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    Star Studded The Dungeon Podcast

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, the Dungeon returns with a jam packed lineup.  Matt and Deshaun will speak with Justin LaBar of Bleacher Report and Chair Shot Reality.  We’ll pick the brain of a longtime pro wrestling analyst and podcast show host.
    We’ll then delve into Wroxer with Simon Edwards and Dr. Robert Dickman.  Wroxer is a project that has been gaining a lot of momentum within both the pro wrestling and MMA communities since it fuses both together.  What is the Wroxer project, and how can you help it get off the ground?   We’ll be discussing this and more.
    Closing us out, Deshaun takes us through this week’s RAW, and our lookback this week is on the short, yet eventful career of Bill Goldberg.  From WCW Immortal to WWE Mortal, we’ll look at one of the most colorful 5 year runs in wrestling.

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    The Dungeon (11/14/2012) - WWE Survivor Series Memories!

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    The Dungeon Podcast is back!  On tonight's edition of the Dungeon, it's all about the Survivor Series!  For almost 25 years, the WWE Survivor Series has been entertaining us with its crazy 8+man survival matches, and have featured some of the craziest moments in the company's history.  Remember Undertaker's debut in 1990?  Steve Austin dropping Triple H's car with him trapped inside in 2000?  The debut of the Elimination Chamber in 2002?  Maybe some of the lighter side moments?  Rico breaking kayfabe in 2002?  4 Doinks in 1993?  Kamala and Undertaker in the casket match in 1992?  The um...Gobbeld...never mind.
    We'll discuss our favorite Survivor Series memories on tonight's show, right after we finish recapping RAW, and looking forward to the 2012 Survivor Series, which takes place this weekend live from Indianapolis, Indiana. 
    Don't forget to come back and join us next week when our friends from Wroxer will be making their next appearance to update us.  Simon and Rob will be out featured guests on a special edition of the Dungeon.  Look back at n3rdgazm.com by the end of this week as we will lay out the project for you again in full detail leading to next week!
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