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    EntheoRadio: Wicca and Paganism talk with Xana Moonflower

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    Join us as we have an open discussion with our show's producer, Xana Moonflower. During this episiode we will talk about Xana's personal beliefs and experience with Paganism, Wicca, altered states of consciousness through the use of natural plant medicines as well as through yoga meditation, various religious beliefs in different cultures throughout history, rituals, rites of passage, and much more!

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    U just want Me! cause; I'm - NEXT!!!

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    Welcome to the Realm of the - SAPIOPHILE!

    So, U didn't think that I noticed - your Cavalier attitude towards - what I thought was Our Most Committed Endeavor to LUV each other and Sustain a Committed Relationship?  So, U think my Lyfe is in X-Box Mode, to be Toyed with & Manipulated by the likes of U; for your own Egotisitcal purposes.  Hell; to the NO!!!  U, just want me because I'm your NEXT conquest, your NEXT experiment in SEX, your NEXT - Ego Trip!!!  Well, U might have to take that journey - ALONE!  Move Around, because I'm not interestd - Grow Up and get your Mature On, Whatever!  I'm not the 1 to supply U Entertainment - seeking My Moonflower; not just Anyone!  Well, chime into another Dr. Rok prescription; where we promise to Fullfil your need 4 something REAL!!!  Every Saturday @ 12 noon CST/1 pm ET - Call in # 347.633.9255 - Tell a FRIEND!  Send show request @ AskDrRok@gmail.com

  • Raw Food, Veganism, Herbal Tonics and Longevity with Angelina Elliott

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    Co-founder, producer and special host of EntheoRadio, Zana Moonflower will be interviewing Angelina Elliott, a San Diego native and returning guest on EntheoRadio about her secrets to eternal youth!  Angelina knows and is living proof that we can preserve our bodies, look and feel well naturally with specific herbal remedies, healthy habits and ways of thinking. Some topics we will discuss are: Raw food, veganism, herbal tonics and longevity. We will discuss her personal experience and how she feels this lifestyle is beneficial for maintaining a healthy body and youthful appearance.

    Angela Elliott is the author of Alive in Five, Holiday Fare with Angela, The Simple Gourmet, A Diva's Guide to Juices and Cocktails, and more books on the way! Angela is the creator of "Raw Nut-Free Cuisine" and "The Celestialwich™, and the owner and operator of Celestial Raw Goddess Tonics and Teas.  Angelina's credentials span several degrees and her experience covers a range of natural healing modalities that can benefit us greatly!

    Angelina will tell us about some of her amazing herbal tonics, how they work and where we can purchase some for ourselves!!

    Tune in and take your body back 10+ years in time with her proven methods!

    Our show runs on donations and tips. Please feel free to tip our hosts and keep the episodes coming: 

    bitcoin: 33oryWWMNLzRMvButiqhxPVwuT3evkQeeZ

    Paypal: EntheoRadio@gmail.com 


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    Entheogenic Mind-states and Advanced Spiritual Intimacy

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    Join us for a live conversation between hostess Zana Moonflower and the very special author and guest speaker Stuart Sovatsky, Ph.D. as they discuss biochemistry, entheogens, love, sex, tantra and intimacy!

    Questions welcome 347-855-8334

    The newest book, Advanced Spiritual Intimacy by Stuart will be mentioned through this interview, so pick up a copy and follow along.

    Bio for Stuart:

    Stuart Sovatsky, Ph.D., has been a practitioner of kundalini yoga for twenty-four years and is the director of two psychotherapy clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area. A former presenter at the World Congress on Sexology in India and the International Kundalini Research Network, he teaches at JFK University and the California Institute of Integral Studies.

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    Natural Birth & Consciousness Part 2: Xana and Katrina

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    Join us as Xana Moonflower interviews doula Katrina Messenger of Phoenix, AZ. They will discuss natural birth experiences and how this affects the consciousness of the mother, baby, family and planet as a whole. We will discuss the differences between natural birth, home birth, hospital birth, birth with the use of pharmaceutical drugs, etc. 
    This is a live show and we welcome you to call in with comments and questions! Also check out the last show on Conscious Birth with Trevahr and Katrina about three episodes back.

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    Erotic Rockstar Destin Gerek

    in Romance

    Erotic Rockstar Destin Gerek jumps into the interview circle with EntheoRadio co-founder and host Zana Moonflower. (Our apologies...The last few seconds of the interview was cut off by blogtalk radio. We will soon post a written transcript of Destin's words for our listeners). Thank you for understanding. 
    Destin Gerek is a transformational empowerment coach who specializes in helping you awaken your sexual energy, while harnessing this newfound power to passionately manifest your biggest visions, and create the life of your dreams. 
    Destin has worked with multi-millionaires and struggling artists, CEOs and the unemployed, celebrity musicians, authors and actors, coaches, trainers, and business professionals, government employees and working mothers, and regularly speaks to and communicates with an audience that spans 6 continents. http://DestinGerek.com  http://OrgasmicMastery.com

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    Eternal Youth by Angelina Elliott

    in Nutrition

    Co-founder, producer and special host of EntheoRadio, Zana Moonflower will be interviewing Angelina Elliott about her secrets to eternal youth! Angelina believes and is living proof that we can preserve our bodies and look and feel well naturally with specific herbal remedies and healthy habits.
    Angela Elliott is the author of Alive in Five, Holiday Fare with Angela, The Simple Gourmet, A Diva's Guide to Juices and Cocktails, and more books on the way! Angela is the creator of "Raw Nut-Free Cuisine" and "The Celestialwich™, and the owner and operator of Celestial Raw Goddess Tonics and Teas.
    Angelina's credentials span several degrees and her experience covers a range of natural healing modalities which we will discuss!
    Tune in and take your body back 10+ years in time with her proven methods!

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    Entheogens and Witchcraft (Our Halloween Special)

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    Join hostess and producer Xana Moonflower along with the notorious Hugh T Alchemy as we talk about things spooky and psychedelic. This episode is dedicated to the real meanings of Halloween, All Hallow's Eve, Samhain, and the like. Xana is our resident Wiccan Rep and she's here to answer your live questions about Witchcraft.
    Hugh T Alchemy is planning to discuss the psychoactive chemicals and herbs of the witches and history, we hope you are planning to listen. Call in 347-855-8334
    Xana Moonflower practices witchcraft and wicca for many years now. She is a dedicant of the Goddess and Nature. She does not belong to a covenant because of the nature of other witches and habits. She believes in purity and healthy habits thus here magick includes these as fundamental principles. Hugh T Alchemy (Trevahr Hughes) is a teacher of religous studies and metaphysics. He has practiced shamanism for 9 years now. With experience in Core Shamanism and Psychedelic Ceremonies, Trevahr prefers to talk about entheogenic experiences and dreamscape realities for transformation and healing/self developement.
    Donate to the Show via paypal name EntheoRadio@gmail.com
    Donate to our sponsors healing the Mayans in Guatemala at www.UlewAtitlan.com 

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    ENTHEORADIO's 100 Episode Recap!

    in Culture

    Join the new crew of the show guided by Captain Hugh T Alkemi for a discussion of the history, presence and future of EntheoRadio and the forth coming Entheo-Media Group
    We may be joined by Stewart Mosher, Zana Moonflower, and Shelley White.

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    Natural Living with Goddess Yvette Willis Newell

    in Spirituality

     Motown Witch and Goddess Yvette Willis Newell will be informing, teaching and discussing real issues with Iya Awofalola -Darlene Dawson founder of QueenMother4real Media. Our ancestors knew what we put into our mind, body spirit and soul was important. Are you feeding yourself poison? Do you have limited energy? Are you facing health or wealth challenges? We will be talking about using natural energy of earth, air, water, air and spirit. The elements of Mother Earth to solve real issues.
    Goddess Yvette Willis Newell is a vegan, belly dancer, herbalist, avid gardener, herbal soap maker, and Spiritualist.

    Goddess Yvette is the creator/owner of The Divine Lotus, LLC. The Divine Lotus, LLC helps nurture the body, mind and spirit. Through this company, Goddess Yvette offers delicious vegan/raw recipes, healing herbs and herbal extracts, beginning belly dance classes and various forms of spirit work. She has also organized and facilitated workshops empowering women.

    Under the umbrella of The Divine Lotus, LLC is Moonflower Creations. Moonflower Creations was created in 2001. Goddess Yvette creates all natural herbal soaps, body butters and bath salts.

    Goddess Yvette began belly dancing in 2002. She is the creator of Sekhmet Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Troupe and is also a member of Isis Raks Belly Dance Troupe.

    Goddess Yvette Willis Newell currently serves on the boards of the Detroit Women of Color International Film Festival and the Detroit Grassroots Community Arts Collective.

    Goddess Yvette has previously served on the boards of The Detroit Blues Society, The Motor City Striders, The Moon Ministry and Project Goddess: A Healing and Nurturance Center.

    Goddess Yvette is also a wife, mother of one and grandmother of three.