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    Jamaica-History of Easter Traditions

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    Easter is one of the principal holidays of the year,  Jamaicans enjoy a  long weekend of four days.
    “Under Missionary influence, Good Friday came to be set
    in many communities as a day on which no work should
    be done, no food cooked or fires lit, and servants should
    be freed from task.”  Encyclopedia of Jamaican Heritage
    (Olive Senior)
    This week the Backyard  will reveal  how some of  Jamaica’s
    Easter traditions of “Good Friday service, Easter Bun, and other unique family customs got started.  You are invited to join us and share your special memories of what  took place in your family

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    Jamaica- Christmas in the 40s & 50s The way it Was!

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    "Complements of the Season", would be the greeting as December rolled in with cooler temperatures putting everyone in the Christmas mood for the most festive holiday of the year.  
    This week we take a stroll down memory lane for a look at the Christmas of our youth.  Backyardlabrish fans are invited to share their stories, leaving a living memory of the way it use to be in what seniors refer to as: The Good Old Days”. Join the Labrish!

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    Jamaican Women -Contributors On the World’s Stage!

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    Dr. Cecily Williams-893-1992 & Rosemary Brown 1930-2003
    Backyardlabrish is thrilled to recognize and celebrate two outstanding Jamaican women who have left their mark on the World.
    Rosemary Brown, the first Black woman elected toPublic office in Canada when she won a seat in the British New Democratic Party in 1972, will be honored with a postage stamp on Feb 2, 2012.
    Dr. Cecily Williams: "During her life as a doctor, researcher, and WHO adviser. Dr. Williams worked in 58 countries and her methods of childcare were practiced uniformly around the world.  The papers of Dr.Williams were given to England’s Contemporary Medical Archives Center in 1993, and subsequently catalogued”.(Pieces of the Past: Dr. Rebecca Tortello)
    Join us in the Backyard where we,Celebrate,  Enlighten, & Preservethe rich diverse culture of: Jamaica‘Land We Love’ as we share some interesting facts about  two remarkable Jamaican's women's contribution  to the world.

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    Jamaican- Trailblazers Past & Present- Marking their Mark!

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    Jamaica and Jamaicans have been breaking barriers, making headlines, taking a stand and making a difference for generations and continues to do so today.
    BackYardlabrish is thrilled to bring to life stories of trailblazers of the past and recognize and honor our trailblazers of the present who are making their mark across the globe.
    This week's story looks back at 'George Stiebel', Jamaica's first black millionaire. Born in 1820, Mr. George left a legacy, Devon House, that remains one of Jamaica's leading monuments.
    Our other featured trailblazer is Jamaican-born UK-based millionaire entrepreneur; Wilfred Emanuel-Jones.  Born in Clarendon, in 1957, Mr. Emanuel-Jones founded “The Black Farmer” food products brand in Devon, England.
    Join us 8:00PM Wed: 10/19/11 as the 'Labrish' explores interesting details of these two outstanding Jamaicans.

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    Jamaica - Education in the 50s & 60s: The Way It Was!

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    As Backyardlabrish continues to fulfill its mission of ‘leaving a living legacy", we welcome Mrs. Laurel Barnes-Belnavis nee Bodden. Filled with fond memories of her younger schooldays at Guys Hill  Elementary and later at West Indies College, Ms. Laurel is eager to join the list of seniors who have so generously shared their stories with ‘labrish fans.   Joins us as we continue to: Celebrate, Enlighten & Preserve the rich diverse culture of Jamaica: 'Land We Love'.

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    Jamaica-Education in the 40s & 50s Camperdown & Excelsior

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    Last week our Port Antonio native and Titchfieldalumna, Mrs. Hyacinth Webb captivated us with her interesting stories of being on the same grounds at Titchfield, from Infant through Secondary School.
    This week a former guest, Mrs. Phyllis Brown-Walker, accomplished artist and storyteller, is delighted to share her very happy memories of ‘little girl school’ as she calls it, toCamperdown High to Excelsior High, from which she graduated. As a former teacher, and present-day keeper of the Anisa flame, Ms. Phyllis knows the benefits of a thorough basic education and thanks the teachers who inspired her and set the tone for her fulfilling career.
    It’s going to be a GOOD labrish, so if you, or someone you know, are past students of Camperdown, and/or Excelsior please mark your calendar for 8:00PM Wed: 9/28/11 to meet us in the Backyard as the labrish continues to: Celebrate, Enlighten & Preserve, the rich diverse culture of: Jamaica: Land We Love.

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    Jamaica - Education in the 40s & 50s!

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    This week’s guest, Mrs. Raphaelita Smith lovingly called Jenny.
    who just celebrated her eightieth birthday will delight us with
    her memories of the way it was back-in-her-day. Ms Jenny will
    take us from her elementary schooldays in Negril, where she was
    born, through high school at bothMannings and Excelsior from
    which she graduated with honours in English. Ms. Jenny, now
    retired after a diverse career, continues to enjoy a wide range of
    interest and is happy to share her memories of school and village
    life with theBackyardlabrish community.
    Please join us as our seniors continue to help us: Celebrate, Enlighten
    & Preservethe rich diverse culture of Jamaica: ‘Land We Love’

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    Jamaica – Ken Jones Historian Leaving a Legacy!

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    As you know two weeks ago the Labrish took a sabbatical in Jamaica.  One of the great pleasures of the trip was getting an opportunity to finally meet one of the Backyard's favorite historians, Dr. Joy Lumsden.  She has agreed to join us live in the Backyard soon:
    The bonus of the trip was meeting historian, author, newspaper journalist, and all around Renaissance man 'Ken Jones'. Author of such books as "Marcus Garvey Said, Justice Delayed & "Bustamante" Notes, Quotes & Ancedotes. Ken has graciously agreed to be our guest this week as we approach the anniversary of Jamaica's 49th year of Independence. Join us.

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    Jamaica - Celebrating "The Phang Sisters of Balaclava"

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      This week we’ll be  sharing interesting quotes on ‘History’ we found on www.joyousjam.com as well as a rebroadcast of “The Phang Sisters of Balaclava”. (Details below)   Continuing with our mission to celebrate, enlighten &  preserve Jamaica’s rich & diverse culture we celebrate  and honor “The Phang sisters of Balaclava” as revealed through the dedicated work of Dr. Joy Lumsden.    This Chinese family of seven sisters made history in Jamaica  and all over the world. Making inroads in business, music, dance, politics, and acting with the likes of Tyrone Power & Orson Wells for 20th Century Fox. ”Empress of China”    These phenomenal women traveled extensively to exotic places like  China, Cuba, London, Paris & Africa.  Join us as we relive their adventures.    The ’Labrish’ continues in the Backyard  at 8:00PM Wed. 6/22/11.  Join us as we continue to explore the people and events of Jamaica.

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    Jamaica-Celebrating Janice Palmer Interior Designer

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    As we continue to Celebrate, Enlighten & Preserve the rich
    diverse culture of Jamaica, we have shared numerous stories of
    Jamaicans of the past, making a difference in various Industries
    worldwide. This week Backyardlabrish will celebrate Present Day Trailblazer,
    Interior Designer; Janice Palmer. It is a rare honor for designers to be selected to participate in The 2011 Atlanta Decorator Show house & Gardens, an even more rare one for a Jamaican woman, but such is the
    case of Janice Palmer. This talented native of St. Thomas Jamaica, is
    the first person of color, chosen by the: Atlanta Symphony Associates
    to help decorate a Millionaire’s Mansion for one of Georgia’s most
    prestigious fundraising event for the Atlanta Symphony.
    The Backyard is thrilled to invite Ms. Palmer to share her personal story of sacrifice, commitment and, the fulfillment of living her passion. Join us in the Labrish.

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    Kingston’s Historic & Diverse Religions & Religious Icons

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    Jamaica boasts more churches per square mile, relative to its population, than any other country in the world. The number of places of worship in Kingston alone certainly support this theory. (Ja. Gleaner: Pieces of the Past). This week, Backyardlabrish will revisit the early history of religion in Jamaica and explore the root of this claim. Spanning the 17th to the 20th century and representing different Christian faiths as well as Judaism, Taoism and Hinduism, Kingston Jamaica’s capital city is outstanding. A true testimony to Jamaica’s diversity, these historic religious organizations played an important part in the Island’s educational and social development. They are also a strong influence on the island's architectural style and development and impact the cultural diversity. These influences are as strong and as diverse as the religious faith on the Island. Join the labrish and share memories and the influence of religion on your education and growing up in Jamaica “Land We Love”.