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    Matriarchy- The Foundation Of The Womb Of The Mother Habitats Inc.

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    We will discuss Matriarchy and why it is the foundation of our Organization

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    Womb Healing with Chelle Goodfriend

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    Chelle has been working with women and their Wombs for her entire adult life. She started at age 18 helping women with fertility struggles become pregnant using alternative and energetic methods. She has helped tens of thousands of women through pregnancy privately and while working at several Orange County hospitals over the last 27 years as well as attending well over 500 births as a doula. She has written about birth in medical journals as well as parenting publications, and has lectured at medical conferences in the US and Mexico. Now in private practice, Chelle assists women with Womb Wellness through the use of ancient Meso American techniques such as Womb Massage and Herbal Steam baths. As an herbalist she customs blends herbal formulas for women with gynecologic issues. She helps women break free from their past traumas, that so many women hold within the core of their body, with her Womb Clearing® sessions. Our womb is a vessel at the very core of our being, like a vase holding energy from every past sexual experience, abortions, miscariages, traumatic births, cesareans, sexual abuse and unhealthy relationships. These old, stagnant energies inform our body, soul and emotions acting as old programs. Once these energies are cleared we open more spaciousness for Love (for ourself and others) Forgiveness, Creativity, Abundance, Beauty and Grace to enter our core, the source of creation in our lives.


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    “You may feel like working through all the questions here in one long session. Or you may want to focus on one or two of the questions at a time, and go deeply into what they mean for you. There is no right way or wrong way—there is only your way.
    Use the questions that follow to explore your attitudes toward your womb as part of your Sacred Womb Journal work in the privacy of your home. If you choose, you may share your experiences in your Sacred Womb Circle.”

    Excerpt From: Afua, Queen. “Sacred Woman.” Ballantine Books, 2009-06-10. iBooks. 
    This material may be protected by copyright.

    Check out this book on the iBooks Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/sacred-woman/id420726210?mt=11

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    NMEMINDZ: Toxic Environment, Toxic Womb

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    Please join Professor Griff and ZaZa Ali this Tuesday for part 2 of "Toxic Environment, Toxic womb" The Macro Womb and The Micro Womb. The call in no # is 347-633-9644. 8pm EST/5pm PST. Peace!

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    Aremisa Hailey On The "Indigenous Womb, and Birth" Health N' Wellness.

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    Join us on the Art Of War Network Show, with our host Earl Simmons, and his guest Aremisa Hailey, of the "Indigenous Birth and Womb Services" on Wednesday, March 25, 2015, at 8:00 P.M. Est. until 10:00 P.M. Est. Call us here at 1-347-857-3470, with your questions, and comments. We will be discussing the topic of women's womb health, and emotional wellness, specifically how the imbalance of the women's womb health impacts our communities. You may call in to listen, or you can visit us online at www.blogtalkradio.com..Enjoy the Show.

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    MBSFood: The Wonders of Womb Work with Thema Azize Serwa

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    Thema Azize Serwa believes we are powerful enough to heal ourselves from ANY dis-ease. She draws from her own experience to believe in the power of holistic medicine, especially the power of vaginal steaming--a treatment many of us in the Western World are ignorant of. What started as a journey to heal herself from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) quickly became an opportunity to transform her life. Thema believes illness is the alarm system from our spirit that is saying, “It’s time for change.” She uses her skills and experiences as a professional coach, educator, empowerer, interfaith minister, wife, mother, woman, friend, and daughter of The Most High to support women in creating the change that they need not just in their bodies, but in their lives.

    Join us as Reverend High Priestess Thema Azize Serwa, also known by many as Malinda Euell, serves up a big dish of insight around her powerful, multi-faceted work with women via The Womb Sauna. You will be amazed at the wonders of womb work, and won't want to miss it!

    To find out more about Thema, check out her website www.thewombsauna.com.

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    The physical womb (or uterus) is located in the pelvic region, and is sheltered by the ovaries and fallopian tubes. The most sacred female organ of reproduction is hollow and pear-shaped, and lies on top of the bladder.”

    “The spiritual aspect of the womb in the body is seen as an arit, the original Khamitic word for “spiritual energy center” or “gateway.” The aritu (plural) are also referred to as the chakras, the seven basic subtle energy centers of the body. The womb arit corresponds to the second chakra, representing the aspects of procreation, inspiration, and family.

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    Heart & Soul Messages: Clearing the Female Womb for Health

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    Join Dr Pam Denton on her show Heart and Soul Messages as she talks about the concept of female empowerment through womb space health. You will learn important concepts for soul love, find hope, repair your female body and strengthen your soul. And most importantly you will be guided to find peace in your soul’s quest to be in relationship with your sacred womb space.

    In this weeks show we will be focusing on the sacred womb and powerful visualization for clearing the womb.

    Join Dr Pam as she interviews female empowerment specialist Chelle Goodfriend:

    Chelle Goodfriend has a background as a perinatal specialist working with women over the last 26 years at local hospitals throughout fertility issues, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding and parenting. She has also attended over 500 births as a labor doula. Chelle is an energy medicine practitioner, trained in Peru, as well as an herbalist and clinical aromatherapist.

    During a Womb Clearing we connect by phone or Skype in a quiet place where you can lay down with the phone on speaker. Chelle energetically removes dense energy from your womb from past traumas, relationships, abortions, miscarriages, cesarean or traumatic births with energy and visualization. She then fils your womb with radiant light. The process is powerful and deep and immediate changes are felt on physical and emotional levels.

    Find out how this is possible and build the connection to female spirituality.

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    Thorough Body Thursday Holistic Womb & Lingham Healing with JewelzOfComfort

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    Thanks for hanging out in the Goddess Suite, Tune in 9pm for our THOROUGH BODY Thursday show, sip a cup of CONSCIOUS tea and get ready for the HOTTEST 2 HOURS of your life!  Join us tonight as we are fortunate and blessed to have  Antionetta, the founder, and creator of Jewelz Of Comfort a womb health educational center.  Where they offer the keys to access one's knowledge of SELF as the gateway for sensual empowerment for womb health through assessment, rejuvenation and restoration. 

     Antionetta is a spiritually led woman who walks this Earth plane under the guidance of her ancestors and guides.  Antionetta  comes from a long line of healers and intuitive. She connects with spirit in many ways: clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.  Antionetta is able to assist you on your spiritual path in the present, near future and past lives.  Antionetta is proficient in gemstone identification and selection for your healing needs. She is also knowledgeable of herbs and natural remedies to assist you in your healing journey.  


    Discover all services provided and which service will better assist you by visiting www.jewelzofcomfort.com 

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    Sacred Woman Book Read-“Womb Zone" work

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    “The spirit/mind of the womb has an awareness, a divine memory, a storehouse of self-knowledge that allows a woman to tap into higher wisdom and higher consciousness at will through the art of meditation and contemplation. Daily practice of meditation allows us to release poisons from our wombs.”

    ““Use oils and incense to anoint your womb in the spirit of each womb rejuvenation zone,”

    “Place the prescribed Sacred Stone by or on your womb or wear a set as waist beads.”


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