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    On the final WWJD of the year, Jeff takes a look at taking a look around yourself to learn some potentially deep spiritual clues about yourself.  This show SHOULD change your life and set you up for your best year ever in 2013.

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    WWJD About The Pimp Preacher? Would Jesus PROTEST "Church"?

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    On Today's FIST FIGHT FRIDAY, we are going to be discussing Christian Activism and ask ourselves WHAT WOULD JESUS DO ABOUT PIMP PREACHERS?  All too often when we DO see Christian Activists is on the anti abortion/ anti gay marriage front.  But is that all christians should do? What about the PIMP PREACHER?  What about the abusive pastor?  Do we view dealing with national issues like Ferguson more protest-worthy than the abuse, corruption and manipulation going on in our own churches?  Why is it that most church folk remain silent about such things?

    Meanwhile, TJ & Kevin will be calling in from Houston dealing with the Pimp Preacher that refused to funeralize a 93-year-old member because she "hadn't tithed" in recent years.

    We'll be going IN on this "Ladies Night" edition of CHURCH FOLK REVOLUTION! 

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    WWJD Net Radio Cast Introduction Part 2

    in Religion

    This is Part 2 of the Introduction as I was cut off- this will be a very brief 15 minute synopsis of this Show format.See Part 1 for more a detailed and interesting foundation laid from the Word of God as well as the sciences.

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    THIS WEEK: We continue to discuss the Kingdom of Heaven and will ask What Would Jesus Do in Ferguson. We have heard the media and even christians and pastors depict Mike Brown as a "Thug" and a "Criminal". How would Jesus who was crucified between two theives (thugs i.e. criminals) deal with the situation. What Does the bible say on these matters? How does one who claims to love God, hate his neighbor? How do YOU fufill "loving thy neighbor as thyself and justify a youth being murdered for an allegedly stealing cigars?

    Mark 12:31 The second is equally important: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' No other commandment is greater than these

    TUNE IN as we break bread and get to the TRUTH. 

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    The days of Noah Series: Works of the Flesh

    in Spirituality

    In this episode of the Way Walker Radio Show we will be addressing the end times. Christ likened the last days to the Days of Noah. What was the behavior of people during that time? How did they behave? What would make God repent of His act of creating man? What were the behaviors of people that caused God to flood the earth and save only 8 in an Ark?? Are there any alive today that will inherit the kingdom of God? We will be addressing the many obvious signs that one might practice that shows they are not heirs of the Kingdom of God. Time for some self examination!!! 

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    "Movin' On Up"

    in Religion

    Godly standards are expected in all of His children, and living for God doesn't limit our worship to prayer time alone. The evidence of our faith is expressed in the actions we take. WWJD? We have a daily opportunity to put into action what Jesus would do in our situation. Join us today and let's move on up to the social standards of God's word.

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    Ethics, Do You Really Need To Know What Jesus Would Do?

    in Atheism

    This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will discuss Ethics with Ethics major, Robert Sacerich. He joins us to help us show that we can have morals without Religion, whch is contradictory to what most theist will tell you. Who cares what Jesus would do? Jesus got slavery wrong!

    Call in number is 347-202-0492


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    WWWJD and Why Are You Still Trapped In Religion?

    in Atheism

    This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will ask the question of WWWJD, and why the hell are you still trapped in religion? Are you in the closet and need a helping hand out? Are you affraid of being ostracized by your peers and family member? Are you feerful of it affecting your job? Leaving religion isn't always the easiest of things to do. Why would a non-white person want to serve in a religion where a white savior is at the top of the food chain? What Would White Jesus Do, or better yet, what has he done for you lately or even at all? What kind of lies are we being fed? When will you be fed up? What will it take for the alarm clock of reality to go off? Let's talk about it here on The Fruit!

    Call in number listen and/or talk is 347-202-0492 or use Skype

    Our email address is AppleBrain@Live.com

  • What does it mean to be like Jesus?

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    Over the years I have heard the phrase "be like Jesus" spoken in many churches.  What does this mean to you?  How are you living to reflect what Jesus was really trying to teach the Jews and then pass on to the Gentiles?  

    Years ago someone asked "What would Jesus Do?"  This began to be seen on all kinds of things.  Books, mugs, wrist bands, bookmarks, etc.  This is another phrase that bring up the question "How would I know?"

    What steps did Jesus teach about manifesting and creating the life that you want?  You can manifest all within the teachings in the New Testement of the Bible.

    Today we are going to discuss how to answer WWJD or how to be like Jesus.   

    Join me and my guest Bonnie W. Kaye, http://MyJourneyToTheOtherSide.com, for this interesting discussion.

    Have a topic you want us to discuss?  Email me at beverly@commandingyourlife.com  
    Visit my website at http://commandingyourlife.com for more information.  For the free twice monthly tele-conference go to http://meetup.commandingyourlife.com

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    Quagmire America Radio: A New #GOP Congress & The Political Scarlet Letter

    in Politics Conservative

    Please join hosts, Jason Taylor/Randy Hahn @QuagmireUnity & Watson Prunier @Battle4FreedomX every Monday night at 10:00pm EST here on Quagmire America Radio. The best two hours of LIVE hard hitting, honest Conservative radio on the Net.

    On tonight’s show we talk about the ‘Political Scarlett Letter’ who wears it, and why. In other words, who have become damaged goods inside our beloved Conservative party.

    Also, plenty talk about who’s in and who’s out for the 2016 Presidential race. Along with the swearing in of our new GOP Congress, and what changes we are hoping to see from this newly controlled Republican House and Senate.

    I am excited to announce that my dear friend, Watson Prunier will be joining me every Monday night. Watson is a Strong Christian Conservative, with powerful words and a calming voice. Make sure to tune into Watson Prunier Tuesday nights at 7:00pm EST on Vigilant Liberty Radio, and check out his incredible website Battle4Freedom.com.

    Call in: speak with the hosts and guests. 347-989-1665

    “The army of the emboldened and gleefully ill-informed is growing.”

    ? Andrew Breitbart

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    the Family Meeting

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    Be on-time.  ~~~love u 4 real~~~