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    Women In Business - Money Making Blogging Tips

    in Entrepreneur

    **Rebroadcast of a favorite Entrepreneurial Women Radio show**  -  Join author and mentor to women in business Sharon Michaels as she shares practical tips for developing the "go-to" blog that your target market will want to regularly read, enjoy and recommend to their friends. If you already have an established blog or are brand new to blogging, you'll want to listen to this broadcast with pen and paper as Sharon shares favorite blogging tips. Sharon shows you how to do business successfully!

    Sharon has been a woman in business for over 25 years - she is a coach to entrepreneurial women, author of empowering books for women, radio host and executive producer of not only this radio show but also Women Enjoying Success radio. Sharon's mission is to empower women to greater personal and professional success.

    Read Sharon's Goal Achieving Blog - http://21daystolivingyourdreams.com

    Read Sharon's Business Building Blog - http://WomenWhoWantToSuccessfullyWorkForThemselves.com


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    Women United

    in Politics

    When women are empowered and supported in a way that does not inhibit everyone grows.

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    Women and Money - "The Fraud Factor" with Alice Crawley

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    I’m delighted to welcome Alice Crawley to today’s show to begin a series on “Women and Money”. This is NOT your usual women and money show! Alice approaches this topic from a completely different direction, asking women “What’s your idea of a wealthy, wonderful life? Is it under-earning, over-spending, unmanageable credit card debt, living in fear and money shame? Of course not!”

    Yet, that’s where many women are – and Alice bravely shares her own personal journey of financial transformation, which began when she was forced to take an honest look at her own money situation. Tune in to hear more!


    Plaid for Women radio is produced to give you information, advice and resources to manage “The Business of Life”. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, get connected, and be heard. 



    Plaid FB: http://www.Facebook.com/PlaidforWomen 

    Plaid TW: http://www.twitter.com/plaidforwomen


    Alice Crawley





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    Women United

    in Politics

    Our program provides the best up to date information on issues and topics that effect women and girls.  We also invite every community member into the conversations with us.

  • Women United

    in Politics

    women stuff

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    Women United

    in Politics

    This episode will discuss the issues related to women and children and the family.  Structural ideaology that hinders women from fully participating in the economy, politics and other decisions in the U.S.

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    WPH: Speaking On How Women Can Make Money Selling Fish

    in Women

    Tarri Bain an avid fish hobbyists will make an Appearance on Women's Power Hour Podcast. Tarri will discussing how women can make money while enjoying the second most popular hobby in the United States just behind Photography. Tarri has been keeping fish for quite a few years now. So, ladies come, listen to Tarri talk about this stress relieving hobby called fish keeping. Call in to learn how to make extra money selling fish on Craigslist, Aquabid or even eBay sales platforms. Call 1-347-677-1837

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    Money Mark Radio

    in Wrestling

    J.P. Jones and Chandler anderis discuss Money mark productions huge up coming events

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    Money Mark Radio

    in Wrestling

    Chandler Anderson and J.P. Jones discuss wrestling on the indepedent circuit today. This episode is sponsored by TNT Transportation Services. Big news regarding Saturday Night Championship Wrestling and the return of professional wrestling to Lewisburg, TN. As well, the big main event for December 19th, 2015 is announced, as TNA/ROH/WWE star Matt Hardy will challenge "The Cardiovascular Massacre" Shawn Hoodrich. Jones and Anderson reveal they are concerned for the safety of those who have talked trash about New Jack, and "Mr. Lewisburg" Bubba Morton open challenge remains unanswered.

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    7 things I know about Women and Money

    in Finance

    Women and Money is the topic of this week's MoneySmarts4u show with host Barbie O'Connor.  After years of working with women, serving as a mentor and advisor to women who managed their own money, Barbie shares her observations dedicated to empower women everywhere to be confident in their own abilities practiced each day of their lives regardless of where they live and who they are. On this show, she reminds women that they can do math, that they end up with more money than men, but keep letting men manage it for them, that they can successfully build their investment portfolios like they build their wardrobes, that they get better long-term investment results than men, and that sharing financial responsibilities within a family results in greater success for each generation involved. 

    Any questions or comments, please email barbie@moneysmarts4u.com. Buy the book on Amazon. Go to the website for more information. Subscribe to the show. Forward the link to today's show to friends and family. 

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    Women United

    in Politics

    Equality and justice must prevail and it will