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    Wounded to Wonderful Wednesday

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    Welcome to Another Episode of Wounded to Wonderful Talk Radio Show.  Today we take a journey on self-sabatoge.  Our host Edna J. White will share and even remind us of 

    Self-Sabotage: The Enemy Within

    We all get in our own way occasionally and some people do it repeatedly, whether it's procrastinating, drinking, or overeating. Self-sabotaging behavior results from a misguided attempt to rescue ourselves from our own negative feelings.


    To join us with a question or comment please call in at 716-766-4440 or email us at msedna12@gmail.com

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    Transitioning The Wounded Series-(Pt.2)-Breaking Gen. Curses

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    291 LISTENS THUS FAR!---KEEP IT COMING--How do we handle our wounded soldiers? How do we assess their needs? How to we bring them back to a place of healing and recovery? What are the signs of hurting people? 
    Are You The Wounded? Do you want to get someone back?
    Do you want revenge?
    Are you stalking people to unleash your next attack?
    Are you critical?
    Do you always have something negative to say about most people?
    Are you sitting in church pointing your finger at the faults of preachers, leaders, men, women, etc?
    When people do you wrong, are you quick to keep a score card on them? (We call them red flags)
    Are you better at giving advice, but not good at receivng it?
    If you answered yes to any of this, you my friend are the wounded!
    Now, The question is why is, "Is this a genertional curse?" What are generational curses? How do you notice them? How do you break them? What are tracers? How do you break them?

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    Wounded Warrior Project and Wounded Warriors in Kitsap

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    In January 2014, Professional Options hosted a Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) meeting at Poulsbo City Hall so area veterans could learn about how to benefit from WWP. Attendees hear about successes and challenges our veterans and their families face after serving and sacrificing for our country, and how the services provided by WWP allow them to move forward with their "new normal."

    WWP provides support and services to post-Sept. 11 veterans such as college scholarships and stipends; cash grants to service providers to cover basic needs like food, rent and utilities; physical and psychological rehabilitation; combat stress recovery; benefits assistance; peer support; and career development and training. In 2012 alone, it spent $114 million to aid wounded veterans, their families and their caregivers.

    The meeting was WWP's first time in Kitsap, and a Wounded Warriors in Kitasp (WWIK) group (no affiliation with WWP) was loosely formed and communicates via a Facebook page.

    Join us as we talk with regional WWIK advocates and leaders Charles Keating, Todd Best, and Jeremy Creed about what's ahead.

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    To The Wounded Warrior

    in Spirituality

    To The Wounded Warrior was born out of Desiree heart for the purpose of being read as a healing guidebook for those who have been in abusive situations, especially within the Church and weren' able to talk about it or be heard. 

    Desiree' Harris-Bonner, Anointed, Expressive, Energetic an Spirit-filled! Saved by God's Grace in 1990 and then Sanctified by HIs Holy Spirit, she endeavors to sing and write songs of worship and praise focused on God and Him glorified.



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    The Wounded Part: Healing the Deeper Self

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    Each of us has within us a wounded aspect that seeks healing. We are not that wounded part but we can unconsciously allow that wounded part to direct our lives. The more we can understand ourselves and care for and nurture our own wounded part, the stronger we become and the more “healed” we are. When we deny this aspect of SELF we often don’t see our own sabotoging and destructive behavior.

    In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah will be talking about the wounded aspect of self and how to acknowledge and work with it.

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    Speak up! She's Listening Wounded to Wonderful Radio Talk Show

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    If you or someone you love needs real life guidance, questions to be answered and help healing during this journey of life.  Stay tuned here at Wounded to Wonderful Talk Radio Show.  Roll Call to all that we will be featuring is on

    Monday~ Manic Monday with Host Professor Nicole Christian

    Tuesday~  Talk About It Tuesday with Ask MsEdna

    Wednesday~ Wounded to Wonderful Wednesday with Ask MsEdna sharing stories of victim to victory

    Thursday~ Theoretical Thursday with host Dr. Denise Burton

    Friday~ Freedom Friday with Ask MsEdna where we will introduce new eateries, events and excitement for the weekend

    And each broadcast we will have guests who will introduce healing concepts, great music and outstanding authors and experts.  Join us Monday through Friday 830pm.  

    You can call in with your questions or comments at 718-766-4440 or feel free to chat in the broadcast. 

    Email us at msedna12@gmail.com 

    Online at www.msedna.cf

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    Transitioning The Wounded Series-(Pt.3)-"Handling P.O.W's"

    in Religion

    (LISTENS ARE AT 596)-On our Blog Talk Radio Show Today, we're going to challenge you to know how to recognize the difference between POW's, MIA', and Civilians. How to know when to stay clear and know the fate of Enemy's of Christ!....Yeah, this is going to be wild!---Call in and listen or get the archive show later....Are you helping Satans Kingdom and hindering another soldier on their journey?  

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    Unfolding the dance of the wounded predator and the wounded healer...each of us have within us a wounded predator and a wounded healer...and each of these vibrations attract people and situations that will either mimic what caused us to bee wounded in the first place, or what allows us to continually bee wounded or wound others…

    In all situations we seek the familiar, in order to try to make sense of the injustice that at many levels we know should not exist...it is often our light being that attracts the wounded predator, and the wounded healer inside allows this wounded predator to seek its healing at our expense….lets look into this deeper...

    From Mutha Wit’s Womb of Universal Wisdom, Eye would like to introduce you to *Honeycomb Conversations*; where we will indulge in the sweetness of Sacred Sexuality, from a conscious evolving woman’s prospective. All views are welcome, all questions are welcome, come on….grab a seat, get bowl, let us shuck dese Peas (es,patriarchal traditions) so that we may nourish our Global Village. No topic is taboo. Grown Folks Only. (18+). Male, Female, and every Essence in between is welcome to participate. Please share your questions and concerns, if it's too personal, please email us at honeycomb.conversations@gmail.com ...confidentiality is guaranteed!  BEE LOVE & BEE BLESSED!



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    Arise! For Women Unveiled Hagar Wounded Heart

    in Religion

    Unveiled-Hagar a slave, a foreigner and a stranger in a land not her own.  Hagar struggles to find her identity, her purpose and God's plan for her life.  As women we tend to feel as though we are a stranger in our own homes that we are trapped, undentified and forgotten.  Hagar's story will take us on a journey of discovering who we are and how we can overcome a wounded heart through God's plan for our lives. 

    Unveiled Women of the Bible Series discusses the five fold principles and application for our lives today as we encounter Christ through those troubles, blessings and find encouragement for the soul.

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    Co-creating with Esther Austin's about her book Wounded Lives,Wounded Healers.

    in Spirituality

    This week Jennifer talks with Esther Austin, The Sixty Second Soul Liberator, who transforms, heals and empowers lives.  Esther tells us about her fantastic new book which is being released in January, Wounded Lives, Wounded Healers.  Esther has been a guest on the Natural Co-Creators show before, talking about her other book The Giant Within, so it was great to catch up with her and hear about her latest project.  Wounded Lives, Wounded Healers is based on her work as a Healer and Therapist helping people who have suffered with some form of abuse.  I feel Esther bares her soul in this interview, which I am sure she has done many times in order to help others.  Many of us are wounded healers and this book will also help many lightworkers who wish to move forward and stand in their power. I'm sure you will enjoy this engaging interview.  I always learn a lot from Esther.  She is such a fabulous lady.

    I can't wait to read this book when it is released.  More information about the book can be found on Esther's website




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    Discover Janesville: Wounded Warrior Project | Janesville Hollywood

    in Current Events

    On this episode of Discover Janesville with Yuri Rashkin:

    Todd Christos is a student at Madison Media Institute and a location scout for movie productions.  Todd stopped in to talk about promoting Janesville to production companies, working with well-known actors and creating his own films.  

    David Krapf stopped in to talk about the Wounded Warrior Project and his involvement with it, as well as about his upcoming shows on veterans, and sports, on Janesville Community Radio.


    Be in the know.  Discover Janesville. 

    This program was brought to you by:

    Janesville Snow Removal: www.SnowRemovalOfJanesville.com

    The “A” Team, LLC, – Your Facebook professionals.

    “Raising Abel, the Life of Faith” by Ronald Ragotzy, MD.

    United Arts Alliance: Promoting arts and connecting artists in Rock County.



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