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    XRX-Stitches-Knitter's Magazine CEO: Benjamin Levisay

    in Knitting

    Where to begin: seven years ago, after learning how to knit one of the first magazines I ever picked up was Knitter's Magazine. Since then it has been one of my favorite mags. When I discovered that the publishers of Knitter's were also the publishers of some of my 'best of the best' list of books as well...I became an even bigger fan of XRX inc.

    So, imagine my surprise (and giddiness) when two years ago I was sitting next to the CEO of XRX in a shuttle bus from LAX on our way to TNNA. We had a wonderful conversation and I knew he had to join me for a podcast interview. When I asked him if he would be interested in joining me for a Yarn Thing episode and he said "Absolutely".

    Yes, it has been two years since that fateful car ride but my relationship with XRX has done nothing but grow.

    I had the opportunity to go to my first STITCHES EXPO last month and I have to tell you it was EVERYTHING it has been advertised as. As a knitter and crocheter I am here to tell you that if you have a chance to go to any of the STITCHES around the country you MUST go! From the fashion show to the classes offered to the show room floor there is nothing lacking! It is simply amazing. (FYI: I will be in Atlanta next month so stop by to say hi at the Bijou Basin Ranch booth)

    It was after STITCHES West that we decided it was time to finally do that podcast episode we talked about so long ago. So without further wait, please join me as I talk to Benjamin Levisay about all things XRX!

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    Stuart Hochwert

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    On the next edition of Fiber Hooligan (05/12/14), my guest will be Stuart Hochwert, President and Founder of Prime Publishing.

    Stuart is an expert and really a cutting edge entrepreneur in world of internet marketing and content creation. He’s also, in my opinion, a giant in the online fiber arts world.

    Prime Publishing is his 4th media start-up. Their group of 27 cooking and crafting properties creates, aggregates and reviews original content. The brands span digital websites, e-mail newsletters, social media, licensing, e-commerce, business information, and marketing services.

    If you don’t recognize the name, Prime Publishing, that’s because you probably know them from their more well know online presciences like favecrafts.com, AllFreeKniting.com, AllFreeCrochet.com, StitchAndUnwind.com, and the Knit Picky Patterns eNewsletters… to name just a few. 

    He and his team are great folks that do a wonderful job reaching millions of knitters and crocheters with killer content. And they’ve been great partners me, to our company (XRX, Inc.), and to many of our STITCHES vendors and sponsors that we work with.

    I’m excited to have him on the show to talk about himself, his company, and something new that we have planned. I hope you’ll join us for what I can guarantee will be an exciting show.

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    Myra Wood

    in Knitting

    On the next edition of Fiber Hooligan (02/03/14) my guest will be the lovely and talented Myra Wood. If you haven’t met Myra, you’re going to love this lady… she’s extremely charming and very funny.

    Myra is an internationally know fiber artist, designer, author and teacher. She teaches a wide range of classes in knitting, crochet, embroidery and beading… specializing in all things creative. Her online class, "The Perfect Fit Seamless Crazy Lace Cardigan" is available at Craftsy.com. Myra is the author of Creative Crochet Lace and Crazy Lace along with numerous published patterns in books and magazines. Myra’s been a guest instructor on numerous episodes of Knit and Crochet Now, Knitty Gritty and Uncommon Threads on PBS, HGTV and DIY Network.

    Most recently Myra has just finished a new book with XRX Books (my company), Knit In New Directions, which will be debuting at STITCHES West… where she’ll also be presenting a killer Opening Day program.

    We’re going to be talking about all that and more on this show. I hope you’ll join for us so I can share this exceptional lady with all of you.

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    Fiesta Yarns with Jeannie Randolph

    in Knitting

    Always a big supporter of the Yarn Thing Podcast with Marly Bird, Jeannie Randolph joins Marly to talk about all the wonderful things Fiesta Yarns is up to these days. 

    Listen Live for chance to win great prizes!

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    David Xenakis

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    On the next edition of Fiber Hooligan (12/23/13) my very special guest will be my own father, David Xenakis--one of the founders and one the Xs in XRX, Inc. (home of Knitter's Magazine, XRX Books, & STITCHES Expos).

    David has been 'retired from the industry' for almost 7 years now... but he's been a busy boy! He was one of the original members of the Board of Directors of the Dakota Sky International Piano Festival. After serving for several years as a member of the board of directors of the South Dakota Symphony, he served as Interim Executive Director of that organization from Dec. 2009 to June 2010. He is in his 3rd year as a member of the Husby Performing Arts advisory board of the Washington Pavilion of Sioux Falls. He is the Editor-in-chief of the Washington Pavilion’s magazine Now!Pavilion. He is also a member of the advisory committee for the Dakota Academy of Performing Arts (DAPA).
    For those of you who don't know his story prior to his retirement, you have no idea just how cool it (and he) really is. And for those of you who have never heard him speak… all I can say is that if you like my voice, his velvety tones put my voice to shame (I swear that I could sell classes, at STITCHES, of David just reading the phone book).

    He is truly a renaissance man… classical pianist, composer, mathematician, historian, graphics expert, computer geek, author, master weaver, expert knitter, world traveler, entrepreneur, and a man that fills a room with his poise and presence.

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    Betsy Hershberg

    in Knitting

    On the next edition of Fiber Hooligan (12/02/13) my guest will be my dear friend, Betsy Hershberg.

    Betsy is an award winning designer, teacher and author of Betsy Beads: Confessions of a Left-brained Knitter, published by XRX Books. After more than 50 years of knitting she is thrilled to have discovered a creative process that allows the left and right sides of her brain to play together nicely. She has yet to encounter a knitting project that cannot be enhanced by the judicious application of beads. She is a staple and a favorite at STITCHES Expos. And her Craftsy.com class Brilliant Knit Beads, has allowed her to share her innovative techniques with thousands of students.

    Betsy has also recently launched her own e-commerce site, The Studio B Knits Shop, where her original patterns, materials kits, limited edition and the occasional piece of her highly regarded, one-of-a-kind jewelry is available for sale. And since this show is airing on cyber-monday… I encourage all of you folks to save a few of your online dollars. Because I think you might find yourself infected with bead-mania by the time this show is over.

    Beyond the artistry that Betsy has to share, she has a message of empowerment that you will NOT want to miss. I hope you'll join us for this very special show.

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    Laura Bryant

    in Knitting

    On the next edition of Fiber Hooligan (5/13/13), my guest will be Laura Bryant, owner and creative force behind Prism Yarns. Laura specializes in color & hand-dyed yarns, and has published over 70 pattern booklets for Prism. Laura has written six books, including The Yarn Stash Workbook, The New Knitter's Template (coauthored with Barry Klein), and recently produced the DVD Knitter's Guide to Color with Laura Bryant and Yarn to Fit with Barry Klein. Her newest book newest book is Artful Color, Mindful Knits from XRX Books. She teaches and designs with a 'no rules' approach, and her very popular classes are designed to bring out the creativity within all of us.Laura will be sharing her story with us… and talking about her inspirations and her take on the fiber arts world. She is one of smartest people in the industry. You owe it to yourself to NOT miss this podcast episode.

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    Benjamin Levisay Talks Stitches and New Ventures

    in Education

    Please join Kimberly McAlindin (Hookedonknitting.com) and Natalie Redding (Namastefarms.com) for a night of fun and converstation with Benjamin Levisay.
    Benjamin Levisay, CEO of XRX, Inc., publishers of Knitter's Magazine and XRX Books as well as promoters of STITCHES Expos, is a second-generation partner in this 27-year-old company originally started by his uncle, Alexis Xenakis, his father, David Xenakis, and their partner Elaine Rowley. Benjamin has been a part of the fiber industry since his family opened a yarn shop in Sioux Falls, SD when he was a small boy, an enterprise that later evolved into XRX. After a career in the software industry, Benjamin rejoined the company seven years ago as CEO and Director of Marketing & Sales. He is more commonly known as one of the hosts of STITCHES and a regular in the fiber world's social media circles. It is his intention to carry on the legacy of passion and commitment that characterized his family's contributions to the fiber world.  
    This show is sponsored by OH Kruse and their Perfection line of feeds.

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    Under the Sea for the Kids in Atlanta

    in Knitting

    This week we have some very special friends joining us to talk about our 'Under the Sea for Kids' campaign - a hat and toy bombing for children who are being treated for cancer at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta - Egleston & Scottish Rite.BeLinda Creech of Elephants Remember Joplin, Pam Haschke of Halos of Hope, and Marian Rose from the Atlanta Knitting Guild have partnered up with XRX, Inc. to make this spring special for the youth of Atlanta as part of our program for STITCHES South 2013.We are excited about this opportunity for four great groups to come together to do something fun for these kids and the Atlanta community. Please join us!

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    Laura Bryant

    in Knitting

    Artisan hand dyer Laura Bryant joins Marly to talk about her amazing career as a designer, artisan hand dyer of yarn and now author of a brand new XRX Book.
    Artful Color Mindful Knits is a font of information specific to hand dyed yarns but manditory reading for all knitters who have a predilection for hand dyed yarns and wahtn to take control of the patterning potential that is hand-dyed into yarns.
    Prizes GALORE for the live listener and for the listen later types! Don't miss! Check out all show notes at www.MarlyBird.com/blog
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    Halo's of Hope and The Great BuZZZ

    in Knitting

    "I never imagined it would hurt." Words from Pam Haschke, as she experienced the hair loss side effects of chemotherapy after her cancer diagnosis. Now eight years cancer-free, Pam is the president and founder of Halos of Hope, a national non-profit, sending volunteer-donated knit & crochet caps to over 450 cancer centers across the country.
    Pam joins Benjamin Levisay, CEO of XRX, Inc., to talk to Marly on Tuesday, July 17th, to talk about The Great BuZZZ campaign. Drew Emborsky, the Crochet Dude, Mark Moraca, from Kollage Yarns, and Benjamin are vying for your votes to 'save' or 'shave' them, and raise funds for this great cause. 
    Like this podcast? Be sure to leave a comment/review on iTunes to let other know about it! Stay up to date with the Yarn Thing podcast with the App available on iTunes and for Droid. Find our more about Marly at www.MarlyBird.com or follow her on facebook at www.facebook.com/marlybird This podcast is sponsored by: Knitter's Magazine, Craftsy, Fiesta Yarns, Kollage Yarns, and Bijou Basin Ranch.