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    Author of The Evangeline Hunter Bounty Series, Miranda Parker, discusses her novel, "A Good Excuse to Be Bad".

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    Xiro Xone News and F1 Sport News at the USGP in Austin

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    All motors are running at the United States Formula One Grand Prix, at Circuit of the Americas in Austin Texas.  The teams and drivers have all arrived and the action is underway for practice sessions that will start Friday,

    Tune in to Xiro Xone News and F1 Sport News all weekend when our sports correspondent will bring news highlights and exclusive interviews from the USGP in Austin Texas.

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    Rock Group Count Me In, on Xiro Xone Talk Radio

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    Xiro Xone Talk Radio welcomes rock group CMI.
    The rock group, Count Me In/CMI, from Ft Lauderdale Florida, will be dropping into the Xone, Thursday June 2nd at 3:00p.m.-EST, 12:00 noon-West Coast..  Join the listening party and get to know them.  All the guys of this five member group are talented, ambitious, and headed towards mega success in the music industry.
    CMI, appear to have their finger on the pulse of what their fans expect and enjoy, and they certainly deliver. 
    Once you listen to the music of CMI, you will easily envision this group standing on stage, holding a Grammy, in the not so distant future.
    CMI super talented lead singer/musician is Nate, followed by the equally talented Kyle, Chris, AJ, and Mike. Visit them on Myspace or Facebook, then head over to iTunes and buy their album.   
    Fans can tune in to listen, or call in to ask the guys a question on June 2nd.(760) 683-2667.
    Xiro Xone will have a Trivia Question about the group.  The first caller with the correct answer will receive a special gift, compliments of Xiro Xone Talk Radio.
    Follow all the guys in CMI on Twitter NateCMI, KyleCMI, MikeCMI, ChrisCMI, AJCMI.

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    Shortcutz London Film Festival On Xiro Xone Talk Radio

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    Live from London 4:00pm-London Time 8:00am-PST, 11:00am-EST.
    Xiro Xone Talk Radio welcomes, Shortcutz London. A short films, film festival.  Shortcutz London is a great event that brings together young creative filmmakers with well established filmmakers.  They offer a unique way to showcase or experience short films.  Shortcutz London is a weekly event that showcase British short films by veteran filmmakers, and filmmakers showing their film for the first time.  As the world’s only year-round event, the festival enables close interaction between the audience and filmmakers.  All in the comfort of the trendy Proud Camden, where creative minds, talent, and film lovers, grab a bite to eat and watch films. Each week, three short films are screened, followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker. The two competing films are entered into the ‘Best Short of the Month’ competition, and voted for by a jury of industry professionals. The monthly winners then compete for ‘Best Short of the Year’ and the chance to send a team member to present their film at festivals worldwide.  The third short film is a “guest” short, and is often the work of a more established director/producer, or it may have won awards at festivals in the past. Every week a special guests attend and share their opinions and experience with the audience.  Guests have ranged from award-winning directors, to professional actors, to industry creatives and technicians.

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    Xiro Xone F1 : Hockenheim Germany Ready For Formula One

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    Preview day at the Formula One track in Hoeckenheim, Germany is all abuzz with the news that, Merceses AMG driver Nico Rosberg has signed a news multi-year contract to stay with the team.  German champion Sebastian Vettel, with Red Bull Formula One is a four time World Champion who won last year at Nubering.  Although there are 3-German drivers that will be on the track, Vettel is currently the fan favorite for this weekend's race.

    Stay tuned to Xiro Xone News and Xiro Xon F1 Sports

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    Xiro Xone Sports F1 News: Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying

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    A recap of todays Qualifying at the Formula One Grand Prix in, Barcelona Spain. Today’s event will determine the driver grid line-up. Fans will find out if their favorite team or driver will make pole position at, the Formula One Grand Prix in Spain. Stay tuned to Xiro Xone F1 for, a different perspective of events on the track, in the paddock, and on the social grid.

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    Xiro Xone F1 Sports: Grand Prix Monaco Preview

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    Xiro Xone F1 Sports Preview of the upcoming Formula One race. The Grand Prix Monaco is a street race, in the beautiful Principality of Monaco on the French Riviera.  In one of the most popular races on the Formula One calendar, teams will hit the track at break-neck speed.  Championship leader Lewis Hamilton fans, will hope for a 5th consecutive win. Nico Rosberg fans will hope for a 2nd win, and Sebastian Vettel fans will hope for, a win.

    Stay tuned to Xiro Xone F1 Sports for, The Grand Prix Monaco: May 23-25


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    Xiro Xone F1 Sports News: Monaco Grand Prix Qualifying

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    Tires were not the only slick things out on the race track today.

    The Monaco Grand Prix got underway Saturday through the streets of the French Riviera.  The atmospheric weather went from warm to light rain, to warm, while the track weather was scorching hot amongst teams.  Starting on pole Sunday will be, Mercedes AMG driver Nico Rosberg, followed by championship leader and teammate Lewis Hamilton. Third, was the familiar smile of Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo, followed by his teammate, Sebastian Vettel. Giving Ferrari fans something to hope for was Fernando Alonso, in 5th place on the grid. Sergio Perez qualified 6th and Nico Hulkenberg 7th, in what was an impressive qualifying session for both drivers.  Race-day promises to keep fans on the edge of their seats while drivers reach 190mph on one of the most beautiful, and the most complicated, track on the circuit.

    Keep it tuned to Xiro Xone F1 Sports for news and analysis. Remember, F1 Tickets are on sale right now for the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas. Go to http://www.circuitoftheamericas.com.   Watch all Formula One races in the U.S.A., on NBCSN.










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    Xiro Xone F1 : Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas Front Row at Qualifying Austria

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    The Williams-Martini Formula One team, has a lock on the from row, at the Grand Prix in Austria.  Former Ferrari driver Felipe Massa currently driving for Willians, and Valtteri Bottas who put Williams back on the map, will dominate the from row when the race start on Sunday. Lewis Hamilton was fastest on the track but went wide and lost his time. When he went back out, his brakes locked-up and he lost the chance to put down better numbers. His teammate Nico Rosberg will be third on the grid on race day

    Stay tuned to Xiro Xone F1 Sports for News and updates.


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    Xiro Xone News F1 Sports: Russian Grand Prix Qualifying

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    Pole sitter Lewis Hamilton was a commanding presence, on the track today in Sochi during qualifying, at the Formula One Russian Grand Prix.  He was two-tenths ahead of his teammate, Nico Rosberg who secured second.

    The 53-lap street circuit with challenging twists and turns, on a purposefully built track, is in the heart of the beautiful Black Sea Resort in Sochi. The long straight before turn one is where Hamilton will likely battle with Rosberg to hold onto, first position. The other drivers also view the location as a great place to improve, their position during the race.

    Williams-Martini driver, Valtteri Bottas was third. Bottas set the fastest first and second sectors on his final run, but started to struggled towards the end of the lap and lost the rear of the car in the last corner.  As a result Bottas had to settle for third on the grid, with Jenson Button taking his best dry qualifying of the year in fourth.

    Russian driver Daniil Kvyat for Toro Rosso, was excited to race at his home circuit. He made an impressive showing by securing 5th position, the best qualifying result of his career.   

    Disappointed, was Daniel Ricciardo in 7th who had a bit of a problem with the grip, of the new track stating, “It was hard to read the grip.”  His Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel in eleventh position was not satisfied with the rear of the car while taking corners. He said, “The car felt nervous”.

    Force India continues to work hard for points. Team Principal Vijay Mallya said “the penalty against Nico Hulkenberg was unfortunate and strategy options will be limited on a track where overtaking appears difficult.”  At the end of the day, the teams learned quite a bit from qualifying on the new track.



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    Xiro Xone Entertainment Guest: Hollywood Television Writer, Eric Kaldor

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    Hollywood Novelist and Scriptwriter Eric Kaldor enters the Xone to talk about, creating the stories behind some of the iconic hit programs of 1970's, hollywood. The Rockford Files, Kojak, The Incredible Hulk.

    Eric Kaldor's recent novel, "Downward Facing Dog" is a tragic dark, and somewhat comedic story that follows the misadventures of Eric Kaldor's public and private life as a Hollywood Scriptwriter for some of the most popular shows.

    In the past, Eric Kaldor was a ski racer, a special Counter Intelligence Corps. agent, a ”Wild World of Sports” producer, and an Emmy nominated writer.  His novel, "Downward Facing Dog" reconstructs his life of access to Hollywood Studios and Stars, and excess such as, indulging in orgies to dealing drugs in Beverly Hills. Once you read his story or listen to the podcast of each chapter, you will wonder if love, lust, manslaughter, suicide, and organ failure, had a cumulative effect on Eric, which lead to his survival and may lead to his salvation.


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