

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    Arizona CPS Exposed (XXIII)

    in US Government

    Be sure to listen to interviews provided by Cliff and Shelley Hoelz on Arizona Child Protective Services (CPS; recently renamed Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) beginning with the introduction of this series delivered on March 29, 2014:  www.blogtalkradio.com/paula-flowe/2014/03/29/arizona-cps-exposed-new-series-intro.  Unfortunately, the only thing changed about this agency is its name.  All criminal behavior to protect the "kidnapping-for profit" schemes committed by this agency have remained in place.

    Visit the website of Cliff and Shelley to learn more:  www.AZProject.org.

    Join a developing Facebook Group of adults for having "legislative protective needs" met for US citizens under 18 (review informative web-links posted in the "About" domain):  www.facebook.com/groups/259691040902980.

    Contact us:  SafeChildEnvironmentS@gmail.com, www.TheHittingStopsHere.com

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    Unfiltered Data XXIII

    in News

    Hosted by David Clifford, Robert Gordon and Steve Lafrate, and produced by "The Network" Chris Maltsburger. This show is about anything and everything, but bring your facts! Open-minded non-denominational confrontational conversations! Call in at 347 850 1974 to be heard on UNFILTERED DATA

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    REVELATION aka w/Angel as "The Who & What You Are, Is Being Revealed," ch. XXIII

    in Spirituality

    LOVE Family, it's always a pleasure to bring you this profound series of insightful revelations. We take great pride in exposing the dynamics of what it takes to live in the reality of BEING! We challenge our awareness in consciousness relative to the manifestations realized. This Conscious Awareness is necessary to understand and conceptualize that, "energy flows, where attention goes!" And, how our physical bodies are actually an ocean of living, breathing, liquid pulsing, bio-electric life form that is the overall experience being revealed. Further, how we are wired for the actualization of these specific and very real propensities. However, we reveal even further how these propensities can be altered by our emotions, actions, thoughts etc. In the current paradigm of thought that we carry, hold true to and operating under. The control of protocols supported and held in place by a belief system, has many captivated and under a spell for millennia of time. We are intentionally breaking that spell with this show by exploring exposing this belief system of protocols by revealing the true nature and foundational origin, but there is no time like the present! We don’t have tomorrow, or yesterday, as all of time is contained in this now moment of existence to change programs that are systematically being ran on auto-pilot. Also, join us anticipate a call from Angel Wisdom, a Seer with a visionary perspective who will do mini-readings for us as we strip away layer, upon layer of systemic programming and conditioning over time. So that we can begin revealing "The Who & What You Are, Is Being Revealed" and this is chapter XXIII. Also, REVELATION aka encourages “Ponder the Poetry.”

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    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 - Episode XXIII - The Show after the Show, about a Show!

    in Wrestling

    Vendetta Pro Radio 2014 is comin at'cha once again tonight! We tried to talk about VendettaVersary V last week, but after the multiple run-in of opinions we had last week, we didn't even get a chance to talk about the show! So this week, we're gonna give it another swing and briefly go over the results of VendettaVersary, cause we got more shows this summer in just a few days! Join host Jimmy Ray, as he boldy tries to goe where only one host dared to go last week... to the end of a recap! (it's the little things in life people!) Enjoin us won't you? (see what I did there?!)

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    Saint John Paul II and Saint John XXIII

    in Christianity

    Tune in to hear about one of Opus Bono's volunteers, Gino Vitale, recount his recent trip to Rome for the canonizations of Pope John XIII and Pope John Paul II.  This will be a very intersting and informative show.  Don't forget to call in with your questions!

    Please join us on Thursdays at Noon with Opus Bono Radio as we interview priests, lawyers, and experts on the priesthood.  We want to hear from you too!  Please call in during the show at 888-588-4617, or tweet us @opusbono.  You can also Message us at www.facebook.com/opusbono

    May God Bless you!

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    Swords and Space XXIII: Godzilla (2014) and Edge of Tomorrow

    in Entertainment

    Starting into a summer that promises to be one of the best in recent memory for science fiction/fantasy, Swords and Space covers the recent releases of Gareth Edwards' latest incarnation of Godzilla and the Tom Cruise war film Edge of Tomorrow. Hosts Nicholas and Richard Wansbutter will be joined by guest Brian Pauls (who previously appeared on our Prometheus.

    We also talk about the Heinlein classic, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress as a bonus. A classic of science fiction, if you've not read it before this discussion should inspire you to pick it up.

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    Randy Koniowka on the cannonization of John XXIII and John Paul ll

    in Politics

    Local historian Randy Koniowka shares his thoughts on the cannonization of Pope John XXlll and John Paul ll

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    First Contact Radio

    in News

    First Contact Radio 8/5/14 Show #1203 hosted by Joshua Poet



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    The Jesuits and the Counter Reformation Part One

    in History

    The Council of Trent (Latin: Concilium Tridentinum), held between 1545 and 1563 in Trento (Trent) and Bologna, northern Italy, was one of the Catholic Church's most important ecumenical councils. Prompted by the Protestant Reformation, it has been described as the embodiment of the Counter-Reformation.[1] Four hundred years later, when Pope John XXIII initiated preparations for the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II), he affirmed the decrees it had issued: "What was, still is."[2]

    As well as decrees,[3] the Council issued condemnations of what it defined to be heresies committed by Protestantism and, in response to them, key statements and clarifications of the Church's doctrine and teachings. These addressed a wide range of subjects, including scripture, the Biblical canon, sacred tradition, original sin, justification, salvation, the sacraments, the Mass and the veneration of saints.[4] The Council met for twenty-five sessions between 13 December 1545 and 4 December 1563, all in Trento (then the capital of the Prince-Bishopric of Trent in the Holy Roman Empire), apart from the ninth to eleventh sessions held in Bologna during 1547.[5] Pope Paul III, who convoked the Council, presided over these and the first eight sessions (1545–47), while the twelfth to sixteenth sessions (1551–52) were overseen by Pope Julius III and the seventeenth to twenty-fifth sessions (1559–63) by Pope Pius IV.

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    The New Pentecost

    in Christianity

    In this episode, blogger Sacerdotus speaks on the "New Pentecost" and how it can only come about if we return to our Christian roots by living the virtues, namely poverty and humility.  The Catholic Church throughout the ages has had her rocky times.  Fallen human nature and sin never fail to make itself known within the Catholic Church.  However, not living a virtuous life detached from material things and the things of this world in general add to the problem.  They open the door to scandal and vice.

    Sacerdotus explains why we must be "poor" in the Church.  The Church must not be seen as the "religion of fort Knox" in regards to material possessions and wealth.  She must be known for her spiritual wealth.  Pope Francis and previous Popes have reminded us all that we must return to our roots and set aside the fanfare the Church has assumed throughout the centuries as she evolved and became a temporal power.  This is the "New Pentecost."  The Catholic Church will be renewed and will speak the language of today's world in order to bring it back to God in the name of His Son, Jesus the Lord.  

    Sacerdotus reminds us that the Catholic Church is here to stay despite the scandals that have tried to take her down since her beginning. He uses the music of Catholic Rapper, "Akalyte" formerly known as "McJust" to remind us that the Gates of Hell shall not prevail.

    Music by "Akalyte" -





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