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    Robert Ghost Wolf Marathon - Predictions for 2005-2009

    in Spirituality

    Tonight: Through The Looking Glass: Predictions for 2005 - 2009
    Special Tribute to Ghost Dance Chief Robert Ghost Wolf:

    Husband, Father and Grandfather... and a good friend.
    An Ordained Minister in the Apostolic Order down from St. Thomas
    A Biblical Archaeologist
    A Chanupa Carrier and a trained Medicine Man
    Friend and confidant of The Hopi Elders (whom many refer to him as "Chief"), and of Frank Fools Crow, Pete Catches Sr., Rolling Thunder, Mad Bear, and many others...

    1947 to 12/21/2005 - Walks West exactly 7 years before the end of the Mayan Calendar... after a thunderclap under a cloudless sky at his daughter's home in the Bay Area.

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