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    The Jean Gladwyn Show Ep 50-Buchanan and Anti-War

    in Politics

    Jean's 50th Episode! Thanks for listening!

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    Brigit: Saint and Goddess and Creating a Book of Shadows

    in Spirituality

    Candlemas in Christianity and Imbolc in Paganism both celebrate the same woman - the Goddess Brigit to Pagans and Saint Brigit to Christians.  We discuss this amazing woman tonight.  We also teach you how to design and begin using a Book of Shadows!

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    Weekend Watchdogs: Woody and the Jets, HOF Ballot

    in Sports

    Mike Silva and Joe Buono kick off 2015 discussing Woody Johnson's search for the next GM/Head Coach combo for the Jets. Tuesday's Baseball Hall-of-Fame annoucement is sure to be controversial. The guys gives their preferred candidates and discuss the process with Howard Megdal of Capital New York. Hear some thoughts on the College Football Championship and this weekend's NFL Wild Card Weekend. 

  • The Servant of God Jane of Saint Erasmus

    in Religion

    Rebroadcast of the long running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour", a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. www.AtonementFriars.org

    Jane of Saint Erasmus - As in many other lives we read of a woman, the epitome of all that is righteous and holy, whose marriage was difficult and loveless and whose husband was given to gambling and quarrelling, even duelling

    Fulfilling her role as wife and housewife, and as mediator for her husband she endeavoured to convert him to better ways.

    She was to be host to her husband’s friends and mother to the poor and sick and in doing this proved such an example to her husband that he converted to better ways.

    Jane experienced a mighty impulse to enter a convent, when he returned she asked him leave to enter a convent and he refused because he now loved her and valued her as wife. While previously she had desired him to love her and now he does love her she wants to go off to a nunnery.

    Her name in Religion was Jane of St. Erasmus – her husband’s name out of her gratitude to him She pledged to him the best of her merits and once his death was near, offered to suffer his purgatory.

    At fifty-five years of age Jane happily observed the strictest practices of the novices and regarded herself as the lowliest one of all. During the nineteen years remaining to her Jane was a model to every one of her sisters; her extraordinary graces from god were confirmed when she was seen in ecstasy and raised above the ground.

    At the very sight of the image of our Lord scourged at the pillar Jane would break out with tears in compassion for her Lord. Forbidden from gazing upon it by her superiors, Jane never looked toward it again.

    Jane died whilst making the sign of the Cross as she said it.

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    in Entertainment

    Richard Rossi and his film "Baseball's Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories" have become the subject of worldwide press and controversy in the last 24 hours since news broke internationally of Papal support for his Clemente film and efforts to have the baseball great recognized as a saint.  In his first full-length addressing of questions since the story broke worldwide, Mr. Rossi answers questions, clarifies the truth, and refutes the tabloid rumors.

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    Jean Paul : Impuguke’ za UN muri raporo yazo zitandukanya FDLR na RNC

    in Politics Progressive

    HOST: Jean Paul Turayishimiye

    TOPIC: Impuguke’ za UN muri raporo yazo zitandukanya FDLR na RNC 

    Raporo y’izo mpuguke ivuga ko abarwanyi ba FDLR bafite ‘des connexions politiques’ ariko ngo ntabwo bakorana n’ishyaka RNC rya Kayumba Nyamwasa nk’uko bivugwa n’uruhande rw’u Rwanda.

    1. UN yagaragaje ukuri tuvuga igihe cyose

    2. Ibinyoma bya Kigali byaragaragaye

    3.Ntabwo twishimiye ko Impunzi ziraswaho ibitero nkuko bamwe babivuga

    4. Kuba RNC itari muri Raporo nikintu gikomereye cyane Kagame n'agatsiko


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    Jean Tracy of Kids Dicuss has a Talk With Tom

    in Parents

    Jean grew up in Seattle, Washington, the daughter of an accountant and a music teacher. Life in her neighborhood was kid-centered with biking, tag, kick-the-can, and comic book trading. Her school teachers filled her head with motivational stories, great quotes, and poetry.  This led her to become a teacher too.  Jean taught elementary school in California, Connecticut, and Washington.  Because of the problem children in her classes, she decided to further her studies and become a counselor. Jean’s goal to unite teachers, parents, and children in their common challenges to build character and help kids succeed came true. When she retired from her 22-year family counseling practice, the door to the internet swung wide open. With a website, blog, and social media, she shares her unique counseling secrets with parents worldwide. Jean lives with her husband. She enjoys her children, grandchildren, their pets, and lively family discussions. Look for her in her office typing away on her laptop as she works on her next book or outside in the sunshine picking roses in her garden. 

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    The Jean Gladwyn Show Ep 42-American Imperialism

    in Politics

    Jean dicusses the imperialist tactis used by the United States.

  • Green Love Talk with Christina Stevens about LOVE: THE SAINT AND THE SEEKER

    in Environment

    This journey to LOVE: THE SAINT AND THE SEEKER began in 1992 at the Rio+20 Summit.

    "As l learned more about the environment and the health of the planet, I got more active. In June 2012, I was part of a 40,000 person delegation of parliamentarians, mayors, UN officials, CEO’s and civil society leaders, more than 50 heads of state and close to 500 ministers for the Rio+20 Summit on Sustainable Development. 700 commitments for $513 billion were pledged to build a sustainable future for the planet earth.

    While at the summit, I spoke of my search for a land that was doing it right; a sustainable global model. Many years earlier, I found myself called to the Kingdom of Bhutan. I feel in love with an ancient land of Kings and Queens, beloved by their people."

    Christina Stevens also serves on the Board of Directors of Ted Turner’s Captain Planet Foundation whose mission is to give the next generation of environmental stewards an active understanding and love for the natural world in which they live. Its unique program of funding and support of hands-on environmental projects is designed to encourage innovative initiatives that inspire and empower youth around the world as they work individually and collectively creating environmental solutions in their homes, schools and communities.

    Much like her journey to meet and film Mother Teresa, big dreams start small, such as being more green and adopting more sustainable practices in one’s life. Yet no change can come about without a vision. That vision needs passion to ignite it and action to bring it into reality. Sometimes merely focusing on an idea, thinking it through and sharing it gives it life, power and momentum.

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    The Jean Gladwyn Show Ep 47-Clinton and UN

    in Politics

    Jean discusses the effects of Clinton's presidency and the UN

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