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    Abanyarwanda baciye imigani myinshi, ariko umugani ngo " uwanze kumva ntiyanze kubona" ni umugani ujyanye n' ibihe tugezemo mugihugu cyacu. Radio Itahuka ntiyahwemye kuvuga ibibazo u Rwanda rufite, Ibinyamakuru bitandukanye bikomeza kwamagana ubutegetsi bw' igitugu, ariko FPR yaciriye ibiti mumatwi. Ibihugu n' Imiryango mpuzamahanga byasabye u Rwanda kubahiriza uburenganzira bw' Umunyarwanda (si ubw' abazungu) ariko bigaca inyuma ya Huye. Radio Itahuka ntabwo izatezuka gukomeza kwamagana ibibi bikorerwa abanyarwanda kugeza ubwo Abanyarwanda bagizeubwisanzure. 

    Ni muze tuganire muri iki kiganiro ,  

    Tel: 13479456449

    Email: redioitahuka@gmail.com

    Host: Jean Paul Turayishimye

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    Overcoming Stress through Chanting with Jean Day!

    in Women

    Buddhism has always been a philosophy that has been shown to have effects on well-being. There are different sects of this religion, but the focus today will emphasize chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo to overcome any darkness that permeates our lives.

    Jean Day contact info is jeanday319@yahoo.com and on facebook titled Things I've Learned Along the Way.

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    GenX Tennis with Mike Baugh - Jean Pletchette

    in Sports

    A former physical education and health educator, Jean’s passion is promoting ThanksUSA's partnership with USPTA called Tennis Thanks the Troops.

    The Tennis Thanks the Troops campaign is a national challenge to pros and their clubs to raise donations for military families’ education through the ThanksUSA Scholarship Program.

     In its tenth year, ThanksUSA has topped $11 million in scholarships for military families! That’s nearly 3,700 scholarships since 2006, living up to their motto: Thanking our troops with the gift of education.

     Jean is married and has three grown daughters. She lives in Winterset, Iowa and enjoys tennis, golf and spending time with family and friends. 

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    in Spirituality

    Jean Slatter is the founder of the Higher Guidance Life Coach certification

    program. She is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who is

    helping thousands to receive clarity, direction and purpose through their

    direct access to Higher Guidance. 

    In 2005 Jean published her landmark book Hiring the Heavens which introduced a unique

    perspective on connecting with the power of the heavens to fulfill your daily and life goals.

    Hiring the Heavens is inspiring people all over the world to create their world in tandem with the

    workforce of the celestial realm.

    Jean leads workshops across the country and is a sought after speaker. She has been a

    presenter at the Awakenings conferences along with Marianne Williamson, Joe Vitale, Dan

    Millman, Jean Houston and Don Miguel Ruiz and the keynote speaker at the Unity Conference

    in Florida.  Jean’s materials have been featured in noted publications such as First for Women

    magazine, Science of Mind, New Age Journal, Conscious Living Magazine, and was featured on

    the cover of Truly Alive magazine. She had been on dozens of radio and blogtalk programs and

    was a featured presenter for the Conscious Media Network and GaiamTV.

    Jean Slatter   916 663-1665  Author of Hiring the Heavens

    Founder of the Higher Guidance Life Coach program

    Founder of the Creative Mystic program

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    Heaven on earth with Jean Carlo Tavarez

    in Spirituality

    Flowing in love with The Universe and the angels, prayer, meditation, free mini readings!

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    "Canine Nutrigenomics" with Dr. Jean Dodds.

    in Pets

    Learn about "Canine Nutrigenomics" with it's co-author Dr. Jean Dodds. We'll explain what a "genome" and "epigenome" are and how our epigenome communicates with our genes and tells them how to behave.

    The epigenome influences the destiny of cells in many ways, and is highly sensitive to environmental factors like what kind of food we put into our bodies. What this means is: what we eat impacts the expression of our genes- even to the point that it determines whether cells will be healthy or diseased!

    We'll talk all about this topic in today's interview with Dr. Jean Dodds on The Dog Show with Julie Forbes. www.dogradioshow.com

    Find Dr. Dodds online at www.hemopet.org

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    Karianne Jean Live

    in Entertainment

    Hi listeners and welcome to another edition of Weekdays with Murph.  I'm more excited for today's show than I probably have ever been, because we've got somebody on the show today that me and Em both consider a very dear friend.  We're talking about the lovely, talented, incredibly sweet Miss Karianne Jean.  We'll, as usual, talk with Karianne about her new music, and just generally try not to make complete fools of ourselves, which we'll probably end up doing anyway.  It's always so much fun having Karianne on the show, and having met her in person, I can honestly say there's never a dull moment.  Anyway, let the madness commence!

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    FPR akomeje gutema igiti yicayeho. Hageze ariko ubwo abantu benshi bamaze kwibaza niba noneho ritagiye gucika. Ibyo biterwa nuburyo ifata abaturage bayo, cyane cyane abayifashije kugera kubutegetsi. Ni muri urwo rwego mumaze iminsi mwumva kuma Radio akarengane gakorerwa abaturage benshi harimo n' umuryango wa Rwigara Assinapol. Ubu sibwo akarengane gatangiye ariko bigeze aho wibaza niba FPR yabaho idafite abaturage.

    Ibyo nibimwee mubyo dukomeza kuganiraho uyu munsi hamwe nibindi bimenyetso byinshi bigaragaza ko ntakabuza FPR ari akuka kataravamo ariko ibyayo byaragaragaye ko icyizere yagitakaje no kubaho kwayo ntamahirwe na macye gufite


    Muri kumwe na Jean Paul 

    Mwahamagara kuri 13479456449 mugatanga ibitekerezo byanyu mu kiganiro



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    ANGELS LOVE YOU with Jean Maurie and Gale Minchew

    in Spirituality

    Over the years, Dr. Gale has been intrigued by paranormal, metaphysical & spiritual concepts.  As a child, she had a recurring ethereal experience she could never explain, as well as recurring dreams.  Like so many other children, she pushed these experiences aside.  She briefly pursued this interest as a teenager.  As an adult, she pursued the field of psychology, not realizing it was simply a stepping stone towards her life purpose.  Eventually, Dr. Gale graduated with a Doctoral Degree in Counseling Psychology and opened a private practice as a Licensed Psychologist.  In 2010, Dr. Gale encountered a renewed interest in the paranormal, metaphysical & spiritual realms.  She began studying a broad range of topics, including meditation, regression & hypnotherapy.  Between 2011 and 2013, Dr. Gale published four books in the Shadows of Destiny Saga, a series about a young lady with spiritual abilities.  It was during this time that Dr. Gale realized she is a spiritual intuitive and her life purpose is that of healer and teacher.  It is her goal to help others heal and awaken to their own spiritual abilities.  Dr. Gale has published guided meditations on YouTube and has an avid interest in spiritual travel.  You can connect with her at www.galeminchew.com  and  www.youtube.com/galeminchew or her recently christened Facebook community, Angelic Reflections, for positive and uplifting messages, links to resources, and a supportive environment for exploring your own spiritual awakening.


    in Spirituality

    August 5th 2015 – Norma Jean Martin


    Norma Jean Martin is an evangelist and author of From Hurt to Healing. In addition, she is an entrepreneur mentor, activist and motivational speaker. She is a native of Memphis Tennessee but has traveled throughout the United States delivering her life changing testimony.

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    Legacy of 1804 with Altagracia Jean-Joseph #DR #Haiti

    in Current Events

    Host Alice Backer of www.kiskeacity.com welcomes Altagracia Jean-Joseph, a Dominican of Haitian descent. We will discuss the effect of the DR denationalization ruling on her life. The conversation will mostly be in Kreyòl, the only language we both speak but you can call to ask questions in English, French or Spanish. More info and show notes at www.kiskeacity.com.