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    Shotgun Poetry with Wolfgang Carstens

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    The infamous "shotgun poetry" reading series returns with a vengeance in its sixth season as Wolfgang Carstens welcomes Frank Reardon, Rob Plath and Lawrence Gladeview to the program.  
    Blood will be squeezed from the alphabet.
    Tune in "shotgun poetry" on the third Tuesday of every month.  
    Leave us a comment at http://inthesoup.blog.com/shotgun-poetry-series/.

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    TRUNEWS 12/09/14: Wolfgang Halbig

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    Topic: School safety consultant and former Florida State Trooper Wolfgang Halbig shares with Rick the troubling discrepancies surrounding the official storyline about the Sandy Hook school shootings. Mr. Halbig also shares with Rick a recent mysterious call warning him to back off, followed by a car running him off the road.


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    Sandy Hook: Fact or Fiction — Keith Johnson vs. Wolfgang Halbig

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    After listening to the debate, visit Hot Button Debates to vote on who you think won.

    Dave Gahary moderates a debate between Keith Johnson and Wolfgang Halbig, who debate and discuss Wolf's upcoming trip to Hartford, Connecticut, where he will lend support to Jonathan Reich and his family and hire an attorney who will file a civil lawsuit regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School event.

    The moderator will ask questions to each participant who will have no more than five minutes to present their argument and evidence and have no more than five minutes for their closing statement. Personal or unnecessary attacks will be met with the mute button.

    Callers will be taken during the final hour.

    Keith Johnson is an investigative journalist and radio talk show host who has for 17 years worked as a private investigator and polygraph examiner for several Fortune 500 companies and prominent law firms. Keith is based in Tennessee and can be contacted at keithj.americanfreepress@yahoo.com.

    Keith will argue that the Sandy Hook Elementary School event was an actual mass-casualty incident.

    Wolfgang W. Halbig has worked in public education as a teacher, dean, assistant principal, principal of an alternative school and as the Director for School Safety and Security for the Seminole County Public Schools, a school district of approximately 65,000 students.

    A former Florida State Trooper and U.S. Customs Inspector, Halbig  has provided safety training and school assessments for more than 4,000 school districts nationwide.

    Wolfgang will argue that the Sandy Hook Elementary School event was a staged drill.

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    #32 - Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein & Co-Host Gen Padova

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    On this episode we have special guest Co-Host, the lovely and talented Star Gen Padova who will be with us for the duration of the show. Listen and call in with any questions you may have for Gen. 


    We also will be interviewing Rock Legend Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstien of the Misfits. We will be covering his career along with taking your questions. 

    All this plus our usual crazy bevy of topics and conversation! This Friday 6/6/14 at 9PM EST! 

    Our live call in number (619) 924-0762

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    Reclaim your Health with Health Coaches Dr. Rachel Haviland and Genevieve Kohn

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    This show is for women who want to reclaim their health on the physical, emotional and/or spiritual levels.

    In this episode Christie Miller shares the three elements of her healthy living philosophy: 

    Eating healthy, Training daily and Winning happiness.

    Christie Miller is a Healthy Living Architect, motivational speaker, non-practicing attorney and she was an LA County Sheriff for a limited time while seeking mid-life badassery.

    Christie is an engaging TV personality who has appeared numerous times on QVC, served her healthy creations to Wolfgang Puck, took home the grand prize on Break the Bank, and dominated the ABC show Wipeout.

    After losing 28 pounds and creating the life of her dreams, Christie realized that her friends and colleagues shared many of the same obstacles, dilemmas and general unhappiness.  Based on this discovery, Christie became certified in nutrition, personal training and life coaching so she could help other people live healthier and happier. www.eattrainwin.com

    About the Hosts:

    Rachel Haviland, Ph.D. blends 19 years in scientific research with cutting-edge marketing techniques to bring a unique perspective to medical marketing. An experienced writer, trainer and speaker with an entrepreneurial mindset, she combines innovative marketing solutions with extensive healthcare knowledge to create campaigns that produce results.

    Genevieve Kohn shows women how to reclaim their health through healthy diet, gentle exercise and energy healing so they can have a life they love! She is a best-selling author, health coach, and energy healer. She lives in suburban Boston with her husband and two young sons. Go to bit.ly/wellsource4me and sign up to receive your free gift!

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    Making papers, Rolling Papers

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    The Liberty Men have dinner with Wolfgang Halbig and Tim has his eyes opened to Sandy Hook. Mike holds steady to his proof that it's not what Dave says it is. Also - the real men in black, black eyed kids, and Tim is paid a visit by his astral plane guru.


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    RexSikes Movie Beat chats w writer Michael Beckner WS7

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    Michael Frost Beckner "The Screewriter Series"  EP 7 Screenwriter on Rex Sikes' Movie Beat. Michael launched his writing career with three record-making “spec” script sales: Texas Lead & Gold, Cutthroat Island, Hunchback of Notre Dame. He's writtern dozens of screenplays, studio rewrites, twenty pilots for commercial and cable networks, numerous episodes for network television,  His first original film Sniper spawned three sequels. His big-screen success came with Universal's Spy Games, directed by Tony Scott starring Robert Redford and Brad Pitt. He created, Excutive Producered and wrote the CBS series, The Agency. He began his career as director, Barry Levinson’s Writing Assistant working with the director on Good Morning, Vietnam and Rain Man.  From 1997 to 2008, he worked extensively with director, Sydney Pollack, adapting John Le Carre’s The Night Manager and writing two more films and developing two television series. Recent writing credits include: CSI: Crime Scene Investigators, Discovery's Gold Fever, and he is preparing the Spy Game prequel Muir’s Gambit for production and has adapted his novel Berlin Mesa into a 4 hour mini-series for AMC, Beckner is currently working on City of Lies with director Wolfgang Petersen. upcoming Civil War Event Mini-Series To Appomattox. Stay tuned to Rex Sikes Movie Beat for other great archived interviews, cast and crew listings, events, festivals, premieres, and more at http://www.rexsikes.com  Visit and subscribe to Rex Sikes' Movie Beat Blog at http://www.RexSikesMovieBeat.me for articles and more about the industry we love and work in.

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    Date with a Debate: CW Wade vs. Wolfgang Halbig

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    On Monday, April 7, 2014, at 8 p.m. ET, Dave Gahary moderates a debate* between CW Wade and Wolfgang Halbig.

    For two hours, CW Wade takes on Wolfgang Halbig’s “SIXTEEN QUESTIONS THAT DEMAND THE TRUTH,” as it relates to the controversy surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School event of December 14, 2012.

    *The debate will follow this format:

    Each participant will be asked to give an opening statement to summarize their position.

    The moderator will ask questions to each participant where they will have no more than five minutes to present their argument and evidence. If less than the allotted time is used, it will be set aside for a less structured discussion towards the end. At the end of the debate, each participant will have no more than five minutes for their closing statement. Personal or unnecessary attacks will be met with the mute button.

    If sufficient time remains, calls will be taken.

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    Susanne Posel, Solaris Blueraven on Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing

    in Spirituality

    1. Who directed the New Haven Federal Bureau of Investigation field office to classify the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting (SHES)?
    2. Why and for what reason would the FBI classify the SHES shooting when they did not classify the Columbine shooting which also was an Active Shooter Mass Casualty Incidents (AS/MCI)?
    3. Who on was the Incident Commander as required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in directing the AS/MCI at SHES?
    • Who at the Incident Command Center made the ordering of Port-A-Potties a high priority since they were delivered within three hours of the school shooting?
    • Who ordered those Port-A-Potties from Southbury, Connecticut?
    • When I called the Port-A-Pottie company, after searching for over a week as to who they were and when they were ordered, I was told this information was classified and they are not allowed to share that information with me.
    • The next morning I received a phone call from the Southbury Police Department at my home telling me not to call that company again, since I was harassing them.
    • High priority for toilets but not for Life Star Trauma helicopters or paramedics.
    4. Who and why did they not request Life Star helicopters, knowing that children and school staff were seriously injured and clinging to life?
    5. Who and why did they not allow the paramedics and the EMTs inside SHES?



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    Deanna Spingola talks to her guests Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer and Dave Gahary, as they discuss their day in Newtown, Connecticut.

    Update (by Deanna): Unfortunately, Dr. Fetzer and Mr. Halbig were unavailable for the program. They decided to join Jeff Rense later in the evening after taking a much-needed rest from their day's activities. Apparently, Halbig was unable to obtain the answers to his 16 questions from anyone in Newtown after spending all of the time and money (from donations) to go there. One may see the answers to those questions by visiting Wade's page, which he posted on March 23, 2014. Halbig did not ask the school board the only question that they, having the proper jurisdiction over, could have answered—had the school been in operation during the last five years? Some people claim that it was not. It is uncertain exactly what Halbig and Fetzer actually accomplished but their visit certainly became the focus of a lot of media attention. An NBC correspondent was at the school board meeting, InfoWars had a representative there and the local newspapers covered Halbig's viist. 

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    FBI Crime Report Reveals No One Killed at Sandy Hook?

    in Politics

    The 2012 FBI Crime Statistics reports presents an odd contradiction to what's been reported from the mainstream media about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  

    The report shows 0 murders in Newton, Connecticut for the time period which would cover the shooting. Did the FBI get sloppy in its data gathering?  Or, is there something else we should know?

    A blogger at Fellowshipofminds.com has also presented information from the Social Security Death Master File which shows that none of the Sandy Hook victims have been reported as dead.  

    What really happened that day?

    Watch this epidosde in full HD video here.

    Source articles:



    http://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2014/09/26/no-one-died-in-sandy-hook-testimony-from-social-security-death-master-file/ (this is actually the original article that was re-posted to dcclothesline.com)

    http://www.sandyhookjustice.com/ (Wolfgang Halbig's site)


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