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    Military: First Time Job Search?

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    First time job search can be scary, even for Vets. Try job search tips for veterans. You can find help right here, right now.  Entry level positions, Master application, resumes, and a worksite is today's agenda.  Job Search Shows for Military Veterans are archived here. Alphabetize shows. Under Military is where you start your search.  All the shows are designed to help job searchers find work. Our Military shows are geared toward Veteran Employment Services, but there is information included for all job seekers.  Job links for veterans re-entry and informational material included. Government jobs is a great place for entry level vets to start a career. Job search is not easy but once prepared it will be rewarding. Thursdays 2:30PM CST. Read about other veterans.  FeedBack?  Click here  

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    Military Veterans Occupations by MOS

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    Military MOS to Civilian Jobs
    Infantry PFC is what we will talk about today.
    Click here to view list of the Top 100 Military Friendly Employers.
    Click here to find civilian jobs based on your military skills.
    Communication Matters.  When networking, include you are a "Military veteran"  in your introduction. No brag. Just fact!
    Appearance Matters: Associations people, and places, must be reflect of where you are going in life.

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    Job of My Passion WorkShop

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    Search for your job of passion. I call it your Work for Life. When you are passionate about a subject or an issue, you never get enough.  This is your search for your Work for LIfe, your job of passion. It don't have to get the exact job, at the exact company for the exact pay. Just get a job that meets your work passion. Look for a job you want. It is easier on the mind and body. It makes rejections easier. When you want to get what you are searching for you will continue until you get what you want. Let your job of passion self evaluation began today. Click here to go to my favorite place for identifying job titles for your job of passion, based on the skills you love to do.