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    STAR TREK NEMESIS , Attack Wing

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    Join us as we have a "civil" converstion about Star Trek Nemesis, love it or hate it, share your thoughts. Game shops, what makes a good one or a bad one? Does size matter, in Star Trek attack wing ;} Space battles in Star Trek, are they done within the rules of Star Trek? Dan picked a Robert Stokes as the winner  of the B'Moth raffle.

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    Pat Murphy - Shot Gun Wing T

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    Coach Murphy from Capital City High School joins us to talk about the Shot Wing T.

    Pat Murphy is going on his 31th year of coaching high school football in Montana. He is currently the Head Football Coach at Capital High School where the Bruins have played for the state title six of the last 9 years, winning four titles. He has a 95 – 27 record in the 10 years at the school. Within this span the Bruins set a state record 33 consecutive wins, and their offense has averaged nearly 35 points per game running the shotgun wing-t.  He was selected to the NFL youth summit in 2000 and was an assistant coach on the 2010 USA Junior National Football team.

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    Right Wing Radio

    in Politics Conservative

    Right Wing Extreme Radio is the show flagship show of www.rightwingextreme.us a Christian, conservative orgainization founded in 2009 after the Department of Homeland Security report on Right Wing Extremism.

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    Anita Wing Lee: Dream Launcher And Speaker

    in Travel

    Anita Wing Lee is an award-winning speaker, dream launcher, transformational coach and mentor. Anita landed unheard-of, paid, travel internships in university, travelling to 21 countries by the time she graduated.

    With all her eclectic experiences, she still scored her dream job and launched her dream business, and now knows it's possible for anyone to create a career doing what you believe in and love. 

    Through her Freedom Career coaching and mentorship program, Anita helps ambitious millennials, students, young professionals and aspiring changemakers to find their passion, get paid to make a difference and create careers they believe and love. 

    Website: www.AnitaWingLee.com

    Twitter: @AnitaWingLee


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    We will be talking about Star Trek Attack Wing ship Tholia 1, OP vs casual play, what resource is the best for the cost? Are fighters the new Borg? What faction and ship is th ebest in the game? Missions, love them or hate them? What mission the most fun to play? We will also draw a winner of the USS YEAGER/Advanced Photons raffel and perhaps give away a FREE blind booster. For our second half we are going to continue talking about Star Trek Deep Space Nine season one. The episodes we will cover are "babel", "Captive Pursuit", "Q-Less", "DAX" and "The Passenger".  SO what are you waiting for, give us a call 646-668-2433 and share your thoughts or join us in the chat room, if all else fails you can listen when you can. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.........

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    The Bird With a Crippled Wing NatureProgram with JD Hartzel

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    Join HTR on our new show day Saturday. HTR is back to its old ways. Tune in to hear Justin Guyer & Jd Hartzel talk about a project JD & family are doing to teach kids about Nature. The program The Bird With a Crippled Wing is inspired by Jd's grand fathers poem. This program will have some animal displays in classrooms. Also teach about nature by puctures and videos. Species info and resources will be added by posters made up for the classroom. The Bird With a Crippled wing will be using Inaturalist as a resource for kids .

    Check ouhttp://www.inaturalist.org/projects/the-bird-with-a-crippled-wing-project

    Tune in a find out more

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    On this show we will talk about Star Trek Attack Wing and where we think the game is going. We will also continue out discussion of Star Trek The Next Generation Seaon one, episodes, Datalore, Angel One, 11001001, Too Short a Season, When the Bough Breaks, Home Soil, Coming of Age and Heart of Glory. We will give away a FREE blind Booster ship, and announce the winner of this weeks Grab Bag raffle. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.....

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    Episode 7 - Internals of Wing Chun with Sifu Lyndon Oudsten

    in Lifestyle

    In this episode Gurjot Singh and Sifu Lyndon Oudsten will be discussing the nuances of internal mechanics as they exist in wing chun; a style not often thought of as internal. 

    Lyndon Oudsten is a life long student of Pencak silat, wing chun, and Shaolin. Although he has 30 years of experience training in the arts his moto serves as motivation for lifelong growth:  "I will never stop learning and consider myself to be an eternal student. The more I know, the more I realise that I only know little." 

    From age 16 to 30, Sifu Oudsten had a healthy career in mma, boxing, and kickboxing matches. However, around age 30 he realized that his years of fighting had left his body battered. It was at this time he decided to focus on Kung Fu for its practices of health and longevity in addition to being a fighting art. 

    His journey would take him around the world studying with Wing Chun masters:

    "I found wing chun, but it wasnt what I expected at first, then I met GM Greg Yau from San Francisco, he is a cousin of 2 direct Ip Man students. GM Chris and Stanley Chan, he taught me a lot about the internals and about applied quantum fysics, in which he is an expert and pioneer. Later I met Sifu Michael Choi, from the Ip Ching and Gary Lam lineage who has taught me Wing Chun system for fighting. Most time I spend training under Choi Sifu, who is in my eyes one of the best Wing Chun fighters in the world."

    More recently he was invited to train in Malasia under Master Yap Boh Heong from the 5 Ancestors Fist Wuzu of GM Chee Kim Thong. He currently teaches in his school in the Netherlands. 

    Promotional Video of Sifu Lyndon


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    The Story of The Turn-Around of Red Wing Shows

    in Christianity

    A Transformation Story In this episode of God’s Work in Progress ™, we speak again with Dave Murphy, CEO of Red Wing Shoes.  Dave was on a previous installment of the show sharing how his faith informs his day-to-day life at work.  After hearing the story of the process he went through to transform Red […]

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    Tonight Dan, Ken and myself will  talk about the first half of season one of Star Trek: Animated Series, "Beyond the Farthest Star", Yesteryear", "One of our Planets is Missing", The Lorelei Signal", "More Tribbles, More Troubles", "The Survivor", "The Infinite Vulcan", and "The Magicks of Megus-Tu". We will also talk about Star Trek Attack Wing, how would you improve or change the game? What would you like to see in the game? We will also give away a  FREE Blind Booster ship and draw a winner for the raffle, If we have one this week :}  Tune in, call-in or join us in chat, what are you waiting for? The studio number is 646-668-2433, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE

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    Carol Costello of CNN: “Right-Wing Extremists More Dangerous” Than ISIS

    in Politics Conservative

    Carol Costello  of CNN: "Right Wing Extremist More Dangerous than ISIS."




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