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    Disabled Veteran Radio On WWPR AM 1490

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    Disabled Veteran Radio Broadcast on WWPR AM 1490 from 1/6/14 in Bradenton, Florida (Robert A. McDonald VA Secretary, Disabled Veterans Issues, Bay Pines Town Hall from 12/2/14) Also seeking Business, Ideas, Endeavors to under write Disabled Veteran Radio Broadcast log into billapgar.com

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    Disabled Veteran Radio Broadcast on WWPR AM 1490 For 02 10 15

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    Disabled Veteran Radio was on two hours today live eralier from 4pm to 6pm eastern time. This was my live broadcast from WWPR AM 1490 in Bradenton, Florida. I talk with the Dawn Monday from Style Out in the Countryside Mall Located in Clearwater, Florida at SR 580 and US Hwy 19 and I play her the Grammy Winning Song Sam Smith Stay With Me. I talk about the Bradentons Riverwalk Regatta the ist Annual Event very successful. We discuss CNN's spin and reporting of PTSD. I speak with Clarence Johnson about Affordable Care Act. We try to reach Pete Rose in hour 2 but Pete's Public Relation Guy Joey thinks I am some evil person because I accidently put him on the air even tho I said this is Disabled Veteran Radio. I tried to apologize but I was just talked down to and was told I would be never allowed to interview Pete Rose. I sure do hope someone listens to this broadcast or personally knows Pete and ask him. Pete Rose would not treat a 100% Disabled Veteran with PTSD the way his PR guy Joey did would he ? Anyway I do not wish any harm to nobody but why do people treat Disabled Veterans specially 100%  ones like crap ? I discuss the foggy conditions around The Sunshine Skyway and I hope you can sponsor Disabled Veteran Radio to keep my show on the air http://billapgar.com or call me on my cell (727)678-1219

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    Disabled Veteran Radio From 3/3/15 4pm to 6pm on WWPR AM 1490

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    This was Disabled Veterans Radio Broadcast from March 3, 2015 from 4pm to 6pm on WWPR AM 1490 in Bradenton, Florida. In these two hours I play some current up to date music. We still inform you that thousands of Disabled Veterans were still misdagnosed with personality disorder which made Us miss out on VA Benefits for years. In the second hour I play more classic rock with the focus on Fully Compensating Disabled Veterans for the misdagnoses and I talk about calling your Congress or Senate Person to tell them to get off their ass and pass HR 975 The Mental Health Review Act. Please help keep Disabled Veteran Radio on the air log ino http://billapgar.com

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    Disabled Veteran Radio Radio Broadcast on WWPR AM 1490 02 17 15 5pm to 6pm

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    In the second hour of Disabled Veteran Radio we play a few Alice Cooper tunes because the owner of WWPR AM 1490 Valerie went and saw Alice Cooper in Concert at Ruth Ekard Hall in Clearwater, Florida and Lesslie Gore who had The Hit Song It's My Party and I cry If I want To passed away at 68. I am asking if you can help me keep Disabled Veteran Radio on the air in Bradenton and help expand the Radio Broadcast to other stations and hopefully Sirius Satellite log into http://billapgar.com to make a donation

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    Disabled Veteran Radio 03 10 15 Two Hours On AM 1490

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    In this episode I continue to rant about how the Veterans Administration continues to cook the books and continued to be liars.

    I discuss the new Yahoo Story on Archibald Cox who worked under President Kennedy. Archibaldt got a man fired who 

    worked as a air traffic controller his name is Mr. Dew in late 50s . Dew had a homosexual affair with a guy in college. When Mr. Dew took his job as

    air traffic controller he was married to woman with a family but The United States Governement label him with a personality disorder and fired him.

    Mr. Dew took his case to the Supreme Court and Won. So now Gay Activist are utilizing this in their Supreme Court Argument on Marriage.

    Why can't this 1963 Court Decision be utilized in Fulling Compensating Disabled Veterans whose current VA Psychatrist and The Government

    Office of Accountability states in 2008 report that Disabled Veterans need to be fully compensated who were misdiagnosed with a personality

    disorder. When the correct diagnoses should have been PTSD but nobody still cares. I also play a couple of request songs and we get

    a visit by a local well known Tampa Radio Talent Ronny Night Train Lane. Also I am asking if you can donate to help me spread the word

    about fully compensated Disabled Veterans Now not Tomorrow. Log Into http://www.billapgar.com

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    I Am Just Saying

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    Insightful look at today's world all aspects in a religious and playful tone.

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    Trisha Funk has been helping individuals and small business owners gain control of their finances and put themselves on the track to succeed financially for over 10 years.

    I live to rock your world.

    I know what you are thinking! “You can’t’ help me. I’ve got some serious debt. My finances are out of control….. No seriously, I AM in debt.”

    I have worked with families that are literally a week away from bankruptcy, who turned their lives around. (Often within months!) You do have the power to transform your finances and your life. And I can help. I personally live a life that backs up the fact that you can achieve your wildest dreams by living very deliberately in a way that involves daily actions that reinforce what you really want out of life.

    My foundational approach to helping you unlock the life you have always dreamed of goes WAY beyond budgeting! I’m all about the math but I’m way more about you living a life completely free to be the human being you were created to be!

    I want to maximize your impact on the world around you. I’m so interested in you developing your:  Talent, Personality, Spiritual Gift, Core Values and Experience

    It’s hard to fail in life when you make a decision to do what you were created to do. When you do what you were created to do (with a little direction) the finances take care of themselves.

    .I’m all about living a frugal life. I’m all about saving on the “have-to’s” so I can chose to spend freely on the “want-to’s”. And you can too! I can’t wait for you to live a life that is full of living richly every single day!

    Visit Trisha at http://www.financeswithfunk.com/

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    I Am Just Saying

    in Religion

    Insightful look at today's world all aspects in a religious and playful tone.

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    Your Host .Lamont Kdiddy Patterson,interviews the superstars of indie music to discuss upcoming projects, play their music and talk the "business" of entertainment.

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    Are Women Seeing Their True Worth ? I Am Me Radio

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    It's about that time! Welcome to the MAISTAGE with #Ibeauty #MissSweetHeat and #Tiff. We are excited about I Am Me University being one year old, and we are happy to have The  QUEEN HERSELF come and join us two weeks in a row. She was apart of our Birthday celebration. So let's sit and chat with the Queen of Self Edteem and Self Care.  Esther Renee Brandon.Unfortunately we are living in a time where women still find it hard to feel good about themselves, so this is going to be just what the Dr ordered. Please tune in Wednesday, March 25th at 8 pm eastern, at 845-241-9898 or listen at www,blogtalkradio.com/IAMMERADIO exclusive on #Iammeradio

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    I Am Just Saying

    in Religion

    Insightful look at today's world all aspects in a religious and playful tone.

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