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    Gay Men's Chorus of Washington DC

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    Join Victoria Gaither, Entertainment Co-Host Michael Kay, and Actor Michael Taylor Gray as they talk about the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington DC. The non profit group just recently performed a 'Real Wedding' on stage at the show My Big Fat Gay Wedding featuring singer/songerwriter Matt Alber.
    The group's executive director, David Jobin  and Chorus members Andrew Harmon and Andrew Powelany will join us to talk about the amazing talent and work of the organization.  Plus, we'll talk about their new and upcoming show Zanadu and hear what else but showtunes.
    Show Times: Friday, March 15th at 8pm, Sat, March 16th at 8pm and Sunday, March 17th at 8pm at Lisner Auditorium on the campus of George Washington University.

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    CHARLOTTE VIEW: Guerilla Artist Group & Ilisa M. Millermoon

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    Charlotte View hosts, Claudia Pureco, Jim Black and Denise Mackey, interview Ilisa Millermoon, an intuitive energy artist and “founding monkey” of the Guerrilla Artists Group, which helps artists of all ages access their inner creativity. During this interview, Ilisa makes a call to the community for a fundraiser at Harvest Moon Grille July 17th, 6pm to 9pm for the Youth Art Program. You can see all the information in the second slide shown or go to their website below

    Link to interview: http://tobtr.com/s/3495067
    Call in number for all Shows: (805) 830 8344

    When Ilisa Millermoon places acrylic ink on a piece of paper, she has no preconceived notion of what the work will turn out to be. Instead, she invites the ink to dance with her, to go where it may. The results are astounding, and Ilisa loves sharing her joy, experience, and energy with others.
    Mission Statement: Celebrating the Strength, Passion and Divinity of Women through Color.
    A prolific creator, Ilisa paints 100 to 200 pieces per year. Over her lifetime, she has accumulated more than 2000 works of art. She rarely names individual paintings, preferring instead to allow those who view her work to use their own imaginations to supply the title and context.
    Ilisa’s work has been featured in Artist World Magazine and by the American Art Collector with Xanadu Art Gallery. It has served as cover art for nontraditional prayer books and as the background for performance art.

    You can view Ilisa’s portfolio at: www.ilisamillermoon.com

    Guerrilla Artist Group / 425 E. Statesville Ave. Suite 105 / Mooresville, North Carolina 28115
    Phone 1 (704) 657-2324
    Email guerrillaartists@yahoo.com
    Website www.GuerrillaArtistsGroup.org

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    Patricia Kelly--Author/historian & wife of legend Gene Kelly

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    Film historian, PATRICIA KELLY is the widow of Hollywood film legend Gene Kelly. This year Mr. Kelly would have celebrated his 100th birthday. There are film and movie companies around the world who are commemorating his work. Mrs. Kelly has recorded commentary for DVDs of An American in Paris, The Pirate, Words and Music, Xanadu, and is frequently called upon to introduce Gene Kelly’s films in theaters and at festivals, including the recent TCM Classic Film Festival where she spoke to audiences about several of her husband's films. She will chat with us about the many projects that she's working on, including the much anticipated biography of the great Gene Kelly.

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    Friday night free for all johnny depp off er 95 million to come back for Pirates of the Caribeaan part 5 Silver surfer was going to be a rock and roll space opera from the producers of xanadu and would have been howard the duck like mixed with 2001  a space odessy? carzy! tonights free for all! join the movieworld crew on the watertower! :)

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    Olivia Newton-John talks health, life and wellness

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    Olivia Newton-John has enjoyed over four decades as an international music icon and star of film (Grease, Xanadu) & TV (Sordid Lives, Glee) PLUS she is an international ambassador of good health & well-being. 

    After her own cancer journey 20 years ago, she emerged as a breast cancer activist who advocates the best in not only western medicine but alternative holitstic therapies that help support the body, mind and spirit.

    Olivia has written a best-selling cook book of health-conscious recipes - "LivWise: easy recipes for a healthy, happy life" - to help everyone reach their goals of health and well-being.  All proceeds go to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre. 

    Plus, we talk with Olivia's co-owner/partner Gregg Cave about their award-winning spa and retreat GAIA, named for "mother earth" located in Australia, where centering your physical and mental health is the ultimate goal.
    We talk with Olivia about her new cook book and her approach to healthy living.  Plus, play music from some of her most personal CDs - "Gaia" and "Grace and Gratitude."

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    Getting In to Galleries and Selling More Art

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    Join Leslie and Dreama as they share ways to sell your art. Today's show features Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu Gallery, author of "Starving" to Successful and creator of ArtTracker, a system to inventory your art.

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    Gallery Owner Gives Do's & Don'ts to Gallery Artists

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    Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu Gallery of fine art and author of Starving to Successful educates artist about what gallery owners expect from artists wanting to sell their artwork through galleries. Join us to learn how to be a successful gallery artist.

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    Live with Marty "Mr. Broadway" Thomas!

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    This week Rico & Pauly welcome special guest, Mr. Broadway himself, Marty Thomas!! You can catch this sexy creature live and on stage at the current Broadway production of Xanadu. Love it!!

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    Sunday with Legendary Bill Butler Master Skater of Good Skaters

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    Sunday's featured Indie Artists Anthony Cham from his CD ‘Alone’ {http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/Alone} and NR Lettas and his CD ‘DA Illestration’ {http://www.kingdombuildersexpansion.com/}.
    Both these gentlemen are committed to changing the messaging in music towards a positive, inspirational and encouragement towards a better tomorrow.
    Legendary Bill Butler Master Skater of GoodSkates who has changed the life’s of many by introducing skating, incorporating self esteem, good health, determination, fun, family, and unity. The Goodskates Entertainment Company was thrilling audiences in discos and roller rinks all over the country and in Europe. Plans continued for a huge Rollerballroom in Manhattan. Judy and Bill were sought out by the entertainment industry, working as consultants on records, books and films, including the upcoming Roller-disco film "Xanadu", "Roll Bounce" to be released next spring by Universal Studios. Surprise guest book, "Jammin" was published by Pocket Books.
    When Judy Lynn and Bob White found him they knew their dream and vision would be more than enhanced by engaging Bill Butler as the Director of Good Skates because he was already living the dream and implementing the value of skating and utilizing it via Roller Ballroom fashion. Our surprise guest was also apart of choreographing the movie

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