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    Are you or someone close to you in need of a miracle? Have you heard of anyone far away from you that is in need of a miracle? Do you even believe in miracles? If you answered yes to  any or all of these questions, then you need to call, text, email, tweet, I G, Facebook, messenger, facetime, skype, or whatever it is that you do to get your info out. Tell everyone you know that GOD is still and always will be "THE MIRACLE WORKER".

    “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father. (JOHN 14:12)

    "And God was doing extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul". (ACTS 19:11)

    KING G


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    I'm a Fatherless Daughter: What Does This Mean?

    in Women

    We are continuing our conversation on Fatherless Daughters and the long term impact on a female who grows up with an unattached, unavailable or absent dad. Many women are surprised to find themselves continuing to struggle with the same patterns and issues in their lives. Join us as we share why this happens and what all fatherless daughters must do in order to move their lives forward.

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    Who Is Worthy?

    in Christianity

    2 Samuel 22:1-7, 21-25 and 47-51  David praises God for Deliverance, in the course of our lives we tend to wonder if we are worthy of our blessings.  David was a man after God's on heart, he fell short, but God blessed him anyway.  Who is worthy? You are worthy of the love of the Lord. 

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    Money’s Dirty Little Secrets

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    When you change your mind, everything changes.....

    Everyone deserves to be free to be all they can be. And the best part is that it is so possible for everyone too.

    On today's show, Marguerita Vorobioff, an Abundance Coach who works with Soul Centred Entrepreneurs who want financial freedom, shows us how to make a bigger difference and live an extraordinary life.

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    Rafiya the Light Worker - Main Chakras on The 6th DAY hosted by Mieasha Stroud

    in Spirituality

    The 6th DAY 'You choose the day you will have'~Gg

    Co-hosted byMa'am Ma'amG.g. &  Michelle Garrett




    (in Indian thought) each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number.

    On The 6th DAY, for this episode and for the next seven weeks, the hosts of HLT0 will sit with coffee in hand and tuned into  the mind with Energy Specialist, Rafiya the Light Worker. She is going to discuss the basics of what is Chakra and its' seven centers. We all know what shows up in life could affect us on many levels. But what about what has occurred in the past? It seems whether we know it or not incidents and events have prevented us from moving on in present life living. There are too many little battles that show up in life for us to stay in constant worry keeping us blocked from true happiness and what is here for us in this realm. As we continue to be in bondage over our past , and the past we don't consiously know about, but HLT0 knows for sure, a healthy body begins with a healthly mind. This subject matter may be new to some, but we invite you to take a look and HLT0 guarantee by listening, you will get something out of this segment with Rafiya the Light Worker.


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    FAWC (For Anyone Who Cares)

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    Life drama, children, blended families, culture issues, community concerns, creative people, social concerns, relationships, spirituality, cooking, traveling, dreaming out loud, entrepreneurship, baby mama drama, baby daddy drama, self-esteem, self-worth, teen drama, self-respect, character building, racism, sports, interactive, stinking thinking, mindsets, role models, mentors, bullying, peer pressure, neighborhoods, creative thinking, mental illness, impaired thinking, poor impulses, profiling, social conscience , sense of right and wrong, family dynamics, environments, social justice, moving forward, positive people, integrity, honor, home associations, economy, education, we the consumers, child development, stages of life, liberty, empowerment, embracing life challenges, keep life moving, self-evaluations, assessments, political red tape, it's who you know not what you know

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    Mother's Day: Mothering Children Who Are Not Biologically Yours

    in Christianity

    We are continuing in our Mother's Day series. Tonight, my Aunt Wanda Humphrey will be talking with us about Mothering children who you did not birth from your loins. Sometimes our birth mother is not fit, ready, or able to take care of us, but God always has a ram in the bush. He always gives us a Mother to pour into our lives. A mother to love and nurture us, build us up and make us strong. Someone to teach us biblical principles and the way of the Lord. My aunt did this for two children that she did not biologically conceive, but she Mothered them from the time they were young children and she still is. She treated them the same as she did her own son. They were just as much a part of our family as her own son and I love that about my Aunt and our family. Tune in to listen to my Aunt tell her story.   

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    Who and what are the ELohim?

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    Who won game one? Atlanta or Cleveland???

    in Entertainment

    Tonight's show airs right after game one of the Eastern Conference Finals. Because I can't predict the future, will have to wait and see the outcome, but we'll be talking about the game win or lose. Will have another guest joining tonight. You have to tune in to find out who it is!!!!! Tell your friends about the show, all Hawk fans should be calling in. If you missed the last show, Bob Rathbun was live on the air talking about this exciting season, and his thoughts about everything from sports analysts, fans and more!

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    Black Satin Radio, (646) 478-4196, is an internet-based station devoted to the art of words in the forms of poetry, music, and books. The station is dedicated to the creative works within the scope of these genres. Black Satin Radio aspires to introduce the listening audience to the inspiration behind the works while providing networking opportunities for each guest. Finally, Black Satin Radio will maintain a certain responsibility to philanthropic causes within and outside of its core demographic.

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    Pillow Talk Ep25:How does having Sex/Relationship w/a Co-Worker actually work?

    in Entertainment

    Pillow Talk is a show segment consisting of: Sex Topics, Sex Education, Relationship Tips, Versatile Love Quotes,Bedroom Tips,Marriage Columns & Real life Experiences.

    Make Sure to tune in tonight to "Pillow Talk" via "Tempting w/Tatachious" @11pm est. Call in to listen to the Show or speak with the Host @ 646-929-0921.

    Show Featured Segments Include: Sell it or Nail it UnSigned Artist Edition, Phuckery of the Day,& Featured Song of the Day!

    Artist/Interviewees/Company's looking for Promotion's can submit their info to:Booking's4Success@gmail.com

    You can follow the Show via www.blogtalkradio.com/temptingwtatachious or via Facebook Group: Tempting with Tatachious & Slick