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    Paranormal Frequencies: Witches

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    Cultures around the world have their history with witches and witchcraft.  But how relavant are they today?  What were some of the traits stemming from these cultures?  Tons of questions and we'll hope to answer... well.. some of them.  This and our top 10!!

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    Witches On Wine Unrated and Intoxicated

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    Yo bitches, what up?  Witches On Wine will be talking about the very sad death of Robin Williams, and depression.  We'll also talk about some of those crazy bitches on Real Housewives Of New Jersey!  Witches On Wine, has been tweeting ourselves raw this month.  Have you followed us yet?   Call in and we'll tell you how.  The Witches On Wine will also be talking about what's happening in Missouri.  Zoe Rhodes is from St. Louis and her aunt lived in Florissant, she basiclly spent her half her first 10 years off and on in that neighborhood.  So, it's sort of a sad thing.  So, remember, to call in or just jump into the chat room, because that way you can be a secret squirrel

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    Witches On Wine Unrated And Intoxicated

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    Join Witches On Wine this Friday at 8PM.  Not sure what we'll talk about this time.  Show was good this past Friday, you should check out the archives and listen to them.  I realized yesterday that I have to stay seated close to the microphone or it's hard to hear me.  However, when I start drinking and swearing I lose the ability to remember that little tidd-bitt.  So, make sure you call in and tell me you can't hear me!!  

    And...did you know, there is a chat room!! You don't even have to call, you can just log in and listen and send questions to me.  And isn't that what it's all about asking questions of a very open, no filter type 50 something witch?

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    Witches On Wine Unrated And Intoxicated

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    Join us this Friday on Witches On Wine Unrated and Intoxicated as we talk about shit in the news, Real Housewives of The OC and NY!  Trust me, you'll want to listen.  Some dumb fuck politician, Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-MS) sent bibles to all of his fellow congressmen telling them to (losely quoted) "meditate on the word of God to make decisions."  That made us think on Witches On Wine about what we sell and how some folks call themseleves devout whatever they are.  Matters not to me, but don't try and pass that shit off when you behave another way.  You know, the type, Bless the flying spaghetti monster, and then, switching price tags at Target?  Anyway it should be fun.  Although my butterfly supplies are running low, not looking forward to being without the precious! 



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    HOW WITCHES SEDUCE YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN. Are you behind the curse?  Learn to discern witchcraft seduction early on.  Hear many ways witches have desensitized you to witchcraft and made it look desirable. Learn to discern it in media, schools, books, TV, movies, cartoons, jewelry, tattoos, objects, therapies, etc.  You can't dabble in witchcraft and tear down witchcraft strongholds at the same time.

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    Season of the Witch

    in Spirituality

    This is a free night, but we will be talking about what has become the Season of the Witch in the Northern Hemisphere. Mercury goes direct, the leaves are changing and air is cooling, Pagan festivities are underway across the land and Hollywood is releasing at least two movies about Witches in a not so favorable light.....but hey, who am I to complain if Vin Diesel wants to chase me ;) 

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    Seasonal Walk-throughs & Haunted Attractions w/Son of Celluloid & Red Vein Army

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    TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 15TH @ 9 PM EDT. CALL: (646) 716-9172

    THE SEXY WITCHES are getting ready for HALLOWEEN as we talk Seasonal Walk-throughs and Haunted Attractions with the Son of Celluloid NATHAN HAMILTON a regular at NETHERWORLD HAUNTED HOUSE, The #3 Haunted Attraction in America!!

    Then RYAN SLIGH, a Member of the Red Vein Army, a Virginia Haunted Scare Acting troop, calls in to talk about what it's like to be a scare actor.

    We also have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT relalted to THE HEAD HAUNTRESS and her Halloween Movie Watching Competition the HALLOWEEN HORROR MOVIE MARATHON MADNESS!

    ONCE AGAIN TUESDAY THE 15TH @ 9 PM EDT!!! CALL: (646) 716-9172

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    The American Council of Witches

    in Spirituality

    Lady Destiny and Mistress Dax look into the topic of the American Concil of Witches (ACoW). A group of people that have started a facebook page in Jan of 2015. 

    A look at the ACoW: Their first announcement on the page was "American Council of Witches 2015 is now being formed. Stay tuned."

    Their page description is as follows: A discussion group that works both in public and private to further the conversation of Witchcraft in America.

    Though it appears they are not limited to just disussing things online with the witch community but look to be "the voice" of witches. On Feb 20th  Elwin La Fae Herman the chairwoman for the American Council of Witches 2015. It quoted in stating "The core concept of this Council is to discuss not only the 13 principles, but who we are and how we live in today’s world."

    On Feb. 2nd it was announced by ACoW "The Council will officially convene on March first. While discussions have already started, no one is an official council member until this date."

    Many in the pagan/witch/wiccan community have expressed over and over that they were horrified at the concept of a "witches council" that thinks it speaks for others beliefs for them. When there's no way they could comprehend someone else's beliefs. Especially given their outspoken position against Christian's, Satainist's and those that do not follow the Wiccan tradition. 

    So before this appears to become offical or public we will talk about our thoughts on the subject of a council. 




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    Witches On Wine Unrated And Intoxicated-This Show Has No Theme

    in Comedy

    Well it really does have a theme, but if Witches On Wine told you the theme, we'd have to kill you.  So, if you want to find out what I'm going to rant about you'll have to tune in at 8 PM on Friday July 18th to see what I have to say.  You can join the chat room or you can call the show.  Real honest answers from a slightly drunken witch.  I seriously am going to complain about a few things, and I'll be stupid when I do it and I'll probably offend a ton of folks, but why break my record now!!

  • Get Your Italian Splatterfest On!!

    in Film

    TUES SEPTEMBER @ 9 PM EDT! CALL: (646) 716-9172

    Join THE SEXY WITCHES as we Welcome Back Guest Host Doc Terror JAMES HARRIS of HORROR SEXY & CHRIS GAROFALO of Quiltface Studios's to talk all ITALIAN HORROR & the Italian All Night Splatterfest 4 at The Colonial Theatre! 

    Eat a Plate of Intestinal pasta with Deep Red Manara, put on your Black Gloves, sharpend that Hatchet & PLEASE CALL IN to talk FULCI, ARGENTO, LENZI BAVA, GOBLIN and MORE!! 

    THE SEXY WITCHES ARE WAITING for your CALL: (646) 716-9172 

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    ANIMATION AUGUST (Pt 1) - Kid's Animation with Adult Fan-bases & Brony Culture

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    NEXT EPISODE is TUESDAY AUGUST 4th @ 9 PM EDT/6 PM EDT, CALL: (646) 716-9172

    ON THE NEXT EPISODE of ARCHIVIST BET ON SEXY WITCHES, After our Conventioneer Recaps, THE SEXY WITCHES is going to change up the discussion a bit.


    So what is it like to be a 30+ MALE FAN of MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC?? Listen as a real live BRONY calls in to talk about his experiences AND TAKE YOUR CALLS. Have a question about Brony Culture and were too afraid to ask? Well here is your chance!

    There also will be a BronyCon Preview which takes place near THE HEAD HAUNTRESS IN BALTIMORE.