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    Are you or someone close to you in need of a miracle? Have you heard of anyone far away from you that is in need of a miracle? Do you even believe in miracles? If you answered yes to  any or all of these questions, then you need to call, text, email, tweet, I G, Facebook, messenger, facetime, skype, or whatever it is that you do to get your info out. Tell everyone you know that GOD is still and always will be "THE MIRACLE WORKER".

    “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father. (JOHN 14:12)

    "And God was doing extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul". (ACTS 19:11)

    KING G


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    ENVISION THIS: Viable and just alternatives for meeting our economic and social needs, including worker power, community resilience, self-help and solidarity, through worker owned cooperatives.

    David Morgan works to promote democratic ownership of businesses and a cooperative economy that can be achieved through organizing, education, and research. His work promoting a new economy involves coordinating partnerships and cross-sector alliances with all manner of member- and worker-owned enterprises and their support networks. He serves on the boards of the Data Commons Cooperative and the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, for whom he is convening a member council on policy and advocacy.   

    David co-owns The Toolbox for Education and Social Action (TESA), a worker-owned cooperative. “We create imaginative and experiential resources that transform the way people think, learn, teach, work, and act. These resources address social change, economic justice, and progressive education through critical thinking and user participation.”  The TESA mission is to make people’s lives more just and democratic through the use of participatory education. 

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    You can't work a worker: Episode 1 Geno Moore's Revenge

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    The first episode of 'You can't work a worker' has been announced with no fanfare, just a few select people in the business. This episode isn't for the faint of heart or for the John Cena fanboy. This is more for John Cena himself.Billy Reil and Phil Dejewels are the co-hosts of this podcast. Billy Reil was a Northeast Indy mainstay breaking into the business at age 15, and while having regional success, never hit the national scene as he was overcome with numerous injuries that he still hasn't recovered from. Phil Dejewels trained with Reil, Nick Berk, Trent Acid, and various other Philly indy sensations. His most notable work was as Jersey All Pro Suicidal Champion while Billy Was JAP Lightheavyweight Champ before he forfeited all of his indy titles. Once Reil got injured for good, Dejewels went on to Pay Per View matches as Gorgeous Ladies Of Oil Wrestling, as he faced Mickie James, Bobcat, April Hunter and other top women. Both of these men were trained by 'The Pitbulls, Reckless Youth, Mike Kehner, New Jack, and Dory Funk Jr.

    This episode feature the Big Kahuna as the 1st guest of the show. Geno Moore has been the center of controversy for years, but if you ask him, he doesn't know why so many people try to rib him or take cheap shots at him.In Geno's heyday he found success working the Kansas City Territory, as well as Calgary, and was also used as a WWWF enhancement talent making good friends with Gorilla Monsoon. Geno and partner Dennis Coraluzzo along with Dapper Johnny and others ran a very succesful and most notable NWA NJ, as they were the most recognizable and prestigious indy in the 90's. Bringing Chris Benoit Lightning Kid,and Terry Funk into town before ECW. There was a big blowoff between these partners, and That's where alot of heat came into Geno's lap. Whether her deserved it or not, we are going to get the shoot truth tonight.Phones will open 30 mins in

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    The Whole Youth Worker

    in Christianity

    This week's episode focuses on the Pastor/Youth Pastor relationship. What every youth pastor should know and what every pastor wished you knew. Special interview with Rev. William Fisackerly. Rev. Fisackerly began his ministry career with youth and is currently the lead pastor at Gulf Cove United Methodist Church in Port Charlotte, FL. 

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    The Whole Youth Worker

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    This week's episode is all about social media. Tips, advice, and fun ways to use it in your youth ministry. Our special guest is Victor Volkman, CEO of Loving Healing Press. Mr. Volkman shares his expertise in branding, marketing, and utilizing social media.

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    The Whole Youth Worker

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    Tonight's Episode features an interview with Kaylee Duvall. Kaylee is an 11 year old who has begun a neighborhood Bible club. Also on this week's episode...technology tips and a look at some teen culture issues.

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    The Whole Youth Worker

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    Episode 2 is our special interview with former NFL player, Tony Mandarich. Tony talks candidly about his past struggles with steroids, drugs, and alcohol and offers some great advice for youth leaders and parents. Tony's book, "My Dirty Little Secrets, Steroids, Alcohol, and God" is available at www.amazon.com or through his website, www.tonymandarich.com

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    The Whole Youth Worker

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    This week's show is all about parenting. If you have kids in your youth group you also have parents! Also, tips on being a parent while being a youth leader. This week's special guest is ESPN radio personality Freddie Coleman. Mr. Coleman is a nationally syndicated sports radio host, a man of faith, and a parent! Join us for this awesome interview. This week's show will air live at 10am.

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    The Whole Youth Worker

    in Christianity

    Youth Ministry advice, ideas, and fun from the heart of a youth minister who is in the trenches with you! Let's glorify God and His Church as we come together to discuss the ups and downs of youth ministry.

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    The Whole Youth Worker

    in Christianity

    Youth Ministry advice, ideas, and fun from the heart of a youth minister who is in the trenches with you! Let's glorify God and His Church as we come together to discuss the ups and downs of youth ministry. Joining us live tonight is former Michigan State University star and NFL first round draft pick, Tony Mandarich. Tony's story is a truly inspirational one that glorifies God's redemptive power! You won't want to miss this very special interview.

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    The Potential Downside Of Making Becoming A "Hard Worker" Your Primary Goal

    in Motivation

    Today, I get you to think about if creating the goal of becoming a hard worker gets in the way of producing the results you really want to experience.

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