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    Hard Choices by the "Tested Policy Wonk" Hillary Clinton

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    The rollout of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new book, “Hard Choices,” as a prelude to a possible 2016 run for the White House, has had all the subtlety of a military operation ramping up to full speed: the leak of the Benghazi chapter to Politico late last month , the cover story in the latest issue of People magazine, the wall-to-wall lineup of television interviews this week, a grueling cross-country book tour.New York Times Book Review

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    Peter Zucker @ the Chalk Face

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    8.10.14: You may know Mr. Zucker better from his blog South Bronx School. He has a pretty compelling tale up on his website about the necessity of tenure for professional educators. Notwithstanding our various ideological debates on education reform, who's right, who's wrong, and who's potentially racist or sexist, there are people out there in a lot of pain because they tried to do what's right. We need to emphasize and find ways to support our fellow educators. Remember, no activist, wonk, or pundit would have anything without the tireless efforts of the classroom teachers.

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    The Big Perm Show - Ep #20 - Aaron Miller & Art Lindsey III

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    We've got a great show & guest line-up coming your way this Sunday night at 8pm CST / 9 pm EST. Don't miss it !!

    Joining us this Sunday at 8:15pm CST will be Peoria musician Aaron Miller. We'll catch up with Aaron and find out what he's got cookin' !! Whether he's hosting open mic night at Kenny's WestSide Pub or throwing down with Bare Witness, Aaron is always on the go. On July 20th at Kenny's Westside Pub, right after the Gov't Mule show, Aaron will join former guests Roy Ponce, Mike Miller & Dee Mill for the " Late Night After Party with Peoria All Star Jam Collective. "

    As the train wreck rolls along, at 8:45 pm CST, we'll chat with Peorian Art Lindsey III. Pundit, policy wonk and new media trailblazer, Art Lindsey III has been talking politics for more than a decade. With a background in technology and a passion for politics, Art has made it possible to combine the two into a perfect blend of knowledge and opinion, which he is never shy to share. Who knows where this conversation may go !!

    This Sunday night at 8pm CST / 9 pm EST. Who knows what else we have in store......Don't miss it !!

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    The Right Hook: Interview With Diane Pagen

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    Professional Social Worker, policy wonk and blogger Diane Pagen joins this special edition of the Right Hook to discuss the state of social safety nets (TANF, WIC, SNAP, etc) and what better solutions there are to the issue of poverty in America.  Check out her blog at http://social-ite.blogspot.com/

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    DFW Dish Out Special Post Draft Edition with Shane P Hallam

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    The boys from the Dish Out are back "post draft" to break down all the exciting new fantasy football implications with master draft wonk and rookie guru Shane P Hallam of www.drafttv.com .  Shane will join Dan @Dan_DFW and Dave @RoadWarrior_DFW to go through all the offensive positions giving their likes and dislikes for the upcoming 2013 fantasy season.

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    From Art to Dyslexia

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    Yuri Rashkin, host of Discover Janesville, was born in Soviet Union, and came to the United States in 1988 at the age of 13 with his brother and parents.  
    On this episode of Discover Janesville, Yuri shares his perspective on the Boston Marathon bombers through the lense of the Russian reaction to these tragic events.    
    Also on the program, interview with young Russian hockey player, Ruslan Pedan, who has most recently played for Janesville Jets.  
    Allegrea Rosenberg is a 4th generation Janesville artist.  Recently recognized for her 1500 foot mural, Allegrea shares her thoughts on creativity and artist development.
    Marla Verdone owns a business that caters to those with Dyslexia.  Hear what Marla does to help in our exclusive interview.
    Cathy Myers is a regular contributor to Discover Janesville, and she is also Commissioner-elect on Janesville School Board.  Cathy shares her thoughts on the state budget, and more.
    Dan Hartung is a regular contributor to Discover Janesville, and a city wonk.  Since there was much that needed to be covered, we limited each subject - from economic development changes in Janesville to sidewalks - to 2 minutes.
    Tune in!

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    Jo Comerford-National Priorities Project--The Sequestration Debacle-There's Plenty Of Money Availabl

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    www.FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com presents

    Today was a first on FSN, our guest ended the interview early. Perhaps I was a bit too aggressive, but when someone tells me that we're not spending enough money on education or health or a myriad of other federal programs, I guess I go into overdrive. Ms. Comerford is a very sincere policy wonk. She believes that government programs like home heating assistance are beneficial and help people. She also believes that we're not spending enough on programs like Head Start and other well intentioned intiatives and she feels that there's plenty of moneyavailable for them. I challenged her on these points and she beat a hasty retreat. You decide who has the better argument. 

    Go to www.FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com for the latest info on the economy and precious metals markets

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    Paul Ryan, The Young Gun?

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    So the young gun wants to be Vice President of the United States. One step away from the presidency of the United States of America? The highest office in the land! Arguably the highest office in the world. Paul Ryan has to be kidding. He must be smoking joints. 

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    Passioneer® Stephanie Jones, Political/Social Scientist, Founder of Geek Nerd Wonk

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    Stephanie, raised in Los Angeles, began her training as multi-disciplinary social and political scientist, taking degrees from Yale (Sociology, with Political Science specialty,cum laude) and Columbia (MA Public Heath, in Ethics and History of Public Health, in Socio-medical Science), as well as a doctorate (J.D., U. of Cincinnati, College of Law, American Jurisprudence Award, Law Review) and a post-doctorate degree in law (LL.M) in Mental Health Policy. A life long scholar, Stephanie went to medical school for a few years - abandoned over fury of health care waste, and institutionalized, socio-cultural, systemic conditions that guarantee health care disparities in marginalized and vulnerable populations. She’s studied graduate level Bioethics at the University of Dayon, Death Penalty with Cornell's Law School in Paris, International Human Rights with Gonzaga’s law school in Florence. Graduate psychology studies at Columbia in Neuroscience, Stigma and Social Marketing complimented her training at Stanford's Political Psychology Institute, and in Johns Hopkins' Department of Psychiatry. She’s published in multiple venues, and works across the US and in Africa for marginalized, vulnerable and discriminated against populations, often doing work where multiple stigmatized statuses operate synergistically. She thinks of herself as an educator, researcher and writer. She can be reached at www.geeknerdwonk.org

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    Brett Winterble Show Feb 10 Egypt with Joseph Klein and Aaron Mannes from the Terror Wonk

    in Current Events

    In Today's Brett Winterble Show Egypt with Joseph Klein and Aaron Mannes 

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    Acclaimed Journalist, Suzanne Marcus Fletcher, interviews Mark Bray, a key media representative with Occupy Wall Street in this segment of The Body Politic.  Bray, a Ph.D student, history wonk, and seasoned politcal organizer, clarifies and distills core political and social messages behind OWS (the 99 percent), and addresses the phenomenon of the movement's mercurial rise since its inception at NYC's Zuccotti Park, Sept. 17, 2011. Also discussed, the much anticipated "Occupy Congress" slated to begin 1/17/12 in Washington D.C.