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    The Fourth Power with host Nick Nash

    in Poetry

    Join Nick for another installment of his poetic epics, The Fourth Power, in his continuing journeys into otherworld.

    Battles are raging in the astral realms, while in one reality on earth, a transition of the yugas is about to transpire. Entire settlements of astral entities have disappeared and the path leads to a hellish world of created beings, who are using an illegal tryst to launch their soul harvests. The Aeons respond to an arbitration request and send one of their agents to unravel the enormous puzzle, for on the Earth, the World Teacher has appeared, and there is clear evidence uncovered of a strange collusion between the hell realm and those bent on fully enslaving humanity. In a daring move, Vishnu's physical host is assassinated, even as the kings of Agartha and Shamballa, as well as Lord Kalki, are readying their forces for battle. But prophecy requires 4 Horsemen... who, among the gods and goddesses, has the integrity and wisdom to be The Fourth Power?

    Because of the complexity of the characters involved and the role they play in what some claim is happening right now - we are on the cusp of Satya Yuga - he'll be exploring not only their history but their context as well, within a much larger picture. While the idea of a new golden age is enticing, as detailed in sacred Hindu texts, Nick will explore whether this "end times" scenario is idyllic. There may well be some hidden costs to this new "freedom".

    Nick's Website:


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    Miracles & Other Anomalies w/host Brenda Tenerelli & guest Nick Nash

    in Paranormal

    THIS IS NOT A READING SHOW... purely informational and as always fun !!

    Miracles & Other Anomalies w/host Brenda Tenerelli & guest Nick Nash on THE BRENDA TENERELLI SHOW ~

    Tonight , for the next hour & a half, the discussion will be a broad range of topics from miracles to UFO's, and other anomalies in our lifes experiences. Callers Welcomed  .....  347-855-8164

     Nick's Website:  http://therazielremnants.wordpress.com/

    Brenda's angel healing:  http://www.angelhealingandteaching.com/

    Brenda's Sacred Rose FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/163106240460394/

    Lisa LaMendola & Brenda Tenerelli's FB Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/psychicselfdefense/

    To find all the hosts & updates on many shows join cathies DistantEchos FB..  https://www.facebook.com/groups/112690372148470/

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    More Secrets Of Synchronicity w/ Host Nick Nash !!

    in Paranormal

    Join Nick in a special 2 part series as he explores both the nature and possible meanings of Synchronistic Events (SE's). He'll be examining related phenomenon, including NDE's and deja vu type events, to see if there isn't a hidden mechanism at work. If one begins to be aware of SEs, is it possible to manifest them with greater frequency but with the inherent risk of interfering with the free will of one or more sovereign spiritual beings, at some point?


    Part One of this series will be on Friday, January 10 @ 4PM EST and the follow up the same evening, Friday @ 7PM EST. The second show will be, in part, to wrap up any salient points regarding SE's but will be devoted to bringing you a bit of a treat. He has just completed chapter one of his latest poetic epic entitled "The Knights Of Chaos" and he'll be narrating that - as a teaser - and sharing some of the insights associated with the plot and characters.

     Nick's Website:  http://therazielremnants.wordpress.com/

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    O show do nick

    in Current Events

    O show do nick

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    Secrets Of Synchronistic Events w/host Nick Nash

    in Paranormal

    Secrets Of Synchronistic Events with your host Nick Nash- number to call in: 347-855-8164

    What are "Synchronistic Events" (SEs)? Do they serve a single purpose and is there any connection between SEs, deja vu and NDE's? To help understand what SEs actually are, Nick will be establishing a foundation by exploring the most recent list of Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs, among other sources, including Sun Tzu's "Art of War". Globally we can see people who are stepping forward to show their intense aversion to plans laid out by the global "elite". By understanding the mechanisms used by this same group of self-appointed rulers, it becomes clear - to some extent - why there has been so much upheaval among the 99% around the world and, oddly enough, synchronicities do play a significant role. Are SEs the result of outer manipulation or is it possible that we, as evolving spiritual beings, make them occur from an internal process that many don't fully recognize? 

    Nick's Website: 


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    Debbie Papadakis & Nick Seneca Jankel discuss his new book Switch On

    in Self Help

    Join Debbie Papadakis and Nick Seneca Jankel where they will discuss his new book Switch On: Unleash Your Creativity and Thrive With the New Science and Spirit of Breakthrough.  His book, Switch On: Unleash Your Creativity and Thrive With the New Science and Spirit of Breakthrough outlines Breakthrough Biodynamics, his pioneering fusion of the latest neuroscience, ancient traditions, practical philosophy and powerful tools for transformation. The book is based on Nick’s 20 years of research and experience at the forefront of personal, social and corporate change. His message is clear: “You can break through right where you are right now.”

    Debbie Papadakis, RP, BCH, CI of Hypno Healing Institute, is a Toronto based Registered Psychotherapist, Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Instructor, featured in Oprah’s O Magazine & O’s Big Book of Happiness, WNetwork, OWN, Zoomer Radio, Oprah.com & CNN.com,   www.hypno-healing.com , debbie@hypno-healing.com , 416-760-8996

    Nick Seneca Jankel is a 21st Century shaman who has helped over 50,000 individuals, hundreds of world-class organizations like Microsoft, Disney and Nike, a number of national governments and millions of TV viewers across the globe to switch on, unleash their creativity and break through real challenges to thrive. He has a triple 1st Class degree from Cambridge University in medicine and philosophy and a successful career in advertising and tech entrepreneurship behind him. He is partner at creative management consultancy www.wecreateworldwide.com and co-founder of wisdom and wellbeing company www.ripeandready.com  www.nickjankel.com

    Join us on this week’s show and contribute to this vital discussion. Call in with your questions.

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    Trey Galyon

    in Comedy

    Nick Vatterott can't make it this week, so instead a former principal Grundy Grendleshaw of an Austin,Texas high school interviews his former student, comedian Trey Galyon about Texas, religion, gay marriage, abortion, frigg'n abortion? Really? Yep! And a baseball job you probably never knew existed!?

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    Motivational Monday - Your Destiny Is GREATNESS

    in Motivation

    Nick and Erik are back again with Motivational Monday. The last episode of Motivational Monday's Destiny series. You’ve got what It takes. Its time to activate your greatness. Tune In!

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    Pete & Nick Review Nadal & Thiem Titles in Hamburg & Gstaad

    in Sports

    Pete Ziebron and Nick Nemeroff review how Rafael Nadal finally figured out how to defeat Fabio Fognini in the final today in Hamburg for his 3rd title of the year.  Meanwhile, young Austrian Dominic Thiem continued his fine form, winning his 3rd title in the last 71 days beating David Goffin in Gstaad.  Later today, John Isner battles with Marcos Baghdatis in the Atlanta final.  In addition to yet another clay court tournament this week in Kitzbuhel, the hard court season continues in Washington, DC featuring Andy Murray as the #1 seed.  Join Pete and Nick for a comprehensive ATP overview on Passing Shots on the ProTenn Radio Network.

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    How to Host a Radio Show

    in Self Help

    How do I host a radio show??

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