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    Howling Wolfs Radio

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    we are howling wolfs Radio..live djing music and fun come on borde with us call us for request..

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    Howling Wolfs Radio

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    welcome to Howling Wolfs Radio come join the live DJ..fun time and music and also talk..ever one come join us

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    Howling wolfs Radio

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    welcome to Howling Wolfs Radio.come join us Live.DJing.and haveing fun takeing request..come join the party.

  • Episode 53... To Infinity and Beyond...

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    We are coming at Geekdom from all sides again tonight.  No matter what your passion is, more than likely we are going to be talking about it tonight.  Let me give you "A taste of things to come....." 

    Ivy and I will tackle "The Historian".  Chris Weinstein is coming on to discuss the INFINITY skirmish mini system and why you NEED to get your ass down to a hobby store and pick up a starter box.  Scott Hughes from Highlander/Fat Moose will be discussing what's new in comics and of course the Lord of the Board and I will be talking RPG's with a review of Shadow Run E5.

    MY God, does it get any better than this?  Probably, but let's be honest, this is farkin HOT, HOT, HOT.... so strap in, take a deep breath and let's get ready to talk two hours of hobby with your gang of gamers at Live Inside the Wolfs Den....

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    "In Other Words…" with Best-Selling Baltimore Author, Julianna Baggott

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    Julianna Baggott has been writing for 14 years and has 22 books in print, some of them best sellers.  That on its own is impressive, but add to that they were Put out by publishing houses, not self-published.  Then add in that she was raising three small children for most of that time.  Prolific may be an understatement. 

    She also writes under the pen names Bridget Asher and N.E. Bode.  Ms. Asher writes more for women and N.E. Bode (pronounced body) writes for ages 8-13. 

    Julianna talks with us this week about how that all happened and about her process, and about her most recent book, Harriet Wolf's Seventh Book of Wonders.  It takes place mostly in the Baltimore area and talks about some well known institutions here, like what used to be called the Home for Feeble Minded Children, and later, as Rosewood.

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    Episode 52... Spooky Summer Spectacular...

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    The sun is out, the weather is warm and the music can be heard playing across the state from the Jersey shore but wait, what is that?  Is that the sound of shambling feet swooshing through the sand?  Is that the creaky of Hell's gates as the hound dogs drag another sorry soul back into oblivion?  What the hell is going on?

    Well kids it's going to okay.  We are simply talking to some guests who are a little fiendish and quite a bit fabulous.  We have Brimstone from the world of Wrestling join our show to talk about his comicbooks and some of the other ventrures that are lining up for this amazing entertainer.  We also will be sharing some time with Ashley Zdeb from the rapidly growing LARP Dystopia Rising to hear her thoughts about what makes this LARP such a premier destination for so many people around the country.  

    And if that wasn't enough, we will be hearing from Mr. Scott Hughes from Fat Moose Comics/Highlander Games about some of the must have releases of the upcoming month.  And yes Gen Con has just ended but Mr. Sunshine will be here giving us a few tasty tidbits to sink our teeth into before the big wrap up show in two weeks.

    So grab a towel, (you know why) and turn up the volume cause this is going to be one helluva show!!!

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    Reach Out America: The Voice of America's Veterans

    in Current Events

    Real Veterans, real dilemma. Jon Wolf, the creator of Veteran Horizons and Army Veteran JT Hawk talk with real warfighters and how they deal everyday.

    Dont miss JT's rant and Wolfs news comentary! Catch the latest in the movement for helping Vet's with PTSD and much more! 

    Join us and feel free to call in and share your stories! 

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    Episode 49... Convention Season is in full Swing....

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    Hey Gang:

    Well do we have a ton to let you know about.  Gen Con is about a month away and the boys are literally chomping at the bit to get out there and play some games.  Locally, Dexcon 18 is less then two weeks away from kick-off with over 96 hours of continuous gaming.  Not to mention, that Origins just wrapped up and Comic Con in New York sold out in nearly record time.  So, we are going to talk about cons.  What to do, how to roll and for those of you out there who have never really gamed before in a competitive enviroment what you can expect when you line your skills up against an opponent.

    Also, we have some other HUGE news.  Chris Weinstein minatures master will be joining the show for a new monthly spot called, "In Scale" where he will talk with us and some other huge mini geeks about the trends in tourney play, game popularity and rules interpretations.  We are very glad to offer our loyal listeners this new segment and can't wait to get Chris on the Mic.

    And of course, we will have the famous Moose Master Mr. Scott Hughes from Highlander games/Fat Moose comics to talk to us about what's new in games and books.  Plus the usual cast of characters regailing you with their tales of High Adventure...so don't be shy, come into the Den and let us entertain you....

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    Episode 48... Bring out your GM's....

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    It's the show you have all been begging for.  That's right, we have assembled some of the area's most notorious Storytellers and asked them to come on the show and talk all about running RPG's.  With Mr. Sunshine hosting the panel, you will be able to learn these storytellers secrets on creating memorable NPC's, how and when props are effective, if plot should change, how to deal with unruly players, which combat systems they like to utilize and why, and so, so much more.

    If you ever wanted to be a GM but have had some second or even third thoughts, then this is the show you just don't want to miss.  And for those of you more experienced GM's, who knows, perhaps this interview will spark an idea that helps set up your next BIG game.  

    But wait, there's more???  DAMN straight there's more... We will also have Scott Hughes from Highlander games/Fat Moose comics on to discuss what are some of the hot new releases in comics and games, along with some banter on the re-boot of Big Trouble not to mention our beloved segment, What's been new in hobby with the hosts...

    So don't be shy... you know you want to listen and honestly, we likes it when you do... especially in the shower...

    So, let's get this clam bake started....

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    Episode 47: Memorial day...Remembering the Geeky things that were gone too soon.

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    We've all been there before; screaming at the T.V., begging the G.M. to continue the story, agonizing over the end of a tournament, game or book we loved so much.  Well tonight, we are going to talk about the the geeky things we miss that left us wanting more.

    But of course, that's not all.  We begin our new segment with Store owner Scott Hughes from Highlander games/ Fat Moose Comics, who will be on the show to discuss what's hot in comics and give us a sneek peek at some of the new games that should be dropping in the next few months before Gen Con.

    And we don't stop there, We also have a review of Mad Max, the Steampunk Worlds Fair, the miniature skirmish game infinity and an update on our pet peeve...Mordheim the video game.

    So strap it on or strap in whichever works best for you and let's get this Memorial day edition of the Den...underway!

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    Episode Forty-three...America Land of Free...except perhaps in Indiana...

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    In this day and age, in the greatest nation on earth the fact we have to sit here and discuss this issue is INSANITY to us.  Indiana's Govenor has passed a piece of legislation so crazy that the whole internet is buzzing about it and kids...so are we.  As majority members of what was once a counter culture we owe it to our brothers and sisters to understand this new law and help decide if it is something we as comsumers can live with?  Many major corporations are saying no...what about you.  

    And don't panic.  We've got news about National Tabletop day, what's going on at stores near and around you. We are also going to speak about the new practice of early release and what does the word "early" really mean plus a shit load of other stuff....so you know what to do.  Get in your yoga pants...and, and, well...let's talk about that after the show...Until then...It's time for the Wolfs Den!