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    FLY Conversation with Annette Johnson, The FLY Coach

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    The FLY Coach is celebrating Women's History Month with three women who exemplify empowered living.  Need some inspiration?  Want to be empowered?  Tune in to hear their amazing journeys.    

    Felica Walker Benson started ThisThatBeauty in 2006.  As a highly sought after beauty authority, Felicia has appeared on The Today Show and featured in numerous publications including Lucky, Marie Claire, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, WWD, The New York Times, Ebony, Essence, Elle France and Bergdorf Goodman magazine.  ThisThatBeauty is a top-rated blog that, over the years, has evolved from a review based site to a lifestyle brand.  Linda Jumah is a native Newarker and owner of the contemporary Luxe Boutique located in Halsey Villiage, Newark, NJ.  Her parents are immigrants from Ghana, West Africa, and migrated to Newark to further their education and provide greater opportunities for their children.  As a result, Linda has a B.A. and Master's in Public Administration from Rutgers University.  Linda is passionate about her community and inspires youth to pursue their dreams.  Vonda McPherson is a restaurateur who has always had a knack for business, coupled with a flair for aesthetic style and the unforgettable orchestration of event coordination. Vonda worked for Fortune 500 corporations before having an epiphany of sorts and a restaurateur was born. Her newest culinary destination is appropriately named Vonda’s Kitchen.  Nestled in Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District, a Newark neighborhood, you will find a welcoming space with fresh food and European interior design features with an urban twist.  

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    Coaches' Corner with guest Warren Zenna

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    This will be my second segment with Warren Zenna, who first appeared on Coaches Corner nearly two years ago, on April 1, 2010.
    Warren Zenna is a Digital Marketing Professional and Business Consultant with over 20 years of experience working with major corporations and small businesses - helping them to market their products and services via the internet and mobile channel, and working with Senior Executives and Business Owners to help them be more effective in managing people and dealing with complex organizational dynamics.  Warren has worked with 100s of executives in the areas of Sales Training, Recruiting, Communications, Team Building and building a distinct company culture.  Warren currently works as the Managing Director of Digital Mobile Practice at WWD&S in NYC.  You can learn more about him at www.warrenzenna.com and contact him directly at warrenzenna@gmail.com, or follow him on Twitter at @warrenzenna.

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    Conservative commentators from William F Buckley Jr to FOX News business commentator John Stossel are joining liberals and libertarians inraising questions about treating possession and use of marijuana as a criminal offense. They wonder if this modern form of Prohibition  is worth the costs of arresting, prosecuting and jailing millions of Americans when the economy is reeling.

    17 states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. Although the regulation of medicine is traditionally under state authority, the federal government has selectively taken over that power for political reasons. As states are beginning to push for full legalization, industries that profit from prohibition are likely to fight efforts at reform tooth and nail.

    On November 2nd,  Taking Back America discussed these issues with Jennifer Turner, who is part of a coalition working to legalize and tax the sale and use of marijuana in Oregon. We talked about the larger implications of the "war" on drugs and how it is affecting all of us in the US and in other countries devastated by that failing war.

    This show will be rebroadcast on Saturday, November 3 at 12 PM CST on Star Com Radio network.

    Take Back America for the People is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to reveal to the American public the true costs of corporate control of the US government.

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    La Carmina: Professional Japan Goth/subcultures blogger

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    La Carmina is a professional Japan Goth/subcultures blogger,travel TV host, author of 3 books (Penguin USA and Random House),
    designer and CNNGo.com writer.

    Her popular blog -www.lacarmina.com/blog - has been featured in major publications (The New Yorker, Washington Post, WWD, Village Voice,
    Time Out New York, LA Times). She appeared on The Today Show and co-hosted an episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern for Travel
    Channel, which airs in 75 countries.

    NHK Japan filmed a documentary
    about her work; recent TV hosting and arranging credits include Dutch Pepsi, Sony Australia, Canal Plus France, and CNN International in
    Tokyo. She will be the Asia host for educational travel TV series, Project Explorer."

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    Bringing on the CONFAB*U*locity with Egotistic Egotism!!

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    Speaking from the voice of Egotistic Egotism: I consider myself an eclectic individual. I'm a unique person whose approach to life is all things creative. Born and raised in Atlanta I was constantly surrounded by well rounded talented women which inspired me to not be ashamed to go against the grain in following my dreams. Growing up in Atlanta was an amazing experience. It uplifted my soul with unity, motivation, & unconditional love and support. Upon graduating high school I attended Florida A&M. I spent a year there and during this time I realized how extreme my passion for fashion was and decided to use the rest of my life spending my time wisely. I moved back to Atlanta to attend A.I.U for Fashion Design and there I was in pure bliss. I enjoyed being extremely creative sewing, sketching, and draping. After a year and set off for a new challenge and was accepted to Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. My childhood dreams of living in New York came true, I was in Fashion heaven and I was surrounded by amazing students who shared the same passion. After completing 3 semesters, I left F.I.T. to Intern at WWD Accessories and W magazine. Again time is of essence and I gathered all the necessary experience needed just after 2 months interning, I left to freelance and become a Visual Stylist dressing mannequins at Forever 21 opening their Union Square Franchise location. My last employment was with Saks Fifth Avenue where I did personal shopping and created visual displays for the interior mannequins and events. After gaining three years of luxury high end fashion and product knowledge from such great designers I decided to use all of the knowledge, education, and experience I acquired and apply it all in becoming independently successful. I am currently creating an independent shopping lifestyle that embodies image consulting, styling, and creative looks for my Egotistic Collection.
    Stay Posted!!!

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    Beauty Talk with High Fashion Makeup Artist Anthony Merante

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    Exhibiting an innate creativity at an early age, Anthony Merante experimented with various genres of art in which he could create and feel accomplished. In this fashion he developed a love for Oil Painting and Photography which led him to the art of Makeup Artistry. What started out with friends and family took on a new meaning as he realized he had found his calling. Encouraged by professionals, as well as friends, Anthony enrolled in the Joe Blasco School of Makeup in Los Angeles and graduated in 2002.

    Anthony's makeup technique emphasize on bringing out the inner beauty and his goal is to enhance the essence of each individual. Anthony's work has appeared in magazines such as Marie Claire, Esquire, GQ, YRB, ITEM, 944, Surface, WWD, GenLux, Violet, EGO and
    Lucire. In his 6 year professional career, Anthony's Client list has evolved from friends and family to some of the best known Hollywood Celebrities. Join us for some fun and inspiring conversation.

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    This was the 1st broadcast of the Luxaholics radio show. The topics discussed were Heels vs. Flats (Why Heels always are better), Ugg Boots (When will the trend end?) and the move of NY Fashion Week from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center (Will it be better or worse?)...Guest on the show was Fashion stylist Rashawn Davis who worked for Betsy Johnson and a slew of major designers. Also spotlighted some editor picks from WWD Accessories magazine as well as discussing the popular Bravo show Kell on Earth. Show ending w/ a dedication to designer Alexander McQueen.

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    Proclamation of the 1st protest against Washington declaring himself God! What, you ask??? that's right, washington has declared himself as god in America's capitol. and as we will all soon find out, this is that which brings desolation to the land. Washington in his declaration as God has brought the gauranteed results, the curse of death. tune in for details and the magnitude of this first ever protest against washington on the spring equinox in 2010....history will never be the same!!*SUNRISE VIGIL - March 20, 2010 USA Capital Building and WASHINGTON MALL. (What better time than when light on earth is equal to dark at the equinox)& X -Mas DAY Protestant Separatist National Rally at all USA Federal Courts...
    We are: The Haves…
    We: Have the Spirit of Prophecy
    We: Have the testimony of Yah-Shua.
    We are: Protestant Separatist

    The Saints Notice of Proclamation AND DECLARATION OF SEPARATION!
    We will be delivering our Message to Washington in FRONT OF ALL USA FEDERAL COURTHOUSES ON THE 25th Day of December 2009.

    X We are: Coming Soon! STANDING Protestant Separatist Warriors 1st Annual VERNAL EQUINOX
    March Around Washington / Jericho.We are: Challenging Washington’s claim!

    We are: Exorcising our 1st amendment rights by a demonstration of faith!

    Spring Equinox 2010: Will not pass us by without our own, Declaration of Independence. Details @ www.WORDWARRIORDEBINFLORIDA.BLOGSPOT.COM

    (The spirit of error at work via mass mind control programs ... (Islamic global- ism among a legion of 'isms' who are many; combined spirits of lying, seduction ,familiar etc. manifesting as catholicism, fascism, romanism, paganism, communism, alcoholism AND BLIND PATRIOT-ISM now beeing revealed for what it is in these last days of the beast kingdom; as we are doing the greater works spoken of: Opening the eyes of the spiritually blind so they may turn and repent and be healed. WWD)

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    Savor Talk! Guest: Nada Jones

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    Nada (pronounced n?-d? like “Canada”) Jones is a mother to three, a wife to one and a start-up counselor to many. She’s an entrepreneur at heart and thrives on helping women actualize their dreams. She is also a writer and most recently she co-authored “Sixteen Weeks to Your Dream Business: A Weekly Planner for Entrepreneurial Women” with friend and business partner Michelle Briody. Co-founding nedandshell.com and nedandshell’s Weekly Dose editorial newsletter over eight years ago, she has played the role of CEO, editor, retailer, wholesaler, business developer, publicist, accountant and HTML destroyer (thank goodness for my webmaster extraordinaire). Nada’s grass roots approach to public relations and marketing has garnered press coverage from publications such as InStyle, Lucky, LuckyMag.com, Newsweek, WWD, Jane and the New York Post to name a few.