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    Womans Fellowship

    in Religion

    Fridays is womans prayer and worship night

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    true life life line womans bible sharing

    in Christianity

    true life life ministrys womans bible sharing. so please join us at the round table as we discuss the love of God amen. how much does God really love us and do we love him the same. so come in and listen to the true word of God amen and god bless

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    true life line ministrys, womans bible study. nancy, tammie, judy,

    in Christianity

    true life line ministrys, join us on saturday night at the round table as we talk about tradtions, bibically. womans bible sharing were going to be talking about tradtions and were they come from, and how they effect our christian walk in todays world. and much more. so dont miss out on these bibical topics, and moving forward in the word of God and getting closer amen and God bless.

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    womans bible study, in depth preaching about the holy spirit.

    in Christianity

    true life line ministrys, womans bible study . please join us at the round table to share about the holy spirit. and prayers, what does the holy spirit mean and does it represent spiritualy. and why as we children of God, carry the holy spirit. so dont miss out. amen

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    join us Gods true life line womans bible sharing , with nancy, tammie,

    in Christianity

    join us on saturday night @ 9;00 central time at the round table womans bible sharing. with our sisters nancy and tammie adams. for an indepth sharing about the bible as God leads them and teaches about obience of  God and your spiritual walk. as they speak about the dos and the donts and whats stopping us from going forward in our walk with the lord. amen and God bless all. do miss out.


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    New Seasons: Fight for Your Life - Reposition Yourself! - Pt. 2

    in Self Help

    Have you been in a fight for your life? Are you living chaotic everyday?  Are you not able to gain a solid footing in any direction?  It's time for a change!  Are you ready for a re-build or a re-position?  Today's we have good news for you that will enlighten and encourage you to make a course correction!!! 

    Join us today as we discuss Part 2 of "Fight For Your Life - Reposition Yourself!"

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    New Seasons - Live Abundantly!! Hope for The Holidays

    in Motivation


    There are so many people all around us whose hopes have been shattered.  Perhaps it has been one too many incidents that have taken place in their lives and there has literally been NO time to recover from any one of them.  Old folks would say "when it rains, it pours".  Sometimes people are smiling to keep from crying.  Hope for some people are liken unto a dirty glass; they can't see anything other than the dirty residue on the glass.  Hope during the holidays are sometimes excruciatingly painful for some.  I wonder how many people we walk around, work around, speak to or encounter in some way that are at the brink of hopelessness.  They don't see a way out.  My heart goes out to people especially during the holiday season.  The holidays are usually painted pictures of family and friends; love and laughter; food and fun.  However, for many people is such a time of despair and depression.  Some people actually dread the holidays especially Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Some people get the holiday blues for whatever the reason.  Some people are not in close family relationships and may be estranged.  Here's the good news, we have a universal charge to spread love and give hope to those who are hopeless during Christmas times.

    We are sharing ways to give hope during the holiday season! Join in on the discussion and let us know how you plan to give hope during the Christmas holiday season!  The call-in # is 646-716-7079.  I'd like to hear from you!


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    Men of Honor on A Godly Womans View talk show

    in Women

    Interviews with men of honor * Pastor Elias ramos and Enmanuel salcedo. 

    hosting Hispanic/English segment of A Godlt Woman's View * Pastora Mariyln ramos

    1. What are some characteristics that describe a man?

    2. How do you come into your manhood?

    3. What are some challenges that every man faces?

    4. How do you overcome them?

    5. What makes one a man of honor?

    6. How do you break stereotypes and generational curses?

    The Knight in Shining Armor is a fabulous image of Might. It speaks to chivalry, integrity and valor. But to what end? For what purpose? For what reason does a mighty man exist. you were created to give your life. A Father is a man who has learned to give his life for others. A Mighty Man of God is a man who gives his life with strength, honor, and passion. A Mighty Man of God Protects those he Loves.  His left arm is under my head, and his right arm embraces me.

    To be honorable is to be kind, genuine and empathetic without expecting a reward for your behaviour. It’s a rare combination of virtues, but with practice anyone can be honorable. Do you want to be the type of person who stands up for your beliefs instead of cowering, who rescues your friends when they need you, and who’s known for being an upstanding citizen? Start by doing little things, like showing up when you say you will or asking someone if they need a hand. When you practice living honestly in everyday ways, and letting people know you have their backs, being honorable will start to feel like second nature.

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