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    New Consciousness for a New World with Kingsley Dennis

    in Spirituality

    Kingsley Dennis, PhD, is a researcher, sociologist and futurist as well as a prolific author. He co-founded WorldShift International, and is a passionate advocate for conscious evolution. His books alert us to the dangers of societal collapse if we ignore the social, economic and environmental tipping points that are now upon us.
    His books include ‘Breaking the Spell: An Exploration of Human Perception’ (2013); ‘New Revolutions for a Small Planet’ (2012); ‘The Struggle for Your Mind’ (2012); and ‘New Consciousness for a New World’ (2011). He is also the co-author, with Ervin Laszlo, of the forthcoming ‘Dawn of the Akashic Age’ (2013).
    is websites are www.kingsleydennis.com and www.worldshiftintern

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    Type 1 RADIO LOUNGE Hug in @ Glade 2012

    in Energy

    Todays show we will be broadcasting from the Worldshift Arena live from Glade 2012. Joining us will be some of the speakers from the Worldshift Arena her Jon Witterick http://www.getoutofdebtfree.org - Gareth from Worldshift media, David Ash, author of Vortex of Energy, Hungry Man may pop in for a chat. So joins us in the lounge....

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    The Struggle for Your Mind: Author Kingsley L Dennis PhD

    in Spirituality

    Kingsley L. Dennis, Ph.D., is a sociologist, writer, and cofounder of WorldShift International. The author of New Consciousness for a New World, he spends his time between Andalusia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. http://www.kingsleydennis.com/

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    HOPE – Healing Our People & Earth with Jude Currivan

    in Spirituality

    12pm PST ---  Host MICHELE MEICHE shares her weekly Soul Insights, Meditations, Healing, Activation and Acceleration work for Soul Alignment. What is your Soul's Purpose & how can you actualize this? What is your role, your path, and what are the signs in your life and in the world telling you? Call in for channeled guidance readings, and psychic mediumship readings. Michele is the author author of the DailyOM course to Learn how to align to your Soul's Purpose and create from your Soul Blueprint  2012:  Navigate Through Your Greatest Soul Shift http://bit.ly/izvzS1t. You may also email your questions to be covered on air at awakenings@selfinlight.com. The second portion of the show is Conversations with Awakened Guests. Michele dialogues with spiritual teachers, healers, conscious experts, visionaries, awakened leaders, authors, conscious beings and people of all walks of life that are focused on living consciously. This week’s conversation is with Cosmologist, healer and visionary Dr Jude Currivan has a Masters Degree in Physics, a PhD in Archaeology and until the mid-1990s an international business leader. Researching consciousness for many years and having numerous mystical experiences since childhood, her world-wide work aims to raise awareness and empower transformational change. Awarded the 2010 Circle Award by WON Buddhism and sponsored by the United Nations, cited for her ‘outstanding contribution towards planetary healing and new forms of consciousness’ and in 2011 invited to become one of the twenty worldshift council visionaries (www.worldshiftcouncil.org) she is the award winning author of The 8th Chakra, The 13th Step, CosMos, co-authored with Dr Ervin Laszlo and HOPE – Healing Our People & Earth. www.judecurrivan.com

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    Author Nicolya Christi:2012: A Clarion Call

    in Spirituality

    Nicolya Christi is a conscious evolutionist, writer, spiritual teacher and mentor, global activist, and workshop facilitator. The founder of the WorldShift Movement, she lives near Rennes-le-Chateau in southern France.

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