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  • Clay "Quanta" Price ~ 09/10/15 ~ Linkage Institute ~ Karen & Janet

    in Education

    Janet Kira Lessin and Karen Christine Patrick interview Clay "Quanta" Price who's been on with us in on previous shows of the Linkage Institute with Michael Lee Hill and Dr. Sasha Lessin in the past. Here we interview him and get his full story. 

    Clay writes "I was a session guitar player/guitar teacher in Houston Texas for a few years and then attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. I came back to Houston and ended up becoming a stock broker for UBS Bank for 6 years while doing music on the side. I then founded a tech startup with an ex NASA software engineer who was a client of mine. We had some adventures in Silicon Valley and then the company fizzled, I went to work for a financial services company in Boston and this is when I came into contact with Life Physics Group (LPG) material. I first came into contact with LPG through the Wingmaker interviews.

    I downloaded a completely different torrent file full of Al Bielek interviews and some other related material. It sat there for months before I started digging into it and I saw the Wingmakers attachments and immediately began reading. When I came to the interview regarding Light Encoded Objects Matrix (LEOM) and the explanation of it, it sounded very authentic to me and I had to learn more. I then came across the MPO/LEOM documents and I just new it was real even though I could/sense tell the documents had been changed and material omitted. I then through internet searching found a couple of forums where it was being discussed and the rest was me asking questions and forming relationships with AR and some of the other crew which I’m still very close with today."


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    DARLENE BERGES interview on John Berges, Wingmakers

    in Paranormal

    EARTH WISDOM RADIO Exclusive Interview DARLENE BERGES “Communicating new ideas for new times,” has been the motto of Planetwork and Planetwork Press since 1994 when Darlene and John Berges founded the companies. They have published books, articles and creative learning programs ever since. John's deep personal insights into esoteric education have inspired many the world over to go within and discover inner truths.
    In 2001 Darlene and John became interested in the WINGMAKERS materials. John wrote James, and thus begain a series of correspondance that spans over 10-years. Overtime, James begain to trust John which led to John becoming an editor of James' writings in 2007.
    The last 11-years Planetwork Press has been sharing insights, creating presentations, articles and movies on the global phenomena of the WINGMAKERS and Lyricus materials.
    In honor of John's work Darlene Berges will be joining us at EarthWisdom Radio to discuss the work of her late husband. And to discuss the current works of author James Mahu. Who through his new books, web sites, and papers have inspired and catalyzed hearts and minds around the planet through the immersive stories that are known as the WINGMAKERS trilogies.
    The Work of John Berges The WINGMAKERS The NEW Publications by, James Mahu The Dohrman Prophecy Quantusum The Collected Works of the WINGMAKERS Web Sites: http://www.planetworkpress.com and http://planetwork.co

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    GoldRing Interviews Wingmakers Mark Hemple

    in Spirituality

    this show is being rescheduled -
    GoldRing Interviews Wingmakers www.wingmakers.com Mark Hempel - Mark Hempel dedicated his energy to the Wingmakers, Lyricus, Event Temples and more recently www.spiritstate.com  join us at www.blogtalkradio.com/rysa to discuss spiritual media and art during this shift.
    Mr. Hempel was a founder, executive and director of the Internet’s first 24-hour radio network, NetRadio Network. He was responsible for the design of its multimedia-enabled content and electronic commerce systems, which are among the most advanced on the Internet. Previously, Mr. Hempel worked with companies ranging from Microsoft to Apple Computer. He has designed and introduced numerous interactive software and Internet-related products, including award-winning, interactive textbooks for McGraw-Hill, and NetCompanion–the Internet’s first audio browser. Mr. Hempel brings extensive experience and expertise in marketing, business planning, product development and Internet-based electronic commerce systems. He has a B.A. from the University of Minnesota, with a double major in marketing and psychology.  Over the last number of years his passion and energy has been dedicated to the Wingmakers, Lyricus, Event Temples and more recently Spirit State.
    .  http://goldring.wetpaint.com

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    music and wingmakers interview part 2

    in Spirituality

    part 2 if the interview of james, the creator of wingmakers by mark hemple after some pleasant music

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    interview with james and mark of wingmakers

    in Spirituality

    wonderful, insightful and profound interview of 'james', the creator of wingmakers by mark hemple

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    Nancy Red Star - Producer/Director Star Ancestors Documentary and The Trap-Line Song Documentary. Red Star is a direct descendent of the RedMan Family from the Eastern Band Cherokee and a direct descendent of Wa-Li and John Shephard Vann, John Vann and Chief "Crazy" James Vann as well as Parker aka Elizabeth "Bonnie Parker" and the Mathews Family. She is the author of 6 books including the Star Ancestors Trilogy, Life With a Cosmos Clearance and UFOs: No Threat, Official Eyewitness Testimony. Red Star is a headliner at the International UFO Congress, World Universal Expo, the Roswell Museum, Orange County MUFON, The Aztec UFO Symposium, Conspiracy Con, The Bay Area UFO Expo, Omega Institute, and she has appeared on Coast to Coast with Whitley Strieber, South African Radio, KRZA Hawaii, CONTACT Talk Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio and Atlantis Rising. She has been featured in Nexus, UFO Magazine, FATE, New York Magazine, ELLE, Shamans Drum, Majical Blend, the History Channel/Ancient Aliens, Towsend Report , Owens Broadcasting, WCLL Live TV, Woodstock Cable, ATTITUDES , Lifetime Television, Silverado, Red Dawn, The Hidden Hand, and the Lone Ranger.

    Nancy's website: Click Here

    Show starts 10PM EST / 9PM CST / 8PM MST / 7PM PST
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    Exploring the Whys of Life

    in Energy

    As the awareness of my own spiritual gifts began to crystallize, absolutely everything became important to me.  From politics, to spirituality, to quantum physics, New Age energy,  the rising tides, climate change, family, crystals, love, fear, bliss, chakras, holistic health, UFOs, equality, justice, and life after death. 
    These are just a few of the topics my mind randomly scrolls through during a typical day. In order to keep from letting these internal thoughts consume me, I had the idea to start a radio show where I can ramble out loud.  Perhaps with input from listeners, we can come to some consensus about what's truly important – come up with ideas to focus on which will truly nourish our souls.  Just maybe the energy of Cosmic Milk and Cookies will open some channels for others as well, so they can relish as I do, the magnificent world we live in.
    The intro music is a sample of the work from the Wingmakers Hikomi Project.  Go to Wingmakers.com to learn more.
    To schedule an Intuitive Reading with me, visit http://thejoyfulmystic.blogspot.com to find out how.  Readings are all done on-line on a sliding scale basis; in other words, a donation of whatever you can afford and that you think is fair is all I ask. I type the readings out stream of consciousness as I tune into your energy, and then send the reading to you as a word document so you can ponder and absorb the information over time.
    My name is Sheri Lawson, and I'd like to thank you for joinging me. I hope you'll come back again and bring your friends, since if you do, i soon may be able to afford a longer show.  Thirty minutes just doesn't seem long enough to understand the workings of the unvierse, does it? ;)

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    GoldRing Interviews Mark Hempel

    in Spirituality

    Join us for a fasincating talk with Mark Hempel of the Wingmakers who will discuss their recently launched online book platform, SpiritState, and  the Wingmakers' new book,  The Dohrman Prophecy.  A groundbreaking platform http://www.spiritstate.com and a mesmerizing book and one of the internet's foremost pioneers and developpers.

    Mr. Hempel’s  passion and energy has been dedicated over the past number of years to the Wingmakers, Lyricus, Event Temples and more recently Spirit State.

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    VIMA LAMURA - Interview Soul Music and Event Temple Pt.1 #52

    in Paranormal

    GUEST: "VIMA LAMURA" International Film & Music Recording & Events Vocalist/ Composer/ Writer/ Philosopher.
    Renaissance visionary, VIMA LAMURA. The Mystical and Spiritual Integration of Vima’s works are expressed through the potent mediums of the Arts, using Music, Performances, Film, Writings and Teachings as platforms opening portals of awareness to all audiences world- wide. She is a recognized and accomplished vocalist, composer and artistic visionary with 7 CDs to her credit & 25 years of innovative performances.
    Her achievements have been awarded by esteemed grant and fellowship foundations.
    Vima’s works continues to evolve. Her extraordinary voice, potent messages and expansive global appeal translate into high quality artistic creations and teachings that activate awareness bridging transcendental, cultural, and human experiences through the arts and humanities.
    Topic: Join us as we embark on a journey into the Soul – discussing how Music is a great transformer - howit connects us to each other. We will discusssound, frequency, vibration, Live Event Temples, and More.
    Vima's beautiful web site: http://www.VimaLamura.com
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    The Tithe of the Collective Consciousness

    in Energy

    The Tithe of the Collective Consciousness of the planet serves to anchor the new paradigm transcending from the old through the raising of their frequency vibration.
    These souls originally agreed to be Beacons of Light assisting to raise the consciousness of humanity preparing for Earth's ascension  into the 5th Dimension.
    Often these souls have been deeply involved in spirituality and were often rejected and persecuted resulting in wisdom, strength, great determination and perseverance.
    Their journey of ascension has included strange and unidentifiable physical, mental, emotional and spiritual symptoms manifesting as rapid transitions in their career, personal relationships and living situations.
    These souls are able to travel the path of awakening much faster with the innate ability either to BE THE LIGHT or REFLECT THE LIGHT.
    You Know Who You Are
    interview by James~WingMakers, Enlightenment from Rysa and Wisdom Teaching from Shamaness

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    Secret Garden

    in Culture

    We start the morning with a Wingmakers Meditation, right on time. Followed by Audio files from Today's Focus. Then we open the phone lines and share our ideas and experiences.