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    Join the 'Let's Change the WORLD' Movement

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    On this show, we encourage everyone to join the 'Let's Change the WORLD' Movement, by recognizing current members and the positive change they make in the lives of others and in their respective communities. This is a Membership Drive! 

    The movement is all about everyone doing whatever little we can, no matter how small, to positively impact the life of at-least one other or to positively impact our community. And if we all do whatever little we can, then together, we can 'Change the WORLD'.

    We invite you to learn how the movement encourages networking and unity to drive change. Learn about our philosophy and about the difference that is being made in communities across the nation and around the world, as a result of this movement.

    You may be a member already and don't even know it. If you make a difference, then we want to hear from you on this show. Share with us what you do. If you want to make a difference and don't know how; call in, we can help. If you know someone who is making a difference, we want to recognize them for their efforts. If you have a story to share; call in and share it, because it might inspire someone else!

    Our discussion will focus on recognizing the unsung heroes who get little or no recognition and also on recognizing those who deserve more recognition. It will focus on the value of giving back, Role Model and Mentoring and on the value of Random Acts of Kindness. 

    This Sunday, March 30th, at 7:00 pm, E.S.T., just click this link or dial 818-739-8909 to listen by phone, from anywhere! Just dial 1 to join our on air discussion... Please spread the word!

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    World Wide Africa The Voice of The Pan African Movement

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    The voice of our fallen brothers and sisters cry out to me, this week I have to share with you, The experience of Soweto Uprising, its effects on us today. I would like you to call in and share your memories of this man and his words, Steve Bantu Beko "Briefly defined therefore, Black Consciousness is in essence the realization by the black man of the need to rally together with his brothers around the cause of their oppression - the blackness of their skin - and to operate as a group in order to rid themselves of the shackles that bind them to perpetual servitude. It seeks to demonstrate the lie that black is an aberration from the "normal" which is white. It is a manifestation of a new realization that by seeking to run away from themselves and to emulate the white man, black(s) are insulting the intelligence of whoever created them black. Black Consciousness, therefore takes cognizance of the deliberateness of the God's plan in creating black people black.  It seeks to infuse the black community with a new-found pride in themselves, their efforts, their value systems, their culture, their religion and their outlook to (of) life. The interrelationship between the consciousness of the self and the emancipatory program is of a paramount importance.Blacks no longer seek to reform the system because so doing implies acceptance of the major points around which the system revolves. Blacks are out to completely transform the system and to make of it what they wish." 

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    Next Movement Radio Show

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     See What the Next Movement Is........

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    Election Commentary and the Zeitgeist Movement - The Barbarity of Punishment

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    Join me and two of the most powerful progressive voices in the world - Rick Staggenborg of Soldiers for Peace International and Philip Richlin of the Zeitgeist Movement, Los Angeles Chapter. Part one will examine the opinions of Rick who his also a talk show host. Part two will focus on the commentary of Philip Richlin who will lead us in a discussion about punishment and why it does not work. 

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    Feldman World Review March 29, 2015

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    A "Free Speech Zone" 
    Click right here for the show:: 


    Our New Daily Magazine: https://paper.li/FeldmanWorldGrp/1414459375 
    Our NEW WEB SITE: http://www.feldmanworldgroup.com/ 

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    WOI: The JNP Project, a movement for children on The Empowerment Show

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    Welcome to BTR's featured World of Ink Network. Today on The Empowerment Show, founder Dona Rudderow Sturn will be chatting with our hosts Irene Roth and Traci McDonald about the first two books in JNP's multi-book series, Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome.

    The Empowerment Show will air live on March 20th at 4pm Eastern - 3pm Central - 2pm Mountain - 1pm Pacific

    Kids, parents and educators will all enjoy the interactive website, http://thejnpproject.com/. It features an adult public Forum, Members Only Private Q&A Professional Forum, a Forum for Kids to talk to Jane & Jake directly, downloads, and more. JNP gives parents, teachers, caregivers and counselors the tools to help children develop confidence, strengthen self-esteem, and grow into assured leaders.

    In addition to a focus on building children’s self-esteem, JNP offers both unparalleled artistry and collaboration among published international authors in the story development. The 31 chapter-books, set in three series, are available in traditional as well as digital interactive book formats.

    The JNP Project was born out of the understanding of what makes up the faces of our inner awesome.

    Learn more about WOI and its hosts at http://worldofinknetwork.com

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    The 414 Community Movement Jobs

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    Tune in as we discuss the 414 Community Movement Jobs.  Tonight at 6:30pm Call in at (347) 989-8022 to talk to T. Milton Street Live.

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    The Lottabody Movement

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    After several bad experiences with other support groups that seemed to be filled with women who had no self-worth and felt they would only be able to love themselves if they lost weight, Charyle Rose believed there was a better way to look at health and fitness to meet ones goals of living a healthier lifestyle. 

    "In these groups, it seemed that all the women did was sit around lying to the other members of the group and waited to pounce on the first member who dared to say that she'd had a lapse in judgment.  God forbid if a member was honest and said that she hadn't exercised or had eaten poorly, then she was not taking her weight loss seriously and her post were immediately ignored or not responded to. "

    But with the help of some friends, Charyle Rose created a Facebook group for the confident woman on a mission to be in control of health and fitness with the support of honest and understanding women. "There is no superiority complex within The Miss Lottabody Movement  especially when it comes trying to lose 20 lbs or 200.  

    So along with some friends, Charyle Rose created a Facebook group, The Miss Lottabody Movement.  "There is no superiority complex within The Miss Lottabody Movement because whether you are trying to lose 20 lbs or 200, weight loss is hard and no one wants or needs to be told over and over that they are failing according to someone else's standards."   

    Join MSKeepItMoving on The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show with special guest Charyle Rose, arthor and createor of The Miss Lottabody Movement. Here her struggle not only to lose weight but to also regain her health.  Gotta "Lottabody?" Well join the movement. Don't miss out!



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    Gary Young, CEO & Founder, World Peace Caravan Global Movement

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    Tune in as Sister Jenna welcomes Gary Young to the America Meditating Radio Show to discuss the humanitarian efforts of the D. Gary Young Foundation and the upcoming World Peace Caravan.

    Gary Young is the Founder and CEO of Young Living Essential Oils, the largest privately owned essential oil company in the world, and one of the world’s foremost authorities on essential oils and their therapeutic value. He is also the Founder of the international non-profit D. Gary Young Foundation and the creator of the WORLD PEACE CARAVAN, a global movement to promote respect, compassion and a greater understanding of one another through a unique, multi-cultural experience for people of all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds.  Visit his website at www.WorldPeaceCaravan.org

    Visit the Meditation Museum’s website for more info, like America Meditating on Facebook and Follow us Twitter.

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    Disney World Junkies Episode 5

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    Come join the Disney Maniac Frank Goodman and the Vinylmation Man Mike Zevon for another fun and entertaining episode of the Disney World Junkies Podcast! 

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    The Movement Revisited

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    Struggle & Progress holds a roundtable discussion about the Black child & family within the Liberation Movement.

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