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    Women and Girls...Our Emergence Part 3

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    As part of our continued discussion on Women and Girls...Our Emergence, today we will look at ways the female is being depicted in the media. It appears that we have become media's junk food. Negative images through a high sex, high violence, high conflict content has become the process that's creating a culture.  norm in our media. What can we do to become less susceptible to messages in the media?Let's discuss this question and more on today's show.

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    Women and Girls...Our Emergence: Part 1

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    Women and girls are affected by hunger, food insecurity, physical/sexual abuse and poverty due to gender inequality and discrimination. The plight facing women and girls is the most critical issue of our time. Join us for our new series: Women and Girls...Our Emergence. Over the next few weeks, we will ask the question: What are the biggest challenges facing women and girls worldwide, and how do we solve them? Gather your daughters, your sisters, your mothers, your girlfriends and tune into this most important discussion.

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    Women and Girls...Our Emergence Part 4

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    As part of our continued discussion on Women and Girls...Our Emergence, today we will look at ways the female is being called to her own personal blossoming for the greater story of humanity's evoluntion to unfold. This is one of our most important discussions to date. Don't miss it. 

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    Win Cash And Prizes from Naked Girls Radio!

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    Get on NGR - make friends, promote your page, upload photos, videos, audio, write blogs, forums and be social to win cash!!! Join us for Monday game nights & have tons of fun with all of your best friends while you earn points that can be redeemed for free prizes!

    The two player games for Naked Girls Radio Network members include:

    *8-Ball Pool * Backgammon * Battleships * Brilliant Turn * Cheat * Checkers * Chess * Conectomato * Darts * Domino * Four in a Row * Go * GoldMiner * Hex Empire * Hexaru * Kaban Tactics * Knights Domain * Mancala * Marbles * Match 4 * MineSweeper * Ramble Scramble * Russian Roulette * SheepMe * Sudoku * Super Star Balls * Tic Tac Toe*

    Log in & play games with friends Monday nights & win free prizes!

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    Celebrating and Embracing Girls and Women of Color: Rising Above Colorism

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    Join Dr. Culbreth, Dr. Jung-Kim and guests for Celebrating and Embracing Girls and Women of Color: Rising above Colorism and Negativity.


    Psychic prisons 
    Breaking down skin color and race barriers
    Defying negative stereotypes 
    Celebrating and embracing each other           
    The power within
    You are so much more
    Reality TV                                                      
    Higher Ground
    Sisters in unity
    The Movement
    National Girls and Women of Color Council  (NGWCC)



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    We are back! In ths show we talk about the importance of creating a relationship with one's own sexuality and how that relates to sprituality. We'll talk about how sexuality is different after menopause, the importance of self pleasuring, sensuality and opening up to your sexuality as it exists now! We'll also share some things that you can do to find your sexuality again after menopause and establish a sexual relationship with yourself.

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    Girls & Women of Color: Moving Forward, Onward and Upward

    in Culture

    The Dynamics of Colorism Talk Radio is two years old. Join us as we celebrate!

    Join Dr. Culbreth and Dr. Jung-Kim for an introduction of the National Girls and Women of Color  Council, Inc. 


    NGWCC (Mission, Vision and Core Values(
    In the NGWCC News
    Moving Forward
    Moving  Onward
    Moving Upward
    Team NGWCC
    Invitation to join NGWCC 
    New books for Girls and  Women of Color: Live Life Beautiful and Live Life Fabulous

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    Naked Girls Radio Tonight - Music So New It's Naked

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    Let us help you get the word out about your music.  Naked girls radio has web site visitors and radio listeners from all around the world.  Naked girls radio is based in Chicago Illinois USA and we also have a radio studio in Los Angeles.  Our independent musicians come from all over the globe bringing you a new fresh sound in plenty of diversity.  A large amount of our listeners and visitors are from the USA however are secondary country is the United Kingdom.  We have members and fans from many different countries and there are very few places in the world that have not yet experienced naked girls radio for themselves.

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    Monday Game Nights on Naked Girls Radio

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    Every Monday night is game night on Naked Girls Radio where site members can log in to play two player games with their friends on the social network for fun and sometimes prizes. We get together, hang out, chat, socialize and have fun and then keep track of our scores for each game in the forums all while listening to our favorite songs. Sound like something you might enjoy doing on your Monday evenings? Come on then and join us! It's free to be a part of it and we would love to have you there!!

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    The Late Night Girls: Flirting or Leading Him On?

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    Flirting or leading him on? When does it cross the line?

    Tune in and join the convo tonight at 10pm Eastern!

    The Late Night Girls

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    Welcome to Women Making Sense of Sex (and everything else) at 60! In this episode, join my co-host Iris Bieri and in a lively conversation about the changes that we women face after menopause and as we enter into our 60's. What makes this time unique for us? 

    Our bodies are changing radically and we are no longer oriented towards having children and being in relationship. We are also facing the loss of our roles as mothers, sexual partners (for some of us) wives, and for some of us we are facing retirement and or the loss of our careers. We are entering into a time when many things that we have hooked our identity on to are changing and we are faced with "now what?" and "who am I?".

    Many of us feel alone in this and isolated. That is why we're talking about this! So, join us and other women in this candid open conversation about what goes on beneath the surface and feel connected to the rhythme of your natural blueprint. Nothing is wrong with you! It is just time to step fully into your changes and embrace your authenticity.

    This show is also great for you younger women  wondering what you have to look forward to as you move through into maturity!


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