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    The Wolverine

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    AreYouScreening.com host and BFCA film critic, Marc Eastman, and co-host extraordinaire, Shane Leonard, review The Wolverine.
    I'll spoil it now... I think we liked it.
    Don't forget you could win every movie we review this year on Blu-Ray! Tune in to find out how.

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    The Wolverine

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    Tonight we talk about the movie - the Wolverine. 

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    the wolverine

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    born at the turn of the century,jame howlett the man who one day becomes known and feared as wolverine was a sickly child. but he was also born a mutant,gifted with the remarkable ability to heal virtually instantaneously from almost any wound. he also had razor-sharp claws made of bone,a fact he first became aware of when,during a domestic dispute je accidentally unsheathed his claws for the first time killing his assailant. now his body cover in metal and now has razor-sharpe metal claws and can't be stop or kill by anyone. his past is unknown and not even the x-men and charles knows his past. now on the big screen played by hugh jackman in the first 3 x-men movies and now the wolverine movies. now he working on the second one as we speak of. now this story telling how he learns the way of the sword by japans sword master and learn on how to control the beast and how to cage it. but that problem with logan u can't cage the beast. he is a animal just like the hulk when u upset him out comes the claws even sabertooth found out the hard way. also he was part of weapen x cause he able to heal and they put adamantium in him and was able to stand it. and live through it that how the metal claws came in cause it also cover the bone claws. so now he part of x-men,the avengers also so the question is are they going bring hugh jackman into the avengers movie if so that would be awesome. plus hugh did say he play wolverine cause he love playing it plus the kids love it to. i can't wait for the second wolverine movie. let see what happens in this one with the story. call in give me your thoughts about wolverine and the movies base on his past. plus the x-men movies

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    Batman vs. Daredevil vs. Wolverine - Zombie Pirates & Zorro - Farting Banthas?!

    in Pop Culture

    Is there a new Zorro movie on the horizon and will it be set in a post-apocalyptic world? Could the plot involve Zombie Pirates and telepathic smartphones? We discuss this plus more details we've heard about the new Star Wars Land coming soon to Disneyland and Disney World! On tonight's show with Leondro Silva from series Oposto do Sexo (Opposite of Sex).and Rio WebFest, we play two rounds of our favorite game Character Cage Match, where we put fictional characters against each other in epic battles!. Round one: Batman v. Wolverine v. Daredevil. Round two: Buffy v. Sarah Connor v. Starbuck. Who do you think would win in a cage match? It turns out our Game Master seems to be slightly biased on the winners! And we top it off with a rousing game of Geeky Madlibs - just like the madlibs you remember from when you were a kid only more ridiculous!

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    Review of The Wolverine

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    Tonight I review The Wolverine Movie

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    Source Material #017 - "What If...? Wolverine Killed The Hulk "

    in Books

    Wolverine and The Hulk... two of Marvel's toughest heroes.  Wolvie's first appearance was actually in the jade giant's own book.  Both, suprisingly, walked away to go on to bigger and better things in the Marvel U, crossing paths every once in a while.  But what if on that fateful day, Wolverine had decided the only way to walk away from their encounter was to KILL his opponent?  What If...?

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    Wolverine Returns

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    Movie Addict HQ presents a revealing preview of the upcoming Wolverine film as well as a spirited discussion of Hugh Jackman’s other movies. Golden Globe-nominated actor Stephen Bauer has also been invited to call-in with an update of his exciting new projects. Film buffs Jazz Shaw and Fausta Rodriguez Wertz join in the fun!   

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    x-men/wolverine reviews

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    on the world finest we are going talk about the x-men films even the new one days of future past. plus the 2 wolverine movies cause the x-men film is a tie in with the 2 wolverine films. so call in and give us your thoughts about the movies and the wolverine movies.

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    Spartan Wolverine Preview

    in Sports

    San Diego, CA-  College Football saturday has many big games.  But, today we preview the Michigan State vs Nebraska  game and what this game means for the Sparty and their respect.  We also breakdown Michigan vs Rutgers and what the Wolverines can accomplish in an already succesful season.  Welcome to Rivalry Radio where every Rivalry counts!

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    isportsMSU Red Cedar Report

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    On today's isportsMSU Red Cedar Report, we finally get down to the X's and O's of Saturday's showdown between the Michigan State Spartans and Michigan Wolverines. Former Western Michigan point guard (and resident Wolverine fan) Jeremy File joins Tyler Hayward to help break it all down. Who will be the x-factors going into the game and how does Michigan contain Matt Costello without giving up the three ball? The guys talk about all that and more on today's show.

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    Episode 15: The Wolverine

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    The last time we saw Wolverine hit the big screen in a solo effort the results were...well...divided. This weekend we get the follow-up The Wolverine and it looks like some of those negatives have been corrected. Then it's on to The To-Do List with Aubrey Plaza and then to the documentary that's making alot of waves The Act of Killing.