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    Witchcraft and Pictures.

    in Christianity

    A short episode about witchcraft and pictures.

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    The Power of Rituals

    in Spirituality

    This episode discusses rituals and the power of using rituals to create more meaningful and desireable lives.

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    The Power of The Heart - from the director of The Secret

    in Spirituality

    . Did you know that living from your heart has immediate benefits? It triggers about 1,400 biochemical changes. It shifts your thoughts from negative to positive raising endorphin levels while simultaneously decreasing cortisol levels resulting in stress reduction – which studies prove is the cause of 90% of disease.  Anti-aging processes begin, DHEA levels, the life-giving hormone, surges in our bodies. Our immune systems become really strong. We think more clearly. We become less aggressive and more compassionate, appreciative, caring and grateful.

    There is a film called The Power of The Heart, our topic for discussion and joining me Baptist de Pahpay, a lawyer turned author and filmmaker. Baptist has traveled around the world to interview the spiritual teachers in the film and book and I most certainly am most grateful to have him here to speak on what I believe is vital to humanity.

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    Sociology of Religion: Differentiating Magick & Witchcraft from Relition/Giana C

    in Spirituality

    Tonight we have with us Prof. Giana Cicchelli discussing the study of Sociology of religion and how it differentiates magick and witchcraft from religion, and only mentions it when look at the growth of Wicca, and the Goddess Movement.  This differentiation seems to be based on an assumption by most sociologists that magick and witchcraft are different from religion, and concerned with different outlooks and outcomes.  Prof. Cicchelli will cover the basic premise of sociology of religion, and the position of witchcraft within that, drawing from her own observations and research.  The talk will define magick and witchcraft and examine the difference between prayer and spellwork.  Other religions beyond witchcraft are compared and explored as well.

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    The Days of Noah Series: Idolatry and Witchcraft

    in Spirituality

    On tonights episode of the Way Walker Radio Show, we are discussing the impact of Idolatry and Witchcraft of all types and how it is impacting the church today. God is not pleased with the disease of sin in the church and while the church may point the finger outwardly, the problem starts from within! We will be dealing with the issues of What it means to be an idolater in this day and age and how even in 2015 witchcraft is practiced in not so obvious ways as well...These are things that the Way Walkers are not afraid to discuss! No topic is taboo! Lets come clean about this topic that is often misunderstood! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EPISODE!! CALL IN LIVE 917-889-3226

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    Mayweather vs Pacquiao (PreQuel to Secret Solution Show)

    in Social Networking

    I decided to do a speacial show before I relaunch the new name and radio show: Secret Solutions. The biggest fight of our time and who do you think will win?? Follow this Show because we will bring the fire consistently, but the more important question today, May 2, Who will win and will there be a knock-out?/ Mayweather vs Pacquiao.


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    in Prayer

      As KING IN ISRAEL, one time shepherd, Psalmist, Prophet, a man after God’s heart, DAVID discovered so much about praying that it serves us well to spend a season praying with him. He is the one with whom the Lord God made Covenant, promising a Kingdom that will fill all the earth. DAVID discovered the secret of GOD'S to keep and submitted himself to it. As we spend time praying with him, we will discover the power of covenant relationship with our FATHER,  GOD. Join us today for live prayer and intercession. Dial 714.459.3963 at 6:00 AM Mon.-Fri. 

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    The power of forgiveness

    in Spirituality

    Talk show on forgiveness

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    Witchcraft symbolism exposed: Secret symbols with occult meaning revealed

    in Prayer

    Today we will comtinue discussing symbols. Satan has snuck into the music, movies, government, basically all around us with many symbols that have hidden demonic meanings. Today we will pick up where we left off in our journey discussing how these signs have entered into the church. Please children of God as always, I do ask that you pray for discernment so that it may be revealed to you what exactly is going on in the world today. The antichrist will show his face soon, we must be alert, armed and ready!

  • The Secret to Everything Dr. Kim Psychic Remote Viewing with Kevin Thompson

    in Spirituality

    Many of you know I was "called back" to this work. When I came back, I discovered many reasons WHY. Kevin's radio show was the first show I came back on. MAGIC happened!!

    I am thrilled to have Kevin Thompson as our very special guest. During the day, Kevin is a Lieutenant with Madison County SheriffDepartment, during his off-hours; he is lead investigator and founder with the Madison County Paranormal Research Society and co-host of “The Buzz” radio show.  Kevin has been actively investigating paranormal activity and consulting for over 18 years, being a graduate of the pilot program of Dr. William Everist. As a co-founder of The Huntsville Ghost Walk, He has been interviewed numerous times for his expertise and is in high demand for his insightful investigations, spiritual insight and love of new paranormal gadgetry. Joking that he is on “The low side of high tech” Kevin strives to bring his love of ghost hunting, storytelling and all things paranormal to the public.

    More Dr. Kim:





    More Kevin:


    Ztalkradio.com "The Buzz"



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    Exposing Satanic Practices and Influences Episode 1 Part 3

    in Christianity

    You're listening to Smart Ministries Christian Radio. Welcome to our program "Where the truth is spoken and eyes are open". Tonight we will be continuing and finishing our discussion on satanic practices and influences concerning part 1 the demonic realm, part 2 aleister crowley and part 3 for tonight anton lavey. As we have spoken about the demonic and satanic realm that is abound on this earth and it's influences, we have discussed how not inviting Jesus in your life can be detremental to you and how vulnerable you leave yourself when you reject Him. In a recap part 2 of our series we showed how it doesn't take ritual sacrifices, witchcraft and spells to only envoke this dark dominion in your life but your actual life choices and rejecting the one and only savior will lead you down a path of destruction. We are talking about your eternal soul. What exactly is satanism? Take a listen to today's broadcast.