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    The Dolly McCarthy Show

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    Reporter, News anchor, TV host & mother of 5, Dolly McCarthy, is just a gal juggling her career, kids and laundry!  In her "spare time," Dolly produces and hosts a weekly talk show.  Catch it live on Thursday mornings at 9:30 a.m. CST.  Call in & ask her or any of her guests a question!  (347)945-7215  This week on The Dolly McCarthy Show, ELVIS is in the building!  Dolly catches up with Ronnie B. Elvis before is holdiay show tours!  Other guests include Cathy Bouchard from Le Chocolat, Aunt V (Veronica Porter) and 1985 Chicago Bear Dennis McKinnon -- Silky D is gonna be in the house too!  Woohoo!  How about them Bears?!  Let's chat!  Call in too for your chance to win some of Dolly's Favorite Holiday Gifts!!!!  

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    Lyric Soprano Michele Fowlin!

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    This Week on "TheMusicBox" with National Recording Artist Tanya Dallas-Lewis! Meet Lyric Soprano, Michele Fowlin!

    This highly sought after soloist, chorale conductor, music teacher and performer has sung and performed all over the world--LITERALLY! Some of her career highlights include performances in Russia, England, Spain, and the US Virgin Islands. Michele sang a solo with the Howard University Choir at former Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown’s funeral and, over the years, has performed for a number of elected officials and White House events:  former President Bill Clinton, former Vice President Al Gore and former Secretary of Defense William Cohen, President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Services, White House Christmas Tree lighting ceremonies and Vice President Joe Biden’s Holiday Celebration.  Ms. Fowlin has also been featured on NBC’s “The Today Show.” She will join me Thursday, LIVE, in our virtual studio!  

    Plus, the BEST in gospel music, news, interviews, updates, how-to's and so much more! Yes, the weather is getting a little chilly, and have you noticed the HALLOWEEN CANDY is ALL on CLEARANCE!! #woohoo. I'll be chowing down on that for sure! Won't you join meeee? :0)

    -Tanya, Stellar/Dove Nominated Recording Artist


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    Drunken BS 51

    in Comedy

    Woohoo, it's Friday night! Who else is going to hell tomorrow?

    On tonight's show, we will laugh ridiculously, sit and talk about a bunch of random shit, and belch several times... ya know, for a change in pace.

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    Drunken BS 50

    in Comedy

    Woohoo! It's our 50th show!!! Listen as we laugh at all the rich bitches, talk about some new vocabulary additions, as well as our new store we will be opening this year.

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    Chief Woohoo, Lisa Steadman shares her Boohoo to Woohoo!

    in Self Help

    My guest this week chatting with me about "Shedding YOUR STORY that is keeping you from RICHes" is Lisa Steadman is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, sought after speaker, breakup expert, branding consultant, and CEO of Woohoo, Inc.
    After spending a decade successfully branding multi-million dollar properties like Barbie while fumbling her way through romantic breakup after breakup, Lisa broke up with Corporate America and Mr. Wrong, built her own buzz worthy brand as THE Breakup Expert, became an instant best seller with her book It’s a Breakup, Not A Breakdown, and met and married the love of her life. Today, Lisa owns her own consulting business, branding major companies, personalities, and businesses for a 2.0 world, as well as rebranding women who are ready to reinvent themselves in love, life, and business at any age.
    A frequent media contributor, Lisa has appeared on The Today Show, The Tyra Banks Show, KTLA Morning News, iVillage Live, The Fran Drescher Show, Playboy Radio, and New Zealand’s Good Morning. She regularly contributes content to popular websites including The Huffington Post, MSN, Yahoo Shine, EHarmony, and YourTango.

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    ranting again!

    in Politics

    another chance! WOOHOO!

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    No Drugs of ANY kind with Marilyn Bradford & Jaanvi Tourani

    in Fun

    Woohoo we are on 7th key of 10 keys to freedom of access consciousness. This call has been amazing & eye opener to me. how much does it contribute being in communion with your body & having it as best friend for life.

    Drug of any kind is also your precribed drugs, how do you choose that? how can you change & get out of it. How to be around people who are on illegal drugs & more & more.



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    Raging Against the Rhetoric

    in Politics Conservative

    Lots to discuss in the world of Maryland politics this evening!

    David Craig announced major tax cuts today and a proposal for sweeping reforms to our state budget policy. He'll be on in the first segement to discuss further.
    Are state party's becoming irrelevant? 
    I will have a moment as I gush about Rand Paul coming to Maryland and BlogBash.

    You don't want to miss a minute tonight! I'll be squeezing a lot in since next week....I'll be with Dan Bongino and Rand Paul!! Woohoo!

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    LIVE Life Coach Chat: Learning to Go With the Flow of Life

    in Self Help

    Join us for our first ever LIVE IN PERSON OPEN TO THE PUBLIC broadcast!  This weekend, we're putting on our initial Life Coach Radio Networks Workshop Weekend in NYC.  We'll have a studio audience woohoo!

    We all have hopes, wants and dreams. And the best way to bring them to fruitions is to aim high, put a plan into motion and work really hard. For it’s often difficult to realize one’s desired outcome without putting realistic goals into place.

    But sometimes life has other plans. Things happen that throw us off track. Or, we do something with the intention of one outcome only to find that something went astray. What do we do at these times? Do we try to force life to follow our plan? This can be a daunting task or it can be amazing!  

    The 3 hosts for this episode are:

    Russ Terry - Founder & Executive Producer of Life Coach Radio Networks and author of the upcoming book My Gratitude Journal:  365 days of the people & things I'm grateful for and the lessons you can learn from them, due out in March.  More on him at www.russterrylifecoach.com.

    Tim Billiter - Founder at DIY for your Soul; an NYC Certified Life/Life Purpose Coach on a mission to remind others of who they truly are at the core of their being and then facilitate the creation of a life based on that truth. More on him at www.DIYforyoursoul.com.  

    Andrea Ruchelman -  Owner & Head Coach at Run to 1 Coaching focuses on helping you get Out of Your Head & Into You Shoes™ by clearing the mental and emotional hurdles to achieve your fitness goals with confidence! Run to 1 Coaching at www.runto1coaching.com & on Twitter @runto1Coaching

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    Just Believe with Lisa Tarves - Woohoo! Attracting Money

    in Writing

    Lisa Tarves, Metaphysician, author of the book, Just Believe, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and gifted intuitive, interviews experts in the area of metaphysics each Sunday at 1 pm Eastern
    This weeks guests are:
    James Goi Jr. is a speaker, mind-power coach, and the author of How to Attract Money Using Mind Power. James has published the free monthly "Mind Power & Money Ezine" since January, 2008. Since 1978, James believes that in today's economy, the information he shares is more needed than ever, and that his teachings could mean the difference between financial success and financial ruin for any individual, family, business or organization.
    Cassandra James
    Empowered by the Buddhist concept of The Ten Worlds philosophy, Cassandra has set out to help others understand the power that exists in their life for healing and transformation one life at a time.  Cassandra has launched a public speaking career with a vengeance.  In her mind there is nothing sadder than suffering because of a lack of wisdom. 

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